Monday, October 29, 2012

Art Bead Scene Challenge: October 2012

Note:  If you are looking for the "'Sharyl's Jewelry' Design Packet Challenge #2" Reveal, please click here!

For this month's ABS challenge, I decided to do something I had not done on Art Bead Scene before, and that was to make my own focal.  It's not a replica by any stretch of the imagination.   I didn't try to make it look the same.   I looked at the piece on my laptop...

Revolving by Kirt Schwitters 1919

Assemblage-Wood, metal, cord, cardboard, wool, wire, leather, and oil on canvas

Read more about this work of art 
on the Art Bead Scene blog

 ...then walked away to start to work on my piece.

Did I remember it exactly?  No, I was left with some vague memory of color and shapes, circles, lines, an angle.

A bit of brownish-beige, a bit of blue, a dab of green, 
a murky angle, lines.
This is the piece of brass once embossed, 
layered with patinas, and buffed.
Holes have been made in anticipation 
of the parts to be added.

Close up of the focal.   
I was planning to give this my first try at riveting, 
but my local stores did not have any small enough.
I resorted to headpins 
but they kept bending and coming loose.  
The piece will have to be redone with rivets,
but thought I would show it, pathetic though it is, 
in its current state!

I also embossed and applied patina 
to the bail I made
 and attached it,
then made a chain from hand-dyed ribbon 
and antiqued silver chain.

The chain only goes part-way up the ribbons.  
There are 2 multi-colored ribbons,
one with brownish tones, one with blue tones.  
There is a bit of sparkle along the edges
which I think adds to the look of the metal..
The ribbon drapes to the back to be tied.

It's so far from where I'd like it to be, but I do like the colors in the focal and I'm glad to have tried making all the main parts of my necklace!   

Hopefully next time you see it, it will have rivets!  :-)

Sharyl ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

NOTE:  The ABS Tour is Wed. Oct. 31st!   Visit the Current Monthly Challenge page for a tour of  the participating artists!  


And the winner is...

The winner of the $25 gift certificate to "Sharyl's Jewelry" is...

Shirley Moore!

Congratulations to Shirley!   (Shirley, I'll be in touch with you about how to collect your prize!)

* * * * * * * * * *

If you missed the announcement of the $25 gift certificate from Natalie Pappas to her store, NKPBeads, the winner of that prize is:   

Whimsical Monkey!  

* * * * * * * * * *
Thank you:

My sincere thanks, once more, to Natalie Pappas, for her generosity in donating the gift certificate, her assistance in spreading the word of the challenge, and her ongoing help and support!

In addition, I thank all of you who participated, by being a designer, signing up for the drawing, sharing messages, and/or commenting here.   Your involvement means a lot to me and helped to make this event successful!  I hope everyone enjoyed it!   

* * * * * * * * * *
A Note to Designers:

I hope to update all the links on this page so they will continue to  point to the correct page even after you post an update.  

Your designs were wonderful--no two alike--which is the point of this challenge, after all!   

Go forth and enjoy your creations!  


* * * * * * * * * *

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sharyl's Jewelry Bead Packet Design Challenge #2 Featuring Natalie Pappas -- The Reveal!

In August we began preparations for the 2nd of my "Bead Packet Design Challenges." I selected hand-made pottery art beads from the wonderful collection of Natalie Pappas of NKPBeads. There is one large red scrolled bead and two sage-green beads to go with it. Then I added white fossil beads in the color "natural" and red howlite to complement the art beads.

There are 2 slightly different green beads, so while most designers have the set above, a few will have the other set, shown below. 

Then the call for participants went out in September.  Winner's names were announced Sept. 21 and reposted Sept. 23.  

Since then, we added an extra designer, and one person in the group ended up with a set with some substitutions.  (Thanks to all for being good sports about whatever set of beads you received.)   Everyone should have been able to meet the criteria of using at least one art bead and one additional bead from the sets they purchased.   

Before we begin, a note about prizes...

  •  Please leave a comment on this blog page Sat or Sun (Oct. 27-28) and indicate you want to be included in drawing for a chance to win a gift certificate to Sharyl's Jewelry!)    The winner will be announced here Monday!
  • Natalie Pappas will also be drawing a name from among designers to determine a gift from her store, NKP Designs.   All participating designers' names will go into that drawing unless you indicate you would prefer it not.   I'm rather assuming you would all like to win!  :-)  Check Natalie's blog for updates!  

So, we've all been anxiously waiting for many weeks now.  Lets see what our 11 designers created!   

Ready, set, hop time!

First up, is ... Sonia Smith:

Sonia used two of Natalie's art beads in her necklace.  The major part of the pendant includes the large reddish bead, and Sonia has added additional beads of her own then strung them on an upcycled textile.  

