Sunday, September 16, 2012

Spring Again!

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#10--"Spring Again!"

Spring has sprung again!  New daylilies are popping up.

Not sure--that one might be an iris in the daylily bed?  (It happens... squirrels.)

Yes, we have "weeds" again too!

And the grass has been mowed twice since I took these photos last Sunday!  

After long months, it's so nice to see green again!    Nice to have Spring again...  in the middle of September (?) 

Well, I'm going to enjoy my bit of green while it lasts!  Who knows what weather is ahead!

Sharyl   ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

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Happy Spring Again! :-)



Alice said...

Yes, the rains brought the green back here too! Our ornamental pear trees were brown just prior to the rain and now they are blooming for the second time this year. But I fear this is their last hurrah....

AntiquityTravelers said...

Enjoy! late bloomers :)

w said...

oh! please post pictures of your lillies when they bloom. we've got summer here almost all year long - so we haven't stopped mowing the lawn.

Sharyl said...

Pear trees abloom, now that is something! We lost our ornamental pear and our redbud, but I'll start watching the area to see if I can find any blooming. That would be lovely, I'm just hoping they don't freeze!

I'm doubting the daylilies will make it to blooming stage, but I might be wrong. Will certainly take pics if they do!

Thank for your comments, all!

Leah said...

Pretty photos.
You had me confused...I thought you must have been an Australian ( they are going into their Spring right now...the blog world teaches you much..yes?)
Very funny.
Your jewelry is very pretty.

Sharyl said...

Yes, I'm very honored to be "celebrating Spring" with the Australians this year, Leah! I wish my Spring photos looked as pretty as those blooming flowers I see posted though! :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful green! We had a rainy summer and everything was greener than on a hot summer, but now everything is slowly turning brown.

Katrin said...

Enjoy spring! Thanks for your bright and sunny pictures, we definitely have fall in Germany. Nice, too, but I love spring.