Thursday, August 30, 2012

ABS Challenge Aug 2012: Fishing Boats by Homer

"Homer's Fishing Boats" Bracelet

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The August 2012 Art Bead Scene Challenge inspiration piece is:

Fishing Boats, Key West, 1903 by Winslow Homer

The bracelet I created based on this month's inspiration art piece: 


The bracelet I created  has the work of the following bead artists.  

Iced Pink Textured Ceramic Connector Beads
Natalie Pappas -- NKP Designs

These beads have a white look to them and a wavy pattern. I used them to signify the waves of the ocean showing in the moonlight at the bottom right of the painting.

Got the Blues
 Natalie Pappas -- NKP Designs

This blue-pink color bead is rather rounded, fluffy looking, and no two are exactly alike. To me they signify the clouds in Homer's art work.


sra handmade  lampwork glass bead, spacer beads creamy ivory

Sab's Glass and Destash or
This smooth simple bead worked well to represent the white boats floating in the blue waters as well as the white sails.


There are similar light blue lampwork beads that appear in larger quantities around the bracelet, representing the clear blue water in Homer's painting.


Hand-dyed silk ribbon is used in several spots--mostly in blue, but in one location a purplish red hue, in honor of the red flag flying on the vessel.

All pottery and glass beads in the bracelet are handmade by artisans. The clasp was made by me.

To me, this painting by Homer shows people at work on the sea in the dark of the evening, and yet it seems peaceful and calm. I've designed my bracelet this time to be simple, comfortable, in soft colors that still imply gentle movement.

Thank you for visiting today! There will be the monthly ABS Blog Tour on Fri, Aug. 31. It will begin on the ABS page and hop around to the various blogs of those designers who participated in the August challenge. Hope you'll have a moment to visit the sites!



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Are you Hopping, Skipping, or Jumping?

So many blog hops... so little time!

I often hear people say it, wishing they could participate in more, wishing they had heard about an event in time to sign up or, every great once in a while, maybe wishing they hadn't signed themselves up in quite so  many hops and challenges.  

Mostly, I think we tend to enjoy these experiences and learn from them.  They test our skills.  We meet new friends.  We learn from one another to be more creative.   But I know I'm finding that I have to be more and more choosy about what I sign up for, just so I don't disappoint others later by having more than I can handle--time, energy,  or money wise.

So here are a few I recently participated in or will be doing so very soon:

1) Jumped Right In!

Art Jewelry Elements Blog Hop   (Aug 21)

I heard about this one and jumped in on the same day, which was the deadline.   It was really called the "Everyone Starts Somewhere" Blog Hop."   If you happened to miss it, my entry is here and rather than talking about my jewelry-making experience as a whole, it focuses on my work with metal.  I was so fascinated by the stories and photos of each person that contributed.  It's really worth taking a look.

2) About to Leap Again!

As most of you know, I've been participating in the ABS challenges each month.   Hopefully my post will go up by the looming deadline, Wed, Aug. 29!

A "sneak peak" at this month's inspirational artwork by Winslow Homer:

What would/will  you create for this challenge?   The Blog Tour will take place Aug. 31st.

3) Hopping!

Challenge of Travel Blog Hop    (Sept. 1)

One day later, I'll be doing a travel hop!  Each person involved has selected a country and will design one or more pieces of jewelry inspired by that country.   I have one piece done and would like to do more.  We'll see.   I'm so excited for the reveal of this blog hop.  I hope you'll stop by and see the country I selected and the jewelry I made, then spend some time looking at all the other blogs too!   I know some of you are also involved and I think this promises to be a fascinating journey around the world!

4) Skipped.  :-( 

Bead Soup Blog Party and many more...

Oh, dear.  I can't begin to tell you the ones I've found necessary to skip this year.  Some I've looked forward to for over a year.   One I heard about just today, but decided I couldn't commit to.  Another last week that sounded delightful also, but the timing was iffy with some other things that might arise in my world.  

I hate to miss out on a single one, but there are so many hops and challenges now, no one can do them all.  

I'd love to hear what hops you all are participating in, or have just completed.  Or what you've had to skip this time around.

I know Lori Anderson just had the 3rd  major reveal of  6th Bead Soup Blog Party.  If this were a jewelry design class, looking at the results of this hop would likely be "required reading!"  I've still not managed to participate in one of these...(fate keeps messing with me)...but I don't miss a reveal party!  :-)

Please leave a comment and tell us about your hopping!   Many thanks and have a good day!

Sharyl   ~  Sharyl's Jewelry

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Image Credits:

Stick Kids Girl Jumping Rope. "Image courtesy of".

Fishing Boats, Key West, 1903 by Winslow Homer,

Challenge of Travel Blog Hop,

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Necklace & Pendant Sale--Weekend Special!

Shop Announcement:

Last days of "Sharyl's Jewelry" 
Necklace and Pendant Sale!

Heart pendant by Laurel Steven

--All items in NECKLACE & PENDANT sections 15% OFF through 8/26/12! 

Transparent Aqua Raku focal bead by Charlotte Hayes from Cover Girl Beads.

--Prices shown are regular prices. 

