Friday, October 19, 2012

Craft Fair Saturday--And Santa Better Show!

I know a lot of you sell your jewelry at events all the time. Saturday, I have my first major craft fair.  It's only Oct. but this is all about the Winter holidays. It's been odd working on snowflakes and other holiday designs when the weather has been warm and sunny out!

I did a small holiday event last year and it turned out to be a dud--terrible weather and scheduling snafus. No one came--Santa didn't even show!  The only buying that took place was between the vendors.  The person who raked in the most money was right next to me...selling cookies and cinnamon rolls.  Yummy!  How could any of the rest of us compete with that?! 

It was so good for me to do that event though!   I purchased, found, or made all the items for my display, so I'm good to go this year!  We (my family helped) had the practice of hauling the items through the worst of weather--freezing rain--and putting the display together, then taking it apart.  I learned how to take credit cards, how to figure the sales tax, how to make things easy for the family members that were helping me out by having written directions as well as a brief "orientation" session.  (This time though, we bring snacks!)
My biggest worry was money handling, which didn't turn out to be an issue at that event! Hope I get more practice with that this time!

I learned about space encroachment, so I'll be setting my tables up at the first possible moment the night before! I've never seen a more aggressive group as those I encountered regarding their space...and a good chunk of mine!  We were allowed one table, which I thought meant one table, but I quickly learned it doesn't mean that at all. There were no chairs with the table.  Note to self:  Always check on the chair situation.  I am a "get out in front of the table and greet people" kind of person. Not because I'm an aggressive salesperson, but because that's what I’ve done staffing booths in educational settings.  Still, a chair to rest upon at over an 8-hour period would have been mighty nice! 

Well, I'm only a novice when it comes to these events.  If you'd like to hear from someone with loads of experience, be sure to read Lori Anderson's "Pretty Things" blog entry:
“Setting up for a Craft Show – Or, Duct Tape Can’t Fix EVERYTHING!”   You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (not really), you will surely nod your head in agreement! 

Whatever you do, have a good Saturday!   As for me, I'm hoping to sell some jewelry and have a chat with Santa!   He's got some explaining to do!

Sharyl ~  Sharyl's Jewelry

P.S. I didn't mention above, but Tanya Goodwin, from "A Work in Progress" will be joining me Saturday!  We'll be at the Civic Centre in Shawnee, KS.  The event runs from 9am-4pm.   To all our Kansas City friends, we invite you to come visit our Booth!  (#13--oh golly!)


P.S.  Will all participants in the Bead Packet Design Challenge, please send me your blog name and URL?   I should have asked for these when I asked for your email addresses.   If you don't have a blog, no problem, you are welcome to post on my page.  Please just let me know.  I'll just need the photos and text the day before so I can prepare the page.    Thanks and hope you all are having fun with Natalie's beads!  

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Alice said...

I've been doing indoor and outdoor shows for quite a while and have seen bad weather, very poor organized shows, encroachment, shoplifting, mass made stuff allowed when the rules say NO, people with sticky fingers from food, my booth covered up entirely by the lines leading to food shops, wine spilled on my table, a dog shedding on my pieces (at least he wasn't wetting on them), and so much more. It's frustrating, yet satisfying at the same time. I only wish I could do this by myself, as my husband absolutely doesn not like to do this at all.

I'm off to read Lori's blog post. I hope your show is both fun and successful!!!!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Have a super show, Sharyl (and Tanya)! You will do great!

Lori Anderson said...

Hope you have a great show!

aneri_masi said...

All the very best, Sharyl! Hope you get lotsss of experience with the money handling! Your designs are beautiful and you're awesome :)