Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Autumn Coming Soon!

I worked on metal components this weekend, in lovely shades of Autumn leaves!    

Now I have lots and lots of sealing to do before I can list in the store.

Fall is coming...

I'll be ready with more Fall goodies soon!

Recently listed:

Handmade Citrus and Copper Components HC13-046

Metallic green and gold embossed brass earring dangles HC13-144

P.S.  One thing that's not ready is my e-mail.  It's not cooperating at all.  While I try to work that out, please send me messages by Facebook, here (marked "private" if it is), or my store.   Hopefully it will be functioning again very soon!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Pity Party" Sale on handmade metal components and more!

I know, I know, I just ended a sale, and there's a holiday weekend coming up, but I overheard a conversation on Facebook last night...  some folks claimed to be having a "Pity Party" because they weren't able to attend this weekend's big event, "BeadFest," where famous artisans gather to sell their glorious handmade beads to wonderfully talented jewelry designers, and everyone has a grand time!    

So why wouldn't those of us not able to attend be a little down about this?   

The solution?    
Looking for sales of handmade beads and components online!   

So, hmmm.... how could I pass up an opportunity like that to help out my friends in need?!  ;-)  Well, of course, I could not!    So....  for all of you looking for beads and components on sale this weekend, you can find them at:

Sharyl's Jewelry
for 20% off!
Use code:   FEST20

I sell metal components in two categories in my store:

I also have a bit of bead destash left.  You can find those packets here:

  • The sale lasts through Monday, Aug. 26, 2013.
  • The 20% off is good on purchases in all sections of the store.   
  • Please use that coupon at check out!

Special note:   If you sell beads or components and are having a special sale this weekend, please feel free to add details in the comment section!

Now, I hope everyone has a happy weekend--those at BeadFest and those at home!   Have fun, whatever you do!


Let's celebrate!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Back-to-School Event Concludes!

I hope you've enjoyed the drawings and chance to win prizes in our celebration of Back-to-School! The last winner in our event is:


Angi will win a "Mystery Assortment of Jewelry-Making Goodies," including (but not limited to) some of my metal components. I'd show you a photo, but I'm still putting the final touches on it all and think it will be more fun for Angi if it's a surprise!  :-)  

Angi, you have 2 days to claim your prize!  Please leave me comment with your mailing address.  I will not publish that comment.   Many thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy your prize!

I want to thank all of you who left comments this time.  I learned so much about each of you, even those I thought I knew fairly well!    It gave me an idea of how varied our interests are and how we can work some of those interests into our blog discussions.   I hope you all will keep contributing in this same way even though this event is ending.   I appreciate hearing your suggestions and enjoy the lively discussions on our blog!   

"Sharyl's Jewelry" Sale Ending

Final reminder that the 20% off sale ends Monday night as well!   Use code:  SCHOOL20

Thanks to all for participating!   Happy Autumn!



Graphic Credits:

Sale graphic by Sharyl


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Announcement of Winner & Final Back-to-School Give-Away!


Sorry to keep you holding your breath!   The random winner of drawing #2 is:

Norbel Marolla  -- She Flies Again

Norbel indicated in her answer that she prefers to purchase things to make jewelry (Check out her new shop on Etsy, "She Flies Again!"), but that she would enjoy winning jewelry! So I'm going to give her some choices from my store so she can pick something out to wear!     Congrats on winning and on the new store, Norbel!

* * * * * *
Survey Results:

Jewelry vs. Items to make Jewelry Buying vs. Winning

I thought I would give you a summary on the results of the survey you replied to!   I expected it to fall something like this but the numbers surprised me a bit!

1)  Which are you most likely to buy? 
     a) Jewelry  =  .5
     b) Items to make jewelry = 14.5

2)  Which would you prefer to win?    
      a) Jewelry  = 3    (includes two .5 votes)
      b) Items to make jewelry  = 12    (includes two .5 votes)

I didn't add my own votes, but will tell you now.   I fall in with the majority on buying mostly items to make jewelry.  I think since it's my business, it makes good sense I would spend more on that than I would on myself.  However, I also believe it's a good thing to support fellow artists and I always admire what others design.  So I do occasionally purchase a piece of jewelry I absolutely love for myself, or more often than that, I purchase as a gift for a family member.  

When it comes to winning though, I'm so happy to receive either!  I love new beads or components, but I also love getting a piece of jewelry, especially when I might not splurge and get that for myself!   So getting a gift of jewelry is a special treat to me!      I see there was more of a split on that among your answers too, but the majority would still rather win items to make jewelry.   

