Friday, September 21, 2012

Announcement of Participants: 2nd Bead Packet Design Challenge--Update 9/22/12

Announcement to Participants:  Your bead packets are now available for purchase.   Please go to the bottom of the page for updated instructions! 

How neat and tidy that was!   A perfect 10!   Everyone who asked to participate gets to participate and all spaces are filled!  Could it be any better than that?!

Here are the participants I have listed for the 2nd Bead Packet Design Challenge:

--1. Kashmira Patel

--2. Sonia Smith 
--3. Alicia
--4  Cheri
--5. Laren Dee Barton
--6. Shirley Moore
--7  Alice Craddick 
--8. Cilla
--9. Whimsical Monkey
--10. KayzKreationz

  • My thanks and congratulations to each of you!   

  • I'll have directions out soon on how to order your bead packets.   (Done, please see below!)

  • In the meantime, please send a comment to this page with your email address (and Facebook page if you have one and don't mind using it for private messages),  I'll make sure you get contacted with a message each time I need to communicate something regarding the event!   As always, I will not publish messages with contact info.  I'll gather, then delete the info.    If you don't feel comfortable communicating through the comment section, please drop me a line and we'll come up with a different method.     (If you've already taken care of this, my thanks to you!)

  • If anyone has become unable to participate in the event since signing up, please do not purchase the beads and let me know right away.   Many thanks!

  • More to come shortly, so be on watch!  (Bottom of this message!)

Best wishes to you all--those who will be designing jewelry for this challenge and the rest of us who will be watching and cheering the designers on this round!  



Your bead packets are now available for purchase at Sharyl's Jewelry under the "Reserved Packets" Section and currently also appearing on the front page of the store.  You'll find the items arranged by the numbers appearing next to your name in the list above and also reserved by first name.   

If you live outside the U.S. or Canada, please send me a note.  I've only set up postage for those 2 countries, but I can arrange for others.    

Remember I'll need your E-mail address info ASAP!   Many thanks!   


P.S. If you didn't read up on Natalie's Drawing for participating designers before, you'll surely want to now!



Cilla said...

Yeah ! Thanks for picking me!! I was ready for a new challenge!

Sharyl said...

So glad to have you and all the others in this challenge, Cilla! I'm so looking forward to what is ahead! Thanks for joining in!

I also have a message from JEAN A. WELLS expressing interest. She will be our first "runner up" should any one need to withdraw. I wish I could just produce countless packets!