--IMPORTANT!!! Must Use coupon code.. NECK15 checkout to get discount! 

WEEKEND SPECIAL: Buy a necklace or pendant, I'll also send a FREE GIFT!   One gift per person. S/H for necklace only + Taxes for Kansans still apply.

Click here to see more!

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Art Jewelry Elements Blog Hop--Metals

"Everyone Starts Somewhere" Blog Hop -- Entry #11

Jennifer Cameron from the Art Jewelry Elements group blog asked that we consider a jewelry-related skill and show how far we've come over a period of time.    I was immediately reminded of the photography comparison I did last fall compared to photos I had taken the year before.   Oh my, my cheeks are still red from embarrassment.   (Do you remember?  If not, good!   I won't link them up to remind anyone!  ha!)    

And yet, I'm here now doing something similar all over again!    Last year, I decided I wanted to learn to make at least one type of jewelry component myself.   I thought it would be nice to say I had actually made some piece of my jewelry, and perhaps eventually be able to share what I would make with others.

I set as one of my goals for the year to explore various types of beads and components there are, see what might be a good fit for me, then give it a try.   I wasn't even very hard on myself.  When I first started making my own earring pieces I was suddenly prouder of my jewelry.   Just a little thing, but I had made that part myself.   I kept reading and exploring...

One day Melinda Orr started talking about working with metals.   I started listening to every word.  And before you know it, I was watching videos and buying tools and copper and brass and embossing equipment, patinas, and more.  I'm loving it!  

I'm still new to metal work, and want to learn so much more, but I've learned a few things since I started!    For example, this was an early piece I posted in the Spring asking for help...

Do you see what is wrong here?  I knew I had a problem, but was totally appalled when I saw the photo enlarged on the screen in Facebook.  Never mind that the metals aren't evenly bent.

Look at those Razor-sharp edges!  I did have the notion I should round off the pointed corners, but wasn't filing the edges properly.  I had designed jewelry that could be used as weapons!    

The usual helpful, in-the-know folks on the Creative Bead Chat Facebook group set me straight right away.  Thank you!  There have been other times like this, but enough with the stories, and on with the photos!

Early lessons: I learned to properly file the edges, and to use a grinder/buffer on larger pieces.


 An etched, hammered and shaped piece for a pendant--
far from perfect, but an improvement.

I began doing more embossing and using various color techniques with the metals: 

Brass earring dangles I embossed and colored with patinas.

And more playing with patinas:

Earring Dangles

Bracelet cuff

Efforts to shape metals:

Bails that won't stay closed...

Bails that do stay closed...They even look better this way!

Lesson from today... Liver of Sulphur.  

A new bail.
(Never dreamed it would get this dark this quickly! 
It was only in the solution a moment!)
I haven't wire-wrapped this one yet, obviously.

More examples from the "dip" today:
 Needs more practice.
I made them dark, I made them lighter again.
These can be on the next "when I was new" list!

Now, to see more before/after skills, 
we'll return to the "Everyone Starts Somewhere" edition of the....

Thanks for visiting!

Sharyl ~  Sharyl's Jewelry
...Or click to see more 

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Curated Collections and MY NECKLACE SALE!

I have two items for you today, and they are  about MY STUFF... and MY STUFF ON SALE... so I'm sure you won't want to miss out!  (And now I'm wondering,... how many of you are still reading?)   :-)

I've been highlighted in 3 "Curated" Artfire collections recently.   People can so put much time and care into creating these, I want to show them off to you for their sake as much as mine!   It's interesting how creative some of curators are in terms of theme and content!     It's also fun to see what  items get highlighted together in a collection.   Hope you enjoy!

(I've given you a photo so you can find mine in the crowd, but hoping you'll have time to look at the other items by clicking on the collection name.  Thanks!)

Fresh Mint

  Curated by AccentsandPetals | Collection Published on 08-16-2012

The Wonder of Egypt

Curated by EyecatchersBoutique
Collection Published on 08-08-2012

School Dance Bling

Curated by Rocks4Magic
Collection Published on 08-04-2012

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In other news, the sale you've been waiting for...    ;-) 

"Sharyl's Jewelry" Necklace Sale!!!

"Necklace" and "Pendant
section items
are on sale starting.... NOW! 
15% off each item
Many new items just added!


Use coupon code: NECK15 at checkout.

  •  ("Components by Sharyl" & "Hope Collection" are not included in this sale. Thanks.)  

  • Sale runs through Sun. night, Aug 26, 2012. 

  • Hope you read that clear to the end!   If so, you could end up a lucky winner!

Have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bead Packet Design Challenge Followup with Kashmira Patel

Do you recall when we had the Bead Packet Design Challenge last Spring?    5 people received packets with these beads... 

Some people had a darker, teal/green version of the 2nd two beads. 

...and were asked to design one or more pieces of jewelry using at least 2 types of beads.    We had some truly amazing entries! (*Participants from original event are listed below.) 

Well, I have an update.   Kashmira Patel sent me a message recently that she had used a few more of her remaining beads from that packet to design the following earrings:  

I was happy she shared them with me, and I wanted to share them with you!   

