Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Updates: The Past, Present, and Future

From the Past:

You may notice in the right-hand column I  loaded the graphic for the "History Hop" I'll be participating in October 13th. It is being hosted by Leah Curtis of the "Beady Eyed Bunny" blog.  (Are any of you in this also?)  I've been so excited for this event!   My first challenge was just to choose a time period!  I could just imagine what I would do for each one!   (Well except for a few which I knew little about.  For those I had some vague idea, but no clear picture.)   

If you click on the image (and PROMISE to come back), you will see a list of the time periods we could choose from.  There is information available for each one, so I was able to read up a bit.

After much debating with myself, I finally made my time period selection.  Next, I decided I wanted to make a necklace and earrings, not too complex in design, but fitting for the time period.   

I went to work early, searching high and low for the components and beads I wanted to make my pieces.   I looked for days, until I was finally happy with my selections and made my purchases--each from a different shop, of course!  Then there was the agony of waiting for the pieces to come in,...one by one.   Eventually they all arrived.  

Now the date is nearing!  I'm still so excited!  If only I could find the "safe keeping" place I put the items....   Hmm...

A step into the Future:

In other news, I've been busy preparing for a winter holiday craft fair I'll be participating in Oct. 20th.   I'm oh-so-happy because Tanya (aka Pixiloo), from "A Work in Progress,"  is going to join me in the booth with her beautiful seed bead jewelry!   So I've been making myself ready by ordering my supplies. (I even put them all in one place this time as they arrived)!  And now I'm working on making the jewelry.   You may see a little less of me for a the next couple of weeks, but I'll try to keep posting.

The present:

Meanwhile, here is what I've been working on recently...

**Drats!  Seems I'm out of Picassa space.  I won't be able to show you my other photo, and I'll need to figure out what to do next!  As always, I'm open to ideas! **

Well, you can see everything at "Sharyl's Jewelry" in the Components Section!

Have a good week!


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Alice said...

The history blog hop sounds interesting. I can't wait to see what you made.

I love the pieces you have been working on. The textures are great!

I've never heard of running out of room on Picasa. That makes me nervous, very nervous.

Best of luck at your upcoming shows!

aneri_masi said...

Your "present" found its way into my home :) LOVE it!

Alicia said...

I am in Leah's Past challenge too... I have a vague idea of what I'd like to do, and I will have to start working soon :)

Love your present work! and good luck at the show!