All of this is helpful to me in terms of knowing what to offer for sale in my store and for prizes!   Recently, I've been offering more gift certificates so that people can choose, though I'm sure I will continue to "mix-it-up" at times just for fun!   Thanks so much for your input!

* * * * * * 
Final Give-away Instructions:

For the final Give-away for our Back-to-School Event, I'd like to learn more about you.   I've long suspected that most of the people on this blog are jewelry designers.   I know for a fact that not all are though, and I think that makes things very interesting too!   

For those of you who work in the jewelry business or enjoy it as  hobby, I'd like to learn more about you and what you do. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this entry and tell us:

1)  In general what do you make or do? 

2)  Do you have any specialties?  

3) Anything else you wish to tell us!

4)  If you have an online store, please include the name and URL so we can visit!

So for example, mine would read: 

I'm Sharyl, and I'm a jewelry designer.  I love working with art beads (in particular with ceramic and lampwork beads), but I also love gemstones and Czech glass.   My specialty is making metal components to sell.  Sometimes I also offer wire findings.    I want to start making rustic-looking polymer clay beads.   My online store is on Artfire and is called "Sharyl's Jewelry."   http://www.sharylsjewelry.artfire.com

If you are not in the jewelry business,  please share your interest in this blog, in jewelry, or whatever types of art you are interested in!  I very interested in hearing from you as well!

This feedback will help me better know all of you and what topics might be of interest to you in the future!   (Feel free to add that too!)
  • Once you leave your comment, you will be entered in the final give-away. If you wish not to be entered, please indicate so.   (Previous winners from the "Back-to-School" event are not eligible for this prize, but are still encouraged to comment.  After this event everyone will be welcome to enter future give-aways again.)   **Apologies, can only offer free shipping to the U.S. for this prize.** 

  • Entries will be accepted until Sunday evening at 11:00pm Central time.  The winner will be announced Monday.  

  • The prize this time will be a surprise assortment of goodies for jewelry making!   (If someone wins who doesn't make jewelry, I'll switch the prize to jewelry for you.)

  • Please check back by Wed. to see if you are the winner.

* * * * * * *

I know schools start at various times across the U.S. and all around the world!  Schools in our area started this week. Seems so early, but the time has arrived!  Happy back to school for kids and adults!

Remember the 20% off sale ends Monday also!  

* * * * * * *

Image Credits:

Event graphic by Sharyl.

* * * * * * *

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back-to-School Giveaways Update!

Thanks to Kathy, Tanya, Lea, Shaiha, Dolores, Eugenie, Mischelle, Creative Klutz, Mary Anne, and Lisa!  I appreciate you spreading the word about our Back-to-School Give-aways and Sale!   We've already made a couple new friends on Facebook, gained a couple followers here on the blog, and sold several items.   My sincere thanks you to all!   I found myself joining blogs, making new friends, and discovering new shops too!   

The first prize in our "Back-to-School" Event is a $20 gift certificate to "Sharyl's Jewelry."  And the winner is:

-- Creative Klutz! --
(Please contact me with email address!  Thanks!)

Our Back-to-School events run through Aug. 16, so if you missed out on this one, there are more chances to win!  

* * * * * *

The next event involves sharing the following:

1)  Which are you most likely to buy? 
     a) Jewelry 
     b) Items to make jewelry

2)  Which would you prefer to win?    
      a) Jewelry 
      b) Items to make jewelry

There will be a drawing from those who respond to both questions in their comment. (Anyone who wishes to comment but be excluded from the drawing, please say so.)    Please watch for the winner announcement so you can declare your prize within 48 hours.   

  • The prize will be based on the winner's preferences this time, (approximate value $15).  
  • You have until Thursday, Aug. 15, 11:30pm Central time to enter. 
  •  The winner will be announced Friday.

* * * * * * *

Back-to-School Sale reminder!  
Right now, everyone wins 
with a 20% off sale at 

Use code:  SCHOOL20
at check-out, now through Aug. 19!

* * * * * * *

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Almost Back-to-School Time--I'm ready, as usual!

Even if the seasons don't officially declare it so,... even if the hot, hot weather tells us it's not possible,... the approaching start of the school year in many parts of the country tells us that summer is coming to an end soon.   While I don't like summer ending, I've always loved the start of the school year!   

