Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sharyl's Bead Packet Design Challenge #2 -- Featuring Natalie Pappas

While you've been waiting, we've been planning.   (Notice there are 2 names in the headline of this entry?)    We are holding the 2nd Bead Packet Design Challenge, and thanks to your feedback, there will be art beads included this time!   
The featured artist is 
Natalie Pappas 
of NKP Beads 
(aka NKP Designs)!

Because we are increasing the number of participants to 10 and stepping up the quality of the beads to include art beads, there will be a charge this time. $8.50 + $2.50 shipping = $11 total for participants in the U.S. and Canada.  (While I would like to include people from all countries, I'm concerned about packages reaching you in time. If packages normally reach you within 10 days coming from the U.S., you are welcome to play. The shipping will be approximately $6.)

Each packet will consist of 9 beads.  This is a sample set:

 Front row:  1 large red scrolled bead (approx. 19mm) and 2 medium olive/sage green beads (approx 15mm), all handmade ceramic by Natalie Pappas.  (There are 2 slightly different styles of green beads.   Each packet will have 2 matching green beads.)  

Back row:  In addition, there are 4 natural (Off-white) fossil beads (12mm) and 2 red howlite beads (12mm).   Once we have determined who will be participating, the beads will be reserved for you in my online store.  I will send you the link.

Other things you'll need to know...
  • Spaces will still be limited, but this time they will increase to 10.   Please indicate if you are interested simply by saying so in the comments at the end of this entry.   If we have 10 or less, all will be able to participate.   If we have more than 10 express interest, those who did not participate last time will have priority.  If still over 10, there will be a drawing.      (So, to be clear, if you participated previously, you can apply this time, but you will only get a slot if there are enough openings for those interested who didn't get in last time.  This will only apply one time.  Next time people from the first challenge are fully eligible again.) Application deadline is Friday, Sept 21st at 7pm Central time!
  • The goal is the same--to see what people design when given the same item(s) to work with!
  • What you must use--While I encourage you to use as many of the beads as you would like, you are only required to use 2 types of the beads in your designed piece(s).  At least one should be an art bead (one of Natalie's beads from the front row).    You may add beads and findings from your own collection in any colors you choose.  The beads in your packet are intended to be your starting point, your inspiration!  From there, you can go anywhere you want!

  • You can make any piece(s) of jewelry that you choose.   You are only required to make one piece of jewelry in time for the reveal date, but may make more.
  • We will have a mini-blog hop so the participants can show what they have created.  That will be held Sat.,  Oct. 27, 2012.  (Think of that as midnight Friday Central time, so your page goes live as Saturday arrives.  You do not have to stay awake to make that happen!)   Since space is limited, everyone with a packet is asked to participate in the blog hop, barring emergencies.  
  • You do not have to have your own blog to participate. Anyone without a blog of their own is welcome to post here!   Please let me know in advance to arrange.

  • I said this last time when giving away the beads.  It is even truer this time since you have purchased the packets.  After the  event, you may do anything you want with the jewelry you design and with any left over beads (sell them, give them away, keep them, enter in contests or for publication, etc.  They are yours to do with as you please.

I think that covers the main points.  Please ask if you have questions!   Leave your name and a message if you want to be a participant!    (If you leave an email address, I will not post the message, but will just announce your name.)

Here's some good news for those of you who  have read all the way to the bottom!  

Natalie has sweetened the event offering an extra bonus prize!   You will, FOR SURE, want to go visit her blog, NKP DESIGNS - Beads, Pottery, and Whistles, right after leaving here to learn more!   It sounded like such a good idea, I will be offering something similar.   

I will also have a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to "Sharyl's Jewelry" from among all who asked to participate in this event.

My thanks to Natalie, and my thanks to all for your interest!   Hope you are as excited as Natalie and I are!  We are eager to get names drawn and to see your creations!    --Sharyl  

Application deadline is Friday, Sept 21st at 7pm Central time!

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Important message:

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aneri_masi said...

Alrighty, put me down in your list :) The beads are too enticing!

Sharyl said...

Adding Sonia Smith, who is having technical problems leaving a comment. She would like to be included.

Alicia said...

Ah, that sounds delicious- I am throwing my hat in!! Thanks :)

Cheri said...

Please add me to the list...sounds like fun!

Laren Dee Barton said...

You know it, Sharyl, I am in to play if I can! The beads are so beautiful, lovely choices for those who play this round. Thank you!

Unknown said...

I'd love to! Those are gorgeous beads, and I love adding art beads into beadweaving.

Alice said...

I would love to play along
What beautiful colors
Alice Craddick

Sharyl said...

So excited to have this many people interested on Day 1! Thank you all! --Sharyl

Cilla said...

I would love to play.Great looking beads!

Anonymous said...

I'm interested!

KayzKreationz said...

This sounds like so much fun. I'd love to try. Thanks. My e-mail is in my blogger profile.

Sharyl said...

THE GREAT NEWS IS... we now have 10 people expressing interest to participate in the challenge! Thank you all!

THE NOT SO GREAT NEWS IS... that whether you all get to participate still depends on whether or not we get additional volunteers before the deadline on Friday. Wish you each the very best!

I will announce the participants Friday evening so that you will know as soon as possible and can begin to plan, order beads, etc.

Again, you have my gratitude for your interest! Please stay tuned! --Sharyl

Tanya said...

Those beads are gorgeous and I'm sad I won't be able to throw my name into the hat. I've got a bit too much on my plate for October. I cannot wait to see what everyone does, though. With beads like that, you can't go wrong. :)

Sharyl said...

Sorry, Pixiloo, but know how that is. I'm missing out on some I'd like to participate in and hearing the same from others right now. At least there are lots of opportunities available for those who want to participate in an event.

Hope anyone who can't join us this time while try again next time!

Right now we're still 10 and holding...with 3 hours left to go until the application time closes tonight at 7pm Central!

Sharyl said...

And it's 7:05pm Central time on Friday. Entries are now closed. I'll double-check but think we have exactly 10.

Sharyl said...

Exactly 10! I'll prepare a message and get packets ready with more info! Thanks to you all! --Sharyl