Sunday, August 11, 2013

Almost Back-to-School Time--I'm ready, as usual!

Even if the seasons don't officially declare it so,... even if the hot, hot weather tells us it's not possible,... the approaching start of the school year in many parts of the country tells us that summer is coming to an end soon.   While I don't like summer ending, I've always loved the start of the school year!   

As a kid, I loved getting my school supplies, and looking at them with my sister, over and over again!   It was like a game!   And the new clothes and shoes--great excitement! That last trip to Dairy Joy for a twist cone with Mom--what a treat!  The first day of school, meeting the new teacher, organizing my desk--nothing much better than that!    (Those of you who have been hanging around this blog for more than a year, this will sound familiar to you!   I turn nostalgic every year at this time!)  

So what is so great about school time?

1)  It's a time for reflecting about words and numbers.  (I promised you something about numbers in my last blog post!)   

Here is a quick review of our statistics here:
  • Blog Followers -- We recently hit 150  (now at 152!)

  • Sharyl's Jewelry Facebook Page -- We recently hit 250 (and kept going!  Now at 265)

  • Sharyl's Jewelry Total # of Sales -- 200  (Thank you again, Lisa Lodge, for the sale that pushed us over.  And thanks to everyone who made a purchase!)

I'm happy with these numbers and very appreciative!  Still, I'd love to see them double by the end of 2014.   (Would you like to help me achieve that goal?!)    To help spread the word and to show you my gratitude, I'm going be offering several activities and give-aways on my blog through Aug. 19, 2013. I hope you'll keep coming back to participate and see the latest prize announced!   (To help spread out the fun, each participant can only win one prize per this series.)

2)  Did I mention, back-to-school shopping?!

I'm hosting a sale at my store, Sharyl's Jewelry.    From now through Aug. Aug 19, take 20% off all items in store!    Use code: SCHOOL20 at checkout!

3)  Back-to-school is also about fresh-starts and learning new things!   I especially loved the start of a new school year for those reasons.   So I'll be doing some of those things as well.   Several things I intend to work on this last part of 2013 include:
  • advancing my metalwork skills
  • learning to work with polymer clay
  • expanding marketing of Sharyl's Jewelry
I'll be talking more about these in upcoming blog posts and hope you will share your thoughts with then!


So, let's get started!   Please spread the word about this event, then come back to the blog and leave a comment about what you did to let people know.   You can leave a message on Facebook, a note on your blog, etc.  
While you are doing that, if you feel comfortable, please invite people to join us on the blog at: 
or Facebook at:  

By leaving a comment you will be signed up for the give-away unless you declare you prefer not to be.   Please watch for the winner announcement so you can declare your prize within 48 hours.     The cutoff for entries will be just after midnight Tuesday, Central time.  The prize winner will be announced Wed. morning with a new contest.   You can get up to 2 entries by leaving multiple messages.   (This is the only time I'll ask you to "knock on doors" for me during this event.   I really don't like to ask it, but greatly appreciate it.)

The prize for this activity will be a $20 gift certificate to Sharyl's Jewelry.

Thanks for all your support!   Good luck!  And happy "Back-to-School to you and yours!"



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baymoondesign said...

I would love to win the gift certificate. I love your components. The giveaway is posted with a link to your blog on my baymoondesign Facebook page.

Congrats on sales and blog!

Tanya said...

Congratulations on the wonderful numbers! The kiddo is so excited about 1st grade and counting down the days. I am a bit more unsure, though. :)

I blogged about your sale: I am rethinking some of the items I blogged about, though. I'm not sure I want anyone to buy them before I have a chance to. :)

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

I also really loved "back to school" time! I always loved school, and was excited about learning new things. I still like shopping for office supplies.

I posted on the CBC group about your giveaway. (Don't enter me in the drawing - just wanted to let you know). ;-)

Unknown said...

So excited for you!! I would be honored to win! I tweeted about the giveaway & also posted to facebook.

Shai Williams said...

I tried to post this once but I oops.

I would love to win a GC to your shop. I shared on FB,

Dolores Raml said...

I blogged about your Back to School drawing and I "LIKED" your FB page plus I went to your Artfire shop and found some beads I couldn't do without. LOL

Would love the chance to win a GC to your shop.

Sharyl said...

Thank you all so much! I'll try to visit all your pages and blogs! I really appreciate this! Everyone who has done so will get a chance (or two) in the drawing! (...except Lisa who graciously excludes herself this round.)

Lisa Lodge, I'm the same way! Love those office supplies! :-)

Tanya, hope the kiddo loves school!

And a special thanks to those who have made purchases too!

Eugenie said...

Your components are wonderful.
I shared the giveaway on Facebook.

Eugenie said...

I posted on Twitter, too.

Chelle said...

WTG on the great stats for your shop, page and sales. I would love a chance to win. thanks.

Chelle said...

Here is my link to my fb share..

The Creative Klutz said...

oooh would love a chance to win - thank you =)
Shared on my personal fb account and on my fb page (, and about to mention your giveaway in my blog =)

Mary Anne said...

What a great giveaway, I would love to win!!

Mary Anne said...

I posted about your giveaway on my FB page!

Sharyl said...

Thank you to all who shared! You are entered in the give-away for the $20 gift certificate! Entries are now closed for this particular drawing.

The winner will be announced later Wed. morning. The next event and prize drawing will be announced at the same time. Please come back!