Thursday, September 6, 2012

Anyone interested in another "Bead Packet Design Challenge?"

Do you remember when we held "Sharyl's Bead Packet Design Challenge #1" in May 2012?    Packets looked like this...

and we only had 5 participants (because I gave away the beads for free).   The idea was to see what each person would design and how different each design would turn out.   There were no artbeads, but the results were AMAZING and each very different from one another!   I was in awe of the creations!

I'm wondering if you are interested in something similar again.   Here's what I have in mind:

  • Slots will still be limited, but this time they will likely increase to 10.   People will express interest and names will be drawn from that group.   (If you participated previously, you can apply this time, but you will only get a slot if there are enough openings for those interested who didn't get in last time.  In other words, people who didn't get to participate last time, have first chance this time.  This will only apply one time.)
  • The goal is the same--to see what people design when given the same item(s) to work with.
  • I'm thinking of using an art bead this time, and perhaps only the art bead, to give more flexibility in design and keep costs down--but I'd really like your feedback on this.  If you prefer a few extra (non-art beads) to go with it, I can do that.
  • I'm also wondering that if we use an art bead, you would be willing to pay for the cost of the art bead + shipping charges?  Depending on whether we go with 1 art bead or a art bead and several other beads, I expect it to run between $6-10.  

I'd like to know if you would prefer:

  1. Just an art bead (includes shipping) for around $6
  2. An art bead + few other beads around $10 (includes shipping)
  3. Would like to have an option.
  4. Not interested/can't participate if there is a charge
  5. Not interested at all
Also, if you are interested in participating, would you want to see the bead(s) in advance?  

If you prefer I not post your answer publicly, just leave me a note, and I will not post.   Or, I think you can leave an anonymous message.  No matter your answers, I will take no personal offense (unless you are mean about it! ha!)

If beads are sold, they will be listed in my ArtFire Store and only be sold to those whose names were drawn.   

So please let me know what you think!  You have until Saturday at 10pm Central time.  (I'm sorry, but only people living in U.S. and Canada can apply this time due to time limitations on shipping.)   The blog hop would be held in late Sept.

[ Important note:  Please do NOT need to volunteer this time.  I'll send a separate message for that in a few days if we hold this event.   I just need feedback this time.]

Many thanks!   I anxiously await your answers!

Sharyl ~  Sharyl's Jewelry

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Laren Dee Barton said...

Great ideas on this one, Sharyl! I have no problem paying up to $15 for beads/postage in order to design a piece. It might be nice to see beads ahead of time, if you are doing this challenge in September. I would be happy with whatever you decide to do. I like the smaller group idea, too. Thank you for the opportunity to join in.

Laren :D

Unknown said...

Hello Sharyl :)
You know what's funny?! I just got a shipment of beads I had ordered and every bead in that photo was in my order! :D
I would have no problem also paying up to about $15 as well and an art bead would be wonderful along with a couple more. If it would be in September I would say seeing the beads first would be better as I work 80 hrs/week and time is so very limited - that way I can utilize my time as best as possible and design even before the beads get here. However, if there was a bit more design time or if the option were there for express shipping I would like to have the beads a surprise.
I also would be happy with anything that you chose!

Francesca said...

Count me in - I'd love the art bead/a few other bead option, and I'd be happy to pay a small fee. :-)

aneri_masi said...

I am still playing with the previous packet :-) Did you see the necklace I made to match the hoops? I still have a few beads, so am going to give other folks a chance to win this time :)

Tanya said...

I enjoyed your first challenge and would love to see another one. I have over extended a bit, though, for September and October, so I'll likely be watching this one again. :) That said, I like the art bead plus other beads option (or no art bead and just a selection of beads). I would be willing to buy a kit as well.

Sharyl said...

Thank you all! I appreciate your comments! Hope we hear from a few more to know if we have enough interest to continue.

Kashmira, I haven't seen your necklace. Hope you will send us a link so we can see! Thanks and glad you are enjoying the remaining beads!

Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

I just saw this post after visiting your CBC admin tribute. I'm interested! And sure, paying $6-$10 is more than fair. Sounds fun!


Anonymous said...

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