"It's sort of a found object. I bought a blouse at a garage sale that had three of those draped around the neck, sort of like necklaces. I thought the blouse looked better without them so I cut them off and put them in my sewing box to use later."   And what a good use she found for them here!  

Attached at the neckline is an antiqued silver chain with another of Natalie's art beads included, this time one in sage green.  It  makes for a casual, very pretty necklace!

Thanks to Sonia for joining our challenge!   

Now on to the others--
who have posted on their individual blogs: 

All the Pretty Things ...Alicia Marinache

Creative Designs by Cheri ... Cheri Reed
(Sunday Update: 
Cheri has had problems with her camera, 
but her page is up now!)

Laren Dee Designs ... Laren Dee Barton

Beads and Bread ... Shirley Moore

Alice's Beads and Baubles ... Alice Craddick
(Alice is having some trouble with her blog, so I'll link you to a photo on her Facebook page!  Click here!)

Alice had a slightly different set of beads to work with.
Rather than the larger reddish one, she has 2 smaller nugget beads made by Natalie.  I see she has used those to her advantage, as well as the sage green, and the additional white and red beads too. I also see some additional beads from Alice!   How nicely they all go together.  

What a fun bracelet and earrings, Alice!  I love the colors you've combined in your bracelet!   Thank you so much for sharing, despite your technical difficulties!

Tell Your Girlfriends ... Cilla Watkins

Whimsical Monkey ... Jessica Wensell Murray

KayzKreationz ... Kay Thomerson

My sincere thanks to...

Natalie Pappas, all of our participating designers, and each of you for contributing your ideas and comments!   Enjoy the weekend and look back here Monday for winners of the prizes!   

Sharyl  ~  Sharyl's Jewelry


Sonia's photographs complements of Sonia.  Please consider them copyrighted.  


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Attention Challenge Participants!

Okay, time to begin the countdown!    The Bead Packet Challenge Reveal is this Saturday!  (Think midnight Friday, remember?)   

  • Participants, I've tried to hunt down your blog URLs.  Please check the list below to make sure I have yours right.  Please send me a comment ASAP if I've got it wrong.

  • On your blogs, please include... photos of your finished jewelry piece(s).  In addition you may want to include information on your design, materials used, your thought process as you were designing, etc.  You will probably want to include info on how we can find you (Facebook, blog, store, etc. with the links). 

  • Please link your page back to the main page here.

Remember there will be a prize drawing with Natalie Pappas from among the designers.    And I will have a random drawing from among all who leave a comment on my blog Sat. or Sun. and express a desire to be included.   

While the designers put the finishing touches on their designs and take photos, the rest of us will  be watching the clocks and waiting!  

Participant list:

--1. Kashmira Patel  (Sudafulee... Always in Bloom)

--2. Sonia Smith (posting on my blog)

Alicia  (All the Pretty Things) 

--4 Cheri  (Creative Designs by Cheri) 

Alice Craddick  (Alice's Beads and Baubles)

--8. Cilla (Tell Your Girlfriends) 

--9. Whimsical Monkey  (Whimsical Monkey)  

--10. KayzKreationz  (KayzKreationz) 

--11. Jean A. Wells  (Jean A. Wells Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry)






Friday, October 19, 2012

Craft Fair Saturday--And Santa Better Show!

I know a lot of you sell your jewelry at events all the time. Saturday, I have my first major craft fair.  It's only Oct. but this is all about the Winter holidays. It's been odd working on snowflakes and other holiday designs when the weather has been warm and sunny out!

I did a small holiday event last year and it turned out to be a dud--terrible weather and scheduling snafus. No one came--Santa didn't even show!  The only buying that took place was between the vendors.  The person who raked in the most money was right next to me...selling cookies and cinnamon rolls.  Yummy!  How could any of the rest of us compete with that?! 

It was so good for me to do that event though!   I purchased, found, or made all the items for my display, so I'm good to go this year!  We (my family helped) had the practice of hauling the items through the worst of weather--freezing rain--and putting the display together, then taking it apart.  I learned how to take credit cards, how to figure the sales tax, how to make things easy for the family members that were helping me out by having written directions as well as a brief "orientation" session.  (This time though, we bring snacks!)
My biggest worry was money handling, which didn't turn out to be an issue at that event! Hope I get more practice with that this time!

I learned about space encroachment, so I'll be setting my tables up at the first possible moment the night before! I've never seen a more aggressive group as those I encountered regarding their space...and a good chunk of mine!  We were allowed one table, which I thought meant one table, but I quickly learned it doesn't mean that at all. There were no chairs with the table.  Note to self:  Always check on the chair situation.  I am a "get out in front of the table and greet people" kind of person. Not because I'm an aggressive salesperson, but because that's what I’ve done staffing booths in educational settings.  Still, a chair to rest upon at over an 8-hour period would have been mighty nice! 

