Thursday, July 31, 2014

New Bead Sets in store + POLYFLASH Sale 7/31/14 only!

fall oak leaf
It's nearly August, so
I've been busy posting 
new polymer clay BEAD SETS 
in my 
"Sharyl's Jewelry" Artfire store. 

If you've missed my
Facebook announcements, 
here is a sampling:

New Fall Harvest Bead Sets

I'm hoping you'll consider these
as you begin designing
your Fall jewelry collections!
leaf fall red
There are also some for 
year-round fun!

Whimsical Poly Beads

I'm  offering a quick "Flash" sale,  
on polymer clay
coordinating items!

25 off left yellow

For today only,
get 25% off items 
in the 2 following categories:

**"Funky Flat Poly Beads"**
**"Other Polymer Clay Items"**

Code at checkout is:   POLYFLASH

**(Sorry, sale does NOT include the new bead sets but does include matching 
earring dangles, 
head pins, 
and flat beads 
found in the designated sections 
mentioned above.)**
fall oak leaf
As always,
thanks for taking a look at what's new
in my world.
Hope you find something here
that brings you joy!


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Image Credits:
Photos & collages: Sharyl
Leaf graphic:  wpclipart

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Personal Favorites & Catching up with Louise Goodchild

Some time ago, May 10, 2012 to be specific, I invited the very uniquely talented...

Louise Goodchild be a guest on this blog.   We displayed some of her pieces and thoroughly enjoyed her visit!  To see that blog post, click here:   "The Wearable Wire Art of Louise Goodchild Designs"

Moorland Sunset one of a kind designer wire pendant
"Moorland Sunset"
currently for sale at Louie's Etsy store.
(Note the sweet sheep by the cottage!)
Since then, I've continued to follow Louise's artful endeavors with her wire pendants and other creative jewelry and I always find them delightful!

She was recently asked which one was her favorite.   She replies in her blog with a brief history of her art and shows a few of the pendants that remain special to her. 
 Arrow comic down green
I encourage  you to visit that post:  

(I love that it includes a photo of the first wire pendant she made!)

I have some additional favorites from Louise's work which include a series of custom-order  goddesses:

Custom wire goddess pendant unique design made to order well has her fairy door series:

Seashore Fairy Door unique designer wire pendant

is currently available in her Etsy store!

I'm including a link to her blog, "Louise Goodchild:  Adventures in Wire,"  her Etsy store, Louise Goodchild Designs, and Facebook link so you can see more!

My thanks to Louise for continuing to delight us!


The question Louise was asked has made me wonder... 

...what would each of YOU say is the favorite piece of jewelry, beads, (or other art) you've created!   I hope you will tell us about it or show us with a link to a photo in the comments section!   

Edit:  Think I'll add photos from your comments here so it's quicker/easier for all to see!   

Chinese Brushstrokes Handpainted Porcelain BeadThis one is from 
Natalie Pappas
"This bead (which sold a long long time ago) is one of my favorites that I've ever made...

I had gone to a store with lots of Asian pottery and came home completely inspired and painted this bead. I have tried and failed many times trying to duplicate it."

Arrow comic down purple
I've been working on some new items that I think are my current favorites too.   I'll show you next time!  

Wishing you a happy day!


Arrow comic down purple
Enjoy free shipping through Sunday, July 27, at Sharyl's Jewelry!

Sharyl's Jewelry on ArtFire


All wire-pendants on this page were made by Louise Goodchild.  Photographs by Louise used by permission here.

Sharyl's Jewelry components, photographs, and ad by Sharyl.  


Person wondering:


Sunday, July 13, 2014

CLEARANCE SALE--Sunday only!

Lime, red, and gold polymer clay beads   PC13-001

Turquoise, red, gold polymer pendant

Mint and Silver Garden Bracelet

I just moved some of my 
earlier beads & jewelry into the 

of my Sharyl's Jewelry store on Artfire, and marked them down. 
Then, because I'd really like to see them go to someone who can use/enjoy them,... 

I'm discounting them an additional 30% 
on Sunday, 7/13/14, 
if you use this code: CLEARANCE30

Discount is on clearance items only!

Cairo Candy Hieroglyphic Beads and Brass Earrings

Hope you enjoy the weekend!


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Image Credits:   

Jewelry and bead photos by Sharyl

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fire and Water

I'm not a big fan of fireworks, which seems to set me apart from much of society.   Call me a curmudgeon. I just don't care for loud, banging things, whether that be a fire cracker on the 4th of July or a cabinet door slamming in the kitchen.   I'm all about peace and quiet and calm.

However,  the right colorful fireworks in just the right setting (think over a body of water rather than over the roof of my house) can be lovely!    

On our recent trip, one European city (Liverpool, England) gave us a special send-off before we left port that night-- a beautiful view from the top deck of the ship!  I admit, it was lovely (and not too loud), and very enjoyable!  :-)

So,  in honor of the Independence Day holiday, I'll include a few here!

Even as a kid, I loved the colorful ones,
more than the noisy ones!

I'm not sure I ever tried to photograph fireworks before,
so I confess, it was a bit of an experiment!

But even poor photography
can have artistic results! 

Sometimes a single glittering light would appear in the dark.

And other times, a fabulous display would light up the sky!

They appeared to be just over the heads of the crowd here,
but were a nice safe distance away, over the water. 

Green, blue, gold, white, and bright pinkish-red,
they all had their turn in delighting the crowd!

Until the Grand Finale,
and time to leave port for the wide-open seas again! 

Wishing each of you a very safe, relatively quiet, and very happy July 4th!


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All photographs by Sharyl, Liverpool, England, 2014.

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