Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Holiday the Easy Way!


Time to feast!

Time for family and friends,
big hugs and long talks, 
hot chocolate, and
pumpkin pie with extra whipped cream!

Don't leave your warm, comfortable home
to get up early,
tromp through bad weather,
and fight crowds to start shopping!

Stay in your pajamas,
sleep in,
and when you are ready,
ONLY when YOU are ready,
consider this...

I even have a special incentive for YOU,
your family, and friends!

Link to
Metapolies™ on Etsy

Enjoy your holiday at home,
where shopping is easy,
and snacks remain handy!

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving
to all who celebrate!

I'm thankful for each of you!


Clip art from wpclipart.com
Photos and collages by Sharyl