Saturday, September 29, 2012

My week for special surprises!

It's been my week for special surprises!

First, do you know how sweet it is to receive a surprise gift, completely unexpected and unwarranted?  I had that happen to me recently when Lauren, owner of LP's Jewelry, contacted me via Facebook to tell me I had won "The Top Fan of the Month" prize!  

What?  I didn't recall signing up for this!  Well click the link to learn a little more info about the "Top Fan" program.  I didn't sign up, but I won anyway, without even knowing I was competing!

For my prize, I was given a choice between beads or a piece of Lauren's jewelry, and I couldn't decide so asked her to surprise me...and she certainly did!  This is what arrived in the mail this week:

 turquoise jasper and swarovski crystal topaz color bicone memory wire bracelet
by Lauren of LP's Jewelry

I wondered if she knew how much I would enjoy this bracelet?  I love memory wire bracelets!  Easy and quick to put on and remove and very comfy too!   I love turquoise and aqua colors--as I think we've discussed here before.  And the topaz crystals?   Topaz just happens to be my birthstone!  

I usually think of turquoise for summer, but I'm intrigued and pleased that this has a bit of a fall look to it!  I think the crystal dangles at each end of the bracelet are a really nice touch too!  So could she possibly know how pleased I would be with her gift?   She least in part.  She took the time to look through my shop and see what colors and materials I used the most.  She found gemstones and crystals and, of course, turquoise!   Isn't that thoughtful?

Now for a special touch, she recalled a FB conversation in which I commented how much I enjoy using hand-dyed silk ribbons in my designs.  So here is what else appeared in my package:

silk ribbons from Lauren

Sorry, you won't see these in a piece for sale!   These are "keepers" for me!  :-)

My very special thanks to Lauren!  I can't believe I won a prize for talking a lot.  (My family found it no surprise I would win such a competition when I excitedly told them!)  ;-)

You can find "LP's Jewelry" online at:

Etsy Shop

Facebook Business Page 

Thank you again, Lauren!   There's nothing like a thoughtful,  unexpected gift!  
. . . .

That sounds like plenty for one week, but there's more!  Gifts don't always come wrapped...

A while back, Dana Lang from "Tumblestone Handmakery" won a gift certificate from my store.   She was busy setting up her new online shop and was delayed in gathering her prize, but when she did, she went for components and purchased more!   

And then, she did a REALLY nice thing.  She wrote a blog entry about it!   And she's been using the components to make some beautiful jewelry!  (She has several, but I have a special fondness for these owl earrings!)

                  Owl Earrings - Embossed Copper Earrings

I hope you'll visit Dana's new shop! She has a Grand Opening sale happening. - "Use code SAVEMESOME15 at checkout and receive 15% each storewide plus a FREE surprise jewelry gift added to your order with a value of $15!"

You can find Dana at the following places: 

My sincere thanks to Dana... for the feature on her blog and the mentions in her Etsy product descriptions and Facebook marketing.  What a gift that is too!  

Sounds like it's time I find some ways to "pay it forward" too!  You both set wonderful examples! 

With gratitude,


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Gift box:

Photographs by Sharyl.  Bracelet and ribbons from "LP's Jewelry"

Owl Earrings.  Photograph and earrings by Dana Lang.

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Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Wow, Sharyl - that is one awesome bracelet! It's like it was custom made for you. So pretty and such a nice surprise! Enjoy.