Kashmira has a shop now, Sudafulee on Luulla, as well as her own blogso be sure to pay her a visit!  You can also find her business page, Sudafulee on Facebook!

In other good news,... a pair of Kashmira's earrings have been published in the latest issue of "Jewelry Stringing!"   

Thanks for letting me "show off" your earrings, and a special congrats to you, Kashmira!  --Sharyl

* * * * *

* * * * *
Sharyl ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

~~Lots of new components, necklaces, and earrings added in the last few days. Necklace sale begins later this week!~~

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Just heard! Sale on Pattern Tutorials at Debger Designs!

For all of you who do the beautiful seed bead work, I wanted to share this special occasion and sale on pattern tutorials from Debger Designs!   I took a peak and there are some beautiful designs there!   

Sale is on Monday and Tuesday only.   Here's the scoop from Debbie van Tonder:

* * * * *

CELEBRATION: Reached my 3000 sale in my Debger Designs shop on Etsy. To say thank you to you all for supporting me, to reach this milestone, I have marked all my pattern tutorials down by 50% in my Debger Designs shop on Etsy. ENJOY!!! and THANK YOU for all your support.

Congrats to Debbie!    
And the rest of you, 
enjoy the sale!

Sharyl ~ 

P.S.  I've been loading necklaces into my Artfire shop!  Sale starts in a few days!  Stay tuned!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

i heart macro: More Colorado...

I had more "cracked dirt" pictures to show you from last week, but that seemed too gloomy.   There are few living green things out-of-doors here now.   So at the last minute, I was scrambling for something to show you this week.   

And looking back through the photos of our trip to Colorado last month, I see some I never shared!   Ah, something pretty to feast our eyes upon again!

#12:  "Daisy Field"

I'll try not to take a daisy for granted again! 

...or green leaves

...or even evergreens!

It's odd how I was immersed in green last month and didn't pay attention.  
This month there is none to be seen, 
and suddenly,
green is my new favorite color!

...well, except for purple, that is!

I still have a few more photos in reserve from that trip, then it had better rain or you may be back to photos of cracked dirt!   

Our trip to Colorado seemed long, in time and distance,
but you can travel the world in seconds at

Take care and have a happy week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Weekend Shopping!

My friend Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp has just loaded many new items into her stores "Skye Jewels" and "More Skye Jewels!"    If you haven't been by her shops lately, you might want to pay her a visit.  There is one set of art tiles ...

Nautical Charms Ephemera Tile THREE PACK

that would be perfect for the August Art Bead Scene challenge

Fishing Boats, Key West, 1903 by Winslow Homer 

As you may recall, some time ago, I won the drawing that comes at the end of the month from ABS.   My prize?   A whole bunch of goodies I got to select from "More Skye Jewels!"  (Marie also put in an extra and we had a drawing on the blog!   Mary Day was the winner of the much coveted poppy flower tile!)  

Well, I made those up and custom-ordered 2 more batches.   Then last month, ordered a few more.

I'll have to show you some I've purchased and what I've made from them.  Anyway, trust me, the art tiles are lovely and a lot of fun to work with!    In addition, Marie makes her own jewelry and she's constantly coming up with new designs and styles, always with the best quality of materials and excellent technique.  

Earrings Copper and glass dangles in Red

So please, stop by there too!  I know Marie would love to have you visit!

Next, on your shopping tour....

we'll take a turn down another street!

There are a bunch of jewelry folks having sales Fri-Sun to help fund their travels to "Bead Fest" in search of more things beady!    Here is the link to the list of shop owners, the percentage off they are each offering, links to their shops, info on a give-away, and more!   There are 9 shops, but some people have more than one shop.  

Melinda Orr ~ Melinda Orr Designs 

Lorelei Eurto~ Lorelei Eurto Jewelry

Karen Totten ~ Starry Road Studio 

Marsha Neal ~ Marsha Neal Studio

Staci Lousie ~ Staci Louise Originals

Sue Kennedy ~ Sue Beads 

Lisa Peters ~ Lisa Peters Art 

Jenny Davies Reazor

Mary Hubbard ~ White Clover Kilns

(These are NOT links, just the list.
To go to the page with links, click HERE!)

Some of the "best of the best" are in this list, so you won't want to miss out on the special deals if you like artisan-made jewelry, art beads, jewelry components, and supplies.   

I've already been through most, if not all of the shops to have a look.   It felt like walking through  one of those quaint towns I love, popping in and out of my favorite stores (no big malls, thanks!), only I didn't have to get out in the heat or get tired feet!  :-)   

Window-shopping is free and always fun!   If you have a little money you are able to spend in any of these shops this weekend, I know for a fact the owners will appreciate it!   

Whatever you do, enjoy the start of your weekend!  

Sharyl  ~  Sharyl's Jewelry

P.S.  I'm going to busy myself with adding more jewelry and components to my studio over the weekend.   I'll have a sale starting at some point next week.  

(But you didn't hear that from me....   shh....)  


Photos are from "Skye Jewels," "More Skye Jewels," and the "Art Bead Scene" blog.

Clip art from