Well, I'm only a novice when it comes to these events.  If you'd like to hear from someone with loads of experience, be sure to read Lori Anderson's "Pretty Things" blog entry:
“Setting up for a Craft Show – Or, Duct Tape Can’t Fix EVERYTHING!”   You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (not really), you will surely nod your head in agreement! 

Whatever you do, have a good Saturday!   As for me, I'm hoping to sell some jewelry and have a chat with Santa!   He's got some explaining to do!

Sharyl ~  Sharyl's Jewelry

P.S. I didn't mention above, but Tanya Goodwin, from "A Work in Progress" will be joining me Saturday!  We'll be at the Civic Centre in Shawnee, KS.  The event runs from 9am-4pm.   To all our Kansas City friends, we invite you to come visit our Booth!  (#13--oh golly!)


P.S.  Will all participants in the Bead Packet Design Challenge, please send me your blog name and URL?   I should have asked for these when I asked for your email addresses.   If you don't have a blog, no problem, you are welcome to post on my page.  Please just let me know.  I'll just need the photos and text the day before so I can prepare the page.    Thanks and hope you all are having fun with Natalie's beads!  

Graphic Credits:


Saturday, October 13, 2012

"History Hop" Reveal: Art Deco

The long-awaited "History Hop" has finally arrived!

This event is sponsored by Leah Curtis of  the "Beady Eyed Bunny" blog!
Although the event was indeed a challenge, Leah helped make it easy for us to learn more about jewelry in our time period.  In her call for participants, she included multiple links to helpful summaries.

I mentioned in a previous blog entry that I had a difficult time selecting the time period I wanted to work with.  Since I had just created a necklace inspired by Hellenstic Greece (with strong Egyptian themes) for a "Challenge of Travel" event recently, and other Roman Empire inspired piece, I decided to slide to the opposite end of the spectrum, and one I knew very little about--Art Deco, which you can read about in the link Leah provided!

The period covers from 1925-1939 and has strong influences in the architecture of the time.  It grew out of the Industrial Age was and was preceded by the Art Nouveau period. There are straight lines, geometric shapes, and silver metals.  Clear diamonds, light color and dark color gemstones were commonly used.   (

I began by searching for appropriate metal work.   My concepts of Art Deco and Art Nouveau had long been fuzzy (and apparently are to many shop owners too).  Now I began to differentiate between the two.   I searched until I found several silver-plated pieces I liked and could use.   I was planning on using gemstones and work from my collection  of Czech cut-glass crystals.   Until I found these lovely glass pieces from Tracy Matthews at Very Pretty Things.

Ruby Red Stained Glass Necklace
Very Pretty Things
This was actually designed as a pretty drop necklace with three of these glass beads connected vertically.  It was a shame to take it apart, but it was just what I was looking for as a substitute for gemstones.

Art Deco Celtic Focal Antique Silver Ox Brass Jewelry Findings 
The extra-large bail, above, seems a cross between Deco and Nouveau.

Antiqued Sterling Silver Plated Art Deco Earring or Pendant Drop
Taylor Baskin Designs
Stamped out of brass that has been plated in sterling silver and antiqued.  Professionally finished. 

I made these earwires and included a pearl-like gemstone.  The Art Deco extenders are used here in the earrings and folded over as a bail in the necklace.

Final shots?

I confess I did not make this intricate beaded chain by hand, but it is secure and well-made and seemed the perfect addition for my necklace.

I hope you enjoyed my Art Deco-inspired jewelry.  Thank you for stopping by my place as you tour the "History Hop!"

You can find the others here:

Please return to the "Beady Eyed Bunny" to see the other entries!   Thanks again to Leah and the other participants!

Sharyl  ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

Ahowin - Art Nouveau
Alicia Marinache – Victorian
Becca's Place – Renaissance
Beti Horvath – Ancient Egypt and Art Deco
Cherry Obsidia – Ancient Mecynae Greece
Cooky – Renaissance
Jamie Shipp – Middle Ages
Jennifer Davies-Reazor – Medieval
Kathleen Douglas – Indus Valley
Kashmira Patel – Etruscan
Lady Grey – Victorian
Laney Mead – Pre-Columbian
Leah Curtis – Ancient Roman
LiliKrist - Persia
Melissa – Mesopotamian
Melissa Trudinger – Art Nouveau
Micheladas Musings – Ancient Romans
Paula Hisel – Victorian
Sandra Wollberg – Art Nouveau
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson – Art Deco
Tracy Stillman – Victorian

History Hop -- Coming Soon!

