Saturday, August 17, 2013

Announcement of Winner & Final Back-to-School Give-Away!


Sorry to keep you holding your breath!   The random winner of drawing #2 is:

Norbel Marolla  -- She Flies Again

Norbel indicated in her answer that she prefers to purchase things to make jewelry (Check out her new shop on Etsy, "She Flies Again!"), but that she would enjoy winning jewelry! So I'm going to give her some choices from my store so she can pick something out to wear!     Congrats on winning and on the new store, Norbel!

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Survey Results:

Jewelry vs. Items to make Jewelry Buying vs. Winning

I thought I would give you a summary on the results of the survey you replied to!   I expected it to fall something like this but the numbers surprised me a bit!

1)  Which are you most likely to buy? 
     a) Jewelry  =  .5
     b) Items to make jewelry = 14.5

2)  Which would you prefer to win?    
      a) Jewelry  = 3    (includes two .5 votes)
      b) Items to make jewelry  = 12    (includes two .5 votes)

I didn't add my own votes, but will tell you now.   I fall in with the majority on buying mostly items to make jewelry.  I think since it's my business, it makes good sense I would spend more on that than I would on myself.  However, I also believe it's a good thing to support fellow artists and I always admire what others design.  So I do occasionally purchase a piece of jewelry I absolutely love for myself, or more often than that, I purchase as a gift for a family member.  

When it comes to winning though, I'm so happy to receive either!  I love new beads or components, but I also love getting a piece of jewelry, especially when I might not splurge and get that for myself!   So getting a gift of jewelry is a special treat to me!      I see there was more of a split on that among your answers too, but the majority would still rather win items to make jewelry.   

All of this is helpful to me in terms of knowing what to offer for sale in my store and for prizes!   Recently, I've been offering more gift certificates so that people can choose, though I'm sure I will continue to "mix-it-up" at times just for fun!   Thanks so much for your input!

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Final Give-away Instructions:

For the final Give-away for our Back-to-School Event, I'd like to learn more about you.   I've long suspected that most of the people on this blog are jewelry designers.   I know for a fact that not all are though, and I think that makes things very interesting too!   

For those of you who work in the jewelry business or enjoy it as  hobby, I'd like to learn more about you and what you do. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this entry and tell us:

1)  In general what do you make or do? 

2)  Do you have any specialties?  

3) Anything else you wish to tell us!

4)  If you have an online store, please include the name and URL so we can visit!

So for example, mine would read: 

I'm Sharyl, and I'm a jewelry designer.  I love working with art beads (in particular with ceramic and lampwork beads), but I also love gemstones and Czech glass.   My specialty is making metal components to sell.  Sometimes I also offer wire findings.    I want to start making rustic-looking polymer clay beads.   My online store is on Artfire and is called "Sharyl's Jewelry."

If you are not in the jewelry business,  please share your interest in this blog, in jewelry, or whatever types of art you are interested in!  I very interested in hearing from you as well!

This feedback will help me better know all of you and what topics might be of interest to you in the future!   (Feel free to add that too!)
  • Once you leave your comment, you will be entered in the final give-away. If you wish not to be entered, please indicate so.   (Previous winners from the "Back-to-School" event are not eligible for this prize, but are still encouraged to comment.  After this event everyone will be welcome to enter future give-aways again.)   **Apologies, can only offer free shipping to the U.S. for this prize.** 

  • Entries will be accepted until Sunday evening at 11:00pm Central time.  The winner will be announced Monday.  

  • The prize this time will be a surprise assortment of goodies for jewelry making!   (If someone wins who doesn't make jewelry, I'll switch the prize to jewelry for you.)

  • Please check back by Wed. to see if you are the winner.

* * * * * * *

I know schools start at various times across the U.S. and all around the world!  Schools in our area started this week. Seems so early, but the time has arrived!  Happy back to school for kids and adults!

Remember the 20% off sale ends Monday also!  

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Image Credits:

Event graphic by Sharyl.

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baymoondesign said...

I make handmade artisan necklaces, earring, bracelets and whimsical cards that are all meticulously made from high quality metals, gems, and papers!. My work is inspired by the water, earth, and sky--hence the inspiration for my shop's name!-Bay Moon Design.

Materials found in nature like sea shells and pearls are favorites that are featured in my designs. I also love to make crocheted jewelry.

Please visit my shop at

Ann Schroeder said...

Hi - I'm Ann. I make jewelry as a hobby. I love working with art beads of all materials and styles. I'm pretty equal opportunity about loving all beads! I am trying to learn more techniques (like becoming better at more complex wire work) and incorporate new materials into my work (learning more about cord, leather, ribbon). I particularly like reading personal stories like your wedding jewelry series. I don't sell jewelry, but I do blog about it at

Anonymous said...

My name is Angi and I'm a preschool teacher by day and a newby jewelry designer by night! I love love love beads! I am also a beginner metal smith and I have found my passion! I mostly sell to family and friends and always give jewelry as gifts. My plan is to open an Artfire or etsy store and a blog in the near future. I have learned so much from your blog! Thanks!

Angi Mullis

Unknown said...

My name is Kletha and I am disabled and haven't done any beading in years but am getting back into it as a hobby and maybe start a business in the future. I prefer simple elegant glass bead designs. I was a sign language interpreter so plan to experiment with making polymer clay beads with sign language hand shapes.

Norbel said...

Wow! What a Great Big Surprise!! I rarely, if ever, win anything. I am just one of those people that doesn't have the "luck of the draw" in me! So this was exceptionally exciting!! I cannot wait to pick a piece of jewelry that you have made, Sharyl. I love your designs. Thank you so much for the giveaway!! I appreciate it!!

I will sit out this next giveaway, obviously. Thanks again!!

Unknown said...

My name is Penny and I currently am substituting in a local elementary school district. I taught 6th grade for 9 years and Art for 3 1/2 after my 6th grade stint. I have been beading as a hobby for 20+ years and have expanded my horizons technique as well as medium wise. I've done necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ankle bracelets, fan / light pulls, etc.; the most difficult is deciding what to keep and what to part with. I've sold some pieces during after school shows as well as pieces I've been asked to make. I also work in clay; making pendants and (some) beads, also functional and decorative pieces. All of my pieces are hand built; I am not able to throw because my right hand doesn't work properly (which also slows up beading). I am interested in working in asymmetrical design and hanging beads; also incorporating metal into my beadwork. I am hoping to have a shop on Etsy at some point but not in the immediate future as I have other (domestic) priorities to attend to.

Sharyl said...

Oh, I'm so glad I asked these questions and so happy you all are taking time to respond! I'm learning new, exciting things about each of you! Thank you for sharing! Hope others will too! ~Sharyl

Eugenie said...

My name is Eugenie. I'm very a much a newbie to jewelry making. It's a hobby for me. Since retiring from the computer software field several years ago, I've spent much time on my first love - photography. I enjoy being outdoors and much of my photography is done in nature.

Tanya said...

It is fun reading about everyone. :).

I am Tanya and I make jewelry using seed beads. I do like to combine other things with my seed beads, though. I don't sell or have a shop, but do have a blog:

Sharyl said...

Thanks to those of you who responded! I enjoyed reading each response and learning more about you!

If you missed your chance this time, please feel free to tell us more about yourself and your interests in the future! And a special welcome to those of you who have recently joined this blog!

The entries for this final drawing of the Back-to-school event are now closed. I will use the random number generator to pick a prize winner from our entries and announce on Monday!

Many thanks! Have a good night! ~Sharyl