Company History

Sharyl's Jewelry logo by
Andrew Nelson©2011

The company began early in 2011 as a wholesale business with the plan to sell only to local retail shops in the Kansas City area. The original served as my business website where I advertised my jewelry and connected with store-owner customers.

June, 2011:  

I began my blog, "Sharyl's Jewelry & Reflections."  Here we discuss jewelry making, materials, design, tools and equipment, inspiration, photography, marketing, and more. We challenge and support one another so we can learn to do our best work.

Sharyl's Jewelry ArtFire Studio logo 

by Andrew Nelson©2011

November 2011:

I opened an online studio of my own, "Sharyl's Jewelry" which can be found on This is my main store front and everything points to this location.  I now sell both OOAK jewelry and hand-made beads and components for jewelry designers.  I hope you will visit me there!

December 2011:
I redesigned that original site and used it to keep people informed of promotions and special events, staying in touch. It served as one of several ways people could find the company online. (The website was closed in Dec. 2012.)

I keep expanding!  In addition to the
store on Artfire, you can now also find Sharyl's Jewelry in the following locations:

  • on Facebook
  • photo displays of special jewelry "challenge" projects on Flickr
  • photos of jewelry from designers using my beads and components in their pieces on Pinterest

I began selling metal components and later, polymer clay beads and pendants.

March 2014:  
Introduced my "Funky Flat Poly Beads!

May 2014:
I redesigned my logo and my Artfire store site, this blog, and my marketing materials (business cards, event banner, and bags) so they have a more unified (though not identical) look.

Business cards

Sharyl's Jewelry ArtFire Studio banner
by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson©2014

Logo by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson©2014

Cotton bags

Aug 2014:  Opened "Metapolies™" on Etsy.

METAls + POLymer clay = METAPOLIES

Pronounced:  meh-TOP-oh-leez

My thanks to Marla James for help brainstorming a name!

Sept 2014:  Opened "Metapolies™" ACM store (Artisan Component Marketplace).  One of founding group, headed by Marla James.

Nov. 2014:  Handmade jewelry in local art gallery, "Art by Avis and Others."

Dec. 2014:  Launch of new website,, a landing page for all stores, social media, and news updates!

Metapolies™ Winter Holiday Banner 2014

Hopefully, there will be much more to come! 


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Image Credits:

  • Original graphic logo for Sharyl's website, Andrew Nelson©2011. 
  • Second graphic logo for Sharyl's Jewelry on, Andrew Nelson©2011.   Jewelry designed & photographed by Sharyl©2011.
  • Bead and dot designs by Sharyl McMillian-Nelson ©2014.
  • Metapolies TM 2014.