History Hop Entry -- Coming soon!

Sharyl + Art Deco = Learning & Fun!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

i heart macro: 20OFF30

As my blogging friends know, I've run out of space on Picasa, so I'm doing some creative things with images on my blog while I make room for more!    I have nature photos I'd like to share for "i heart macro" but they'll need to wait just one more week. 

Meanwhile, I'm having a "20OFF30" sale* at my store, "Sharyl's Jewelry."   And the truth is, that one of the reasons why I began participating in "i heart macro" last year was so that I could improve the macros I took of my jewelry. So to combine all things into one this weekend, I'm going to show a few of the photos from my shop.   Some old, some new...

This is one from about a year ago.  
It's one of  my favorites from that time period.  
Nothing is edited here, 
or in any of these photos.  
The effect is just the result of an odd bit of natural light coming though a sheer window curtain.
As is often the case, the photo is so close-up, 
it only captures part of the earrings.
(Normally $20, now with coupon code $16US)

"i heart macro" #13: "Reflection of Me?"
(I never noticed until I had finished this post
and was placing my entry on the "i heart macro" page...
but I think I see a reflection of myself in these beads!
One year after the photo was taken
... self-discovery!)

Shades of Violet Earrings

A very recent one, added for Fall collection.
Handmade brass dangles by yours truly.
This one was taken using my light tent.
(Normally $23, now with coupon code $18.40US)

Simple beaded bracelets, 
 but I like the natural light in this photo.
I never know whether the shadows 
should be considered a flaw, 
but they don't bother me much in this one.
This photo shows two bracelets together 
that are sold separately.

Translucent Yellow Red and Glass Pearl Bracelet

(Normally $14 each;
now with coupon code $11.20 each)

This is the focal bead from one of my necklaces.
It's interesting to me to look at the jewelry 
more from the viewpoint of photography than jewelry design.

The light here is so bright that the pale blue crystals 
on each end are barely visible--not so good.
But I like the swirl-like reflection that appears 
on the top of the large lapis bead.

Tibetan bead necklace with Lapis Pendant

(Normally $40; now with coupon code: $32US)

By next week, I hope to have my photo storage tamed and I will be "back to nature" for....

Time for a visit to Studio Waterstone 
to see what photos the others 
are sharing this week!

* * * * * * * * * * 

*4-DAY SALE at "Sharyl's Jewelry" starting Sat. 10/6! 

Buy a total of US $30.00 or more in merchandise and receive 20% OFF with coupon code: 20OFF30 
(Shipping and taxes for Kansans not included.) 
...That's the number twenty, word "OFF" in caps, then number thirty...
                                 * * * * * * * * * * 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Updates: The Past, Present, and Future

From the Past:

You may notice in the right-hand column I  loaded the graphic for the "History Hop" I'll be participating in October 13th. It is being hosted by Leah Curtis of the "Beady Eyed Bunny" blog.  (Are any of you in this also?)  I've been so excited for this event!   My first challenge was just to choose a time period!  I could just imagine what I would do for each one!   (Well except for a few which I knew little about.  For those I had some vague idea, but no clear picture.)   

If you click on the image (and PROMISE to come back), you will see a list of the time periods we could choose from.  There is information available for each one, so I was able to read up a bit.

After much debating with myself, I finally made my time period selection.  Next, I decided I wanted to make a necklace and earrings, not too complex in design, but fitting for the time period.   

I went to work early, searching high and low for the components and beads I wanted to make my pieces.   I looked for days, until I was finally happy with my selections and made my purchases--each from a different shop, of course!  Then there was the agony of waiting for the pieces to come in, by one.   Eventually they all arrived.  

Now the date is nearing!  I'm still so excited!  If only I could find the "safe keeping" place I put the items....   Hmm...

A step into the Future:

In other news, I've been busy preparing for a winter holiday craft fair I'll be participating in Oct. 20th.   I'm oh-so-happy because Tanya (aka Pixiloo), from "A Work in Progress,"  is going to join me in the booth with her beautiful seed bead jewelry!   So I've been making myself ready by ordering my supplies. (I even put them all in one place this time as they arrived)!  And now I'm working on making the jewelry.   You may see a little less of me for a the next couple of weeks, but I'll try to keep posting.

The present:

Meanwhile, here is what I've been working on recently...

**Drats!  Seems I'm out of Picassa space.  I won't be able to show you my other photo, and I'll need to figure out what to do next!  As always, I'm open to ideas! **

Well, you can see everything at "Sharyl's Jewelry" in the Components Section!

Have a good week!


* * * * * * * * * *