As a kid, I loved getting my school supplies, and looking at them with my sister, over and over again!   It was like a game!   And the new clothes and shoes--great excitement! That last trip to Dairy Joy for a twist cone with Mom--what a treat!  The first day of school, meeting the new teacher, organizing my desk--nothing much better than that!    (Those of you who have been hanging around this blog for more than a year, this will sound familiar to you!   I turn nostalgic every year at this time!)  

So what is so great about school time?

1)  It's a time for reflecting about words and numbers.  (I promised you something about numbers in my last blog post!)   

Here is a quick review of our statistics here:
  • Blog Followers -- We recently hit 150  (now at 152!)

  • Sharyl's Jewelry Facebook Page -- We recently hit 250 (and kept going!  Now at 265)

  • Sharyl's Jewelry Total # of Sales -- 200  (Thank you again, Lisa Lodge, for the sale that pushed us over.  And thanks to everyone who made a purchase!)

I'm happy with these numbers and very appreciative!  Still, I'd love to see them double by the end of 2014.   (Would you like to help me achieve that goal?!)    To help spread the word and to show you my gratitude, I'm going be offering several activities and give-aways on my blog through Aug. 19, 2013. I hope you'll keep coming back to participate and see the latest prize announced!   (To help spread out the fun, each participant can only win one prize per this series.)

2)  Did I mention, back-to-school shopping?!

I'm hosting a sale at my store, Sharyl's Jewelry.    From now through Aug. Aug 19, take 20% off all items in store!    Use code: SCHOOL20 at checkout!

3)  Back-to-school is also about fresh-starts and learning new things!   I especially loved the start of a new school year for those reasons.   So I'll be doing some of those things as well.   Several things I intend to work on this last part of 2013 include:
  • advancing my metalwork skills
  • learning to work with polymer clay
  • expanding marketing of Sharyl's Jewelry
I'll be talking more about these in upcoming blog posts and hope you will share your thoughts with then!


So, let's get started!   Please spread the word about this event, then come back to the blog and leave a comment about what you did to let people know.   You can leave a message on Facebook, a note on your blog, etc.  
While you are doing that, if you feel comfortable, please invite people to join us on the blog at: 
or Facebook at:  

By leaving a comment you will be signed up for the give-away unless you declare you prefer not to be.   Please watch for the winner announcement so you can declare your prize within 48 hours.     The cutoff for entries will be just after midnight Tuesday, Central time.  The prize winner will be announced Wed. morning with a new contest.   You can get up to 2 entries by leaving multiple messages.   (This is the only time I'll ask you to "knock on doors" for me during this event.   I really don't like to ask it, but greatly appreciate it.)

The prize for this activity will be a $20 gift certificate to Sharyl's Jewelry.

Thanks for all your support!   Good luck!  And happy "Back-to-School to you and yours!"



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Monday, August 5, 2013

"Summer Color Inspiration Challenge" Wrap-up & Prize Winners

Blog Hop Wrap-up:

This blog hop got its start in the most unusual way.   As you may recall, it didn't begin as a blog hop at all!  On July 13, I wrote a blog entry, showing you some photos I had taken of a bouquet.  They were "macro" shots, closeups of different parts of the bouquet, and I had photographed it in my light tent, as an experiment.

What started as a blog entry about the colors of the flowers, and how color was an inspiration for my jewelry-making, turned into a challenge to you.  I invited you to select your favorite color combinations from the photos and to contribute photos of jewelry made to match those colors.  I thought I would print on my blog--lucky to get a couple of participants.   

And you pleasantly surprised me by having enough sign up that we moved the format to a blog hop!   

I must tell you, that even though it was a small, impromptu, casual type of blog hop, I've seen some of the most impressive, colorful, and creative designs I could have hoped for!   Your designs sang and danced of summer color!   They made me want to skip and turn cart wheels!   (I said "want to!")   They delighted me in every way!   Thanks to all who participated, all who commented, all who joined us and hopped along!


I promised at the start that one of the participants would win a colorful prize from me.   As you know, I selected one of the more pastel photographs for my necklace design, (click here for reveal results) but I was also drawn to this color combination--about as much different in color shades as I could get!

#7:   fushia, violet

And so I designed this pair of earrings for the give-away:

These are raw brass filigree components I've patinated with dark violet and pink.
I used gunmetal wire and earwires. The glass accent beads
 are clear, hot pink, and dark violet.

Then, because I always seem to make long, long dangly earrings, I challenged myself again, to make a shorter pair.  I found this so much more difficult!   You might not guess it from looking at these, but I restacked these beads countless times trying different bead combinations, trying to keep them petite, the color and size balance right, match any one of the flower photos, and still come up with something wearable! 

