Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's: Then and Now

Love Hearts circle 2

Do you have a favorite 
Valentine's Day memory?

I suppose that, like many people, mine was the annual tradition of creating  the box to hold the Valentine's cards. 

  • Sure it was fun preparing the cards for my classmates. 
  •  Sure it was fun receiving the cards. 
  •  It was fun getting special treats at school and at home. 
But the best part for me was decorating the shoe box with tissue paper and cutout hearts and doily hearts and sparkly glitter and whatever else could be attached to the special box with tape and glue that year!

be my valentine hearts

I hope you have many special Valentine's memories!   And I want to wish you each a Happy Valentines Weekend 2016! 

glossy smiley pink grinIf you feel like shopping, use code VDAY16 to get 16% off all items at Metapolies™!    If not, just snuggle up with one you love.  (...Of course, they are not mutually exclusive.  You have 24 hours to work in both activities!)    

hearts explosion


Photos by Sharyl

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Purple Hearts of a Polymer Kind

I've listed some new polymer clay pieces in my Metapolies™ store on Etsy today!

Purple hearts, purple pendants, bead sets in purple and turquoise...   I confess, they are some of the favorite polymer pieces I've made, and I hope you like them also!

I saved these for a bit, hoping to make some jewelry of my own from them, (in my  head I can see so many colorful possibilities)!  But I've decided to share them in the store and see what wonders others would create from them instead!  (That's much more fun for both of us!)  :-)

I've been adding a lot of new metal components... 

in shades of purple, 

red, bright pink,
 and more, so have a look around!  

You might come up with something 
you'd like coordinate! 

Whatever you do, have a bright, cheerful, happy creating day!



Saturday, February 6, 2016

What good 2 weeks can do!

blank January   I took a couple of weeks break from my Metapolies™ store in early January, pushed my chair away from my computer and took a step away from social media (much as I love the conversation and getting to see what everyone is designing).   I was feeling a bit burnt out and too tired to create anything.   

I was afraid I might just hibernate the time away.  (Well, I did spend the first week that way!)    Eventually though, I found the break did me good and my brain started to come awake!

Instead of continuously comparing myself with the amazing talent that surrounds me, it gave me time for a fresh start, time to dream of my own designs again!

I started making components with the enthusiasm and drive I had been missing.   Every shape and color was an inspiration to me!   

I found myself drawn to bright purples and reds,.. 

Pair upper left, SOLD!
Others listed or coming soon!

To be listed soon!

turquoise and greens,...

 ... and pastel pinks and blues and lavender.  

To be listed soon!

From "ALL ABOUT AMETHYST" 6-piece component set

I got myself busy with Valentine's Day hearts and Celtic designs for March. (I'll be back with more to show next time!  Yes, I think I'll try to blog a bit more this year too!) 

So I'm off to a more enthusiastic start to 2016, and hope you are as well!   

I hope you'll drop by my store, website, and Facebook page, and that we can keep in better touch this year!  

All the best!


Component photos by Sharyl.
Clip art from