Monday, January 19, 2015

Good intentions, bad timing

It didn't take me long to blow my blogging trend, did it?   Well, my intentions were good, but I caught an ugly germ and that knocked me out good for a couple of weeks.   And now that I'm just getting back to normal, I'm going to be away for a little while again.  

When I last wrote, it was was early in January, and I was so happy that it was starting out so well!   I had several really lucky things happen in a row that I wanted to share with you.  It's a bit late now, but I'll share anyway!  

First, I had some of my polymer clay beads included in two Etsy treasuries, both curated by Chris P. from DunroaminFarmDesign:

Fall harvest and berry colored polymer clay bead set, 13 beads + pendant  BS14-011 E

Fall Harvest Polymer Bead Set with Oblong Purple Poly Pendant    BS14-007 E

The next big thing that happened to me was that I entered the ABS Dec. challenge.   Not only did the necklace sell to one of my "new good friends" overseas... 

..but I won a random drawing for a $50 gift certificate donated by Stone Designs by Sheila!

Lucky me!  I had been admiring Sheila's work and was so pleased to go for a spending spree in her shop!   I couldn't decide what to get though, and spent a couple of days trying to make up my mind!   In the end, I added just a little bit more to Sheila's extremely generous gift and got these awesome beads!

I photographed them together with her lovely cards, but to fully appreciate these beads you must see each one close-up!

My sincere thanks to Sheila and to ABS for making the start of my 2015 such a good one!

While I'm still on the topic of Art Bead Scene, I'm so excited about the January challenge!   I hope some of you will participate!

I had beads already made I hoped to put in my stores that I thought would be great for this challenge!   But alas, my good luck ran a bit short.   First the germ, and now I need to take some time away for a week or two.   

Here is my plan for the stores:

Metapolies on ACM will be closed with expected reopening Jan. 30.

The other 2 stores are open for sales, but shipping may not occur until Jan. 30. If I can ship and/or reopen sooner, I will.   

For links and the most current updates please visit

Best wishes to each of you for the coming weeks! I hope they are good ones for you!


photos by sharyl
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Looking back on blogging, looking forward...

Looking back at blogging...

My very first blog entry was June 16, 2011:  "Jewelry Design - My "Unique" Philosophy."  

When I look back at that entry, every bit of what I wrote was true then, and true now.   So much has changed, but my vision of what I wanted to accomplish with jewelry design is exactly the same as when I started.   I find that rather remarkable. 

Not all my early blog posts were something I'd still be proud of.   I was very "green" and feel a bit horrified about how I spoke with authority about things I didn't know enough about.   My photographs were terrible. (It took me 6 months to take a remotely decent photo!  I blogged about that on Jan. 14 and Jan. 18, 2012. Many of my blog posts in the first year focused on photography practice!)  

But to back up a bit, as I recall, I had no followers at all until I had blogged for about 6 weeks.   I just kept writing, hoping someone would appear.  And finally, it happened, one day, someone finally made the choice to "follow" my blog.  And about a week later, another, this time a young man from Russia.  I never forgot about him.   I was so thrilled to have these 2 pay attention to what I wrote!   And eventually more came, and when I hit 10, I felt I had finally "arrived!"  ha!  

In the early days, I greeted each new member with a welcome paragraph!   Eventually, it became impossible.   Blog hops would bring new members in larger numbers all at once, I couldn't keep up.  What a shame about that.  My blog membership numbers are still not stunning, but they've been "hard-won" and I've always deeply valued each person following and sharing  your comments.  I always intended this to be a very interactive space.  

trend graphI must admit that in the first few years of blogging,  I was more creative in my writing, more engaging, and certainly more frequent.    The heavy use of Facebook to share ideas and new items, and the ever-increasing use of mobile technology to read messages seems to have shrunk blog participation and comments.   Posting messages and getting no response was disheartening, and I got to where I mostly posted about sales in my stores.   (Boring, and a self-fulfilling cycle which left little incentive to want to read my blog!)

Blogging today...

Recently, I announced that the blog had it's 175th member, and we celebrated that with a gift to the participant and a give-away winner.   I decided to briefly highlight those involved in that event on my blog today!

Val of Miss Val's Creations was the 175th member.  I wanted to show you these classy earrings I found in her store.   The ear wires are such a fantastic shape!
hematite sterling silver dangle earrings

hematite sterling silver dangle earrings

Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs won the random drawing.  Catherine's store is on  Artfire.  I think these pearls and the amazing pendant go perfectly together!
Handmade Tree Pendant Necklace Rustic Green Pearls Bali Beaded Jewelry
Handmade Tree Pendant Necklace Rustic Green Pearls Bali Beaded Jewelry

Since then, we've gained one more member.   And so, in the original spirit of this blog, I'd like to welcome our most recent follower, Meridy Migchelbrink of Two Trees Studio.   Among her always-impressive designing techniques, Meridy creates many of her earthy looking pieces using waxed Irish linen thread.  Take a peak:
The Word for World Is Forest:  Petite, lightweight artisan ceramic earrings, with an earthy, rustic, foresty vibe

The Word for World Is Forest: Petite, lightweight artisan ceramic earrings, with an earthy, rustic, foresty vibe

Now that I've given you a small sample of each of these artist's work, I hope you'll go look at the rest of their collections!   I'm so honored to have these three jewelry artists, as well as all the rest of you talented people, following my blog!

Looking forward...

I hope you'll come around again!  I'm planning more features, focus sessions on other bead and jewelry designers, discussions on techniques, business matters, and more!   I'll be here, writing away, just like in the beginning, hoping someone drops in and leaves me a note!  

Wishing a very Happy New Year 2015 to all!  


P.S.  Just as I'm about to post this entry, I've received 2 pieces of good news to share today!  I'll hold it until next time.  Expect another post soon!  

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