Here is my end result:

#2:  lime green, yellow, pinkish-red

So simple ...and yet so challenging...for me.   :-)
(Lime lampwork spacer beads are from Serena's Beadery, aka "Taneres.")

So I promised we would have a drawing from among those who participated in this blog hop, and instead of having one winner, we'll have two!

The winner of the earrings to match photo #7 is:
 Kashmira Patel!

The winner of the earrings to match photo #2 is:
Lisa Lodge!

Final Bit of Gratitude:

I've mentioned the bouquet in the photographs that inspired us all several times but not where it came from.   I owe a final bit of gratitude for those flowers to one from among us.   One day towards the end of winter, when I had completely had it with blizzards and shoveling driveways and walkways day-after-day, a lovely bouquet arrived to cheer me.   I couldn't imagine who would send me flowers!   But the note told all...they were from my online, jewelry-designing, always supportive, fellow night-owl friend, Laren Dee Barton, of Laren Dee Designs!  Don't you just love people who do such kind things for no reason besides they know you could use some cheer right at that time?   So while I don't wish to embarrass her, I do wish to thank Laren, for her thoughtfulness on that day, and for inspiring this event!

And my thanks to ALL of you for participating!  ~Sharyl

P.S.  We've been talking a lot about colors.  Next time, we'll talk a little about numbers!  

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Final note for today--New shop opening:

Norbel Cylkowski Marolla has just opened a jewelry store on Etsy called "She Flies Again."  Her friend and colleague, Kashmira Patel, tells you about Norbel, this unique shop, the history behind the store name, and the "collective" they hope for in her latest blog post!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Summer Color Inspiration Challenge" Reveal!

Sunday Update:    The event wrap-up and give-away winner announcement will be delayed until Monday.   Apologies!
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
It's here, at last!  The day of the "Summer Color Inspiration Challenge" Reveal!  

On July 13, I posted seven close-up photos coming from parts of two bouquets.   I asked people which photo they liked best, which inspired them.   And later, I asked if they would be interested in designing a piece of jewelry around those colors.   I said if they did design something, I would post on my blog.   Well, people started responding and soon I realized we might have quite a few for including on my blog page, so we decided to turn the event into a blog hop, with people who had blogs of their own, posting there!   Ah, much better! 

Those without a blog that wished to participate were offered to post on my blog, but it turned out that everyone that wanted to join in had a blog.   So you'll see the Participant List below and you can click on the Links to get to each person's blog page.   

Hopefully, you will see the photo they chose and their inspired jewelry creation!   

But before you take off to see all the others, I hope you'll stay to see my own!   This is the photo that inspired my design:

#5:  white, soft pink, cranberry, yellow

The rules indicate you could drop a color or two.  I tried to get them all in, but eventually dropped cranberry. I just couldn't find the right beads in my collection that looked right with the necklace I was creating:

The three large round yellow pottery beads and one round green pottery bead with leaf imprint (center right) are by Natalie Pappas of NKP Designs, Fort Worth, TX, USA.   The flat beads (pink flower and green leaf) in the center dangle are from Bo Hulley Beads.   Teresa Hulley, bead artist, is from Ryde, UK.   I have many favorites when it comes to bead artists, and these are two of my absolute favorites, so putting their beads together is a real joy!   These are beads I've kept quite a long while, just waiting for some special design to come along!

In addition to the handmade ceramic beads, there are Czech glass beads, Swarovski bicone glass crystals, pink jade, green gemstones, white shells, sterling silver accent beads, and silver ox plated brass chain.  

And a few pink dangles for the end of the focal!

I used some of the techniques for doing double-strands
I learned when I did the wedding jewelry,
and I handmade this silver clasp.

Sunday, I'll show you something else I made and I'll draw a name from among those who contributed jewelry for the blog hop!   Hope you'll come back to see who wins!  

Now, on to the other participants!

Blog Hop Participant List:

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson     Sharyl’s Jewelry    (Host)

Kashmira Patel   .....    Sadafulee...always in bloom! 

Lisa Lodge   .....   A Grateful Artist - Pine Ridge Treasures 

Tanty Sri Hartanti   ....   TJewellicious by Tanti      
All pages have been posted!   Thanks for visiting!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I'll be having a sale in my Sharyl's Jewelry store
 this Sat and Sun, Aug. 3-4. 

Many new components!

Please use this code at checkout
for a 15% discount:    FLOWERS15

* * * * * * * * * * * * *