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i heart macro & Art Bead Scene Challenge - Jan 2012 - "Trellis" Wallpaper by William Morris

As my dates are overlapping, I'm using this posting from the "January Art Bead Scene Challenge" for my "i heart macro" entry for Sunday, Jan. 29th, as well.

Photo not by me!...

The January 2012 Art Bead Scene Challenge focuses on this "Trellis" wallpaper design by William Morris.

This month, I've designed two pieces of jewelry, a pendant and a pair of earrings.

1) The first item is the "Trellis Pendant."

(The part in the upper left is really the bottom  of the necklace, while the part in the lower right is the top.)
The colors and patterns found in the trellis wallpaper which William Morris designed in 1862 are repeated throughout the pendant's parts.   

The black mesh-like ribbon adds a slightly Victorian feel to what in many ways looks like a very modern piece.   The color black appears in Morris' design in the birds, so it seems fitting the black should appear in this upper and airy form.

The first major segment contains Czech crystal beads in pink lemonade--a cross between yellow and a slightly peachy pink--ideal for the flowers.  Brass melon-shaped beads with vertical lines fit between the beads.  The centerpiece is a teal lampwork bead--a brighter shade of the background color from Morris' wallpaper.   The artbead was made by Beth Singleton.   Her studio, "Handcrafted Lampwork Beads by Beth Singleton" is on Artfire.

The second section links to the first by several antinqued copper jumprings of various sizes, lending to the look of the winding vines.  The bottom part of the pendant is comprised of 2 dangles.   One starts with a lovely Picasso bead that closely matches the colors of the Morris design, with the edging reminiscent of the leaf pattern.  From that dangles a Vintaj brass rectangle.   I used the reverse side of the piece which had the criss-cross markings rather than the smooth side, to reflect the trellis pattern.

The second part of the pendant  is all about the flowers and vines winding through the trellis. The Czech glass crystal cut beads are repeated here. Then I wrapped wire in a criss-cross pattern a long light teal ceramic bead.  Small copper spacers appear on each end.  

A final look at the completed "Trellis Pendant."

The 2nd item is this pair of earrings, "Birds and Blooms in Trellis Earrings."  

I won't repeat myself here, you'll see many of the same themes and colors repeated.

Lovely lampwork beads by Susan Kennedy of  "Sue Beads!"  These are her "Frosted Light Gray Ribbed Barrel Earring Pair."

...topped by the "pink-lemonade" Czech glass crystal and Vintaj brass petal beadcaps, plus brass melon beads.

Note:  What you won't see... I made a lovely little dangle from a black Czech cathedral bead with gold edging, a small yellow bead and a brass bead to represent one of the birds in flight.   I tried hanging it from every hoop and loop possible.   I finally decided that while it helped complete the theme theoretically, it only detracted from the earrings as their own piece of art.   So I finally cast off the notion of the "bird dangles" and... 

...instead, added these small brass and black seed beads onto the brass kidney-wire ear pieces.   These now represent the birds and add to the design rather than take away.

I've heard it said you shouldn't, I've heard it said you can't, but I do it all the time with very good results--hammer-harden, or in this case hammer-flatten color plated copper Artistic wire.  This is 18-gauge.  hard to bend and twist, but extremely sturdy, especially once given a few gentle taps with the hammer.   I flattened the ends of these metal pieces, then filed off any rough edges.  These again follow the linear lines of the trellis.

Complete view of "Birds and Blooms in Trellis Earrings."

Meanwhile, to my friends at "i heart macro"...
 just follow this link to see more of this week's 

Best wishes,

(Oodles of jewelry marked down for Valentine's Day!)
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Inspiration: A Rainbow of Colors

I admit it.  
I'm a gray/denim/black/khaki kind of person.   My own  cousin once asked me why everything I wore was in such boring colors.  That was about 30 years ago.  I was so shocked by the observation, I changed my entire wardrobe to light blue!   But after that wore off, I went back to  gray/denim/black/khaki colors.   When I want to put on something bright and cheerful, I typically reach for a white top.  Yep.   That's about the extent of my wild wardrobe.

But don't think for a minute that I don't like color.  I LOVE color!   I love it in nature. I love it in art.  I love it in my rooms.  I love it in scarves and jewelry!   

To some extent, in jewelry-making (as in the world all around us), the holidays guide our color choices.   With the winter holidays, we just finished a period with lots of green and red...with some blue, white, and silver tossed in.   Now, with Valentine's Day upon us, we see more red and pink, and a bit of purple.   

But I've been craving other colors of late, so I've decided to give in to that craving and do some items that are a bit unseasonable, yet fun for anytime...something to bring cheer to gray winter months and gray winter wardrobes!

Here are a few of the more colorful pieces I've created ode to color in the midst of dreary days!

This pendant has a cascade of colorful gemstones 
extending from the ceramic focal bead...
and lots of lovely copper.

Copper Red and Rainbow Pendant 

Valentines Special: Normally $20--Now $17 USD

Still red, but somehow more "full of color" 
because of the whitewash on the red beads
 and those perfectly-made artisan jumprings I love using!

Cherries and Whipped Cream Earrings

 Valentines Special: Normally $19--Now $16 USD

They are not a complete "matchy-matchy" set, as we sometimes say, but these earrings and the pendant above do have the same type of focal bead and genuine bright copper components. I think they would team up nicely!

I may have shown these to you before;
 I know I posted on Facebook last week.
Truly a rainbow of colors--color in the 2 types of beads,
color in the wire, color in the linking jumprings.
Attached to Sterling Silver earwires.

These use a pair of enameled head pins from "Sue Beads."
The earrings also include more colorful bead rondelles, 
genuine copper wire and earwires.
(This pair will soon be listed in my ArtFire Studio!)

* * *

Now, I admit it. I'm wondering:
1) What colors you are craving these days?   
2) Do you find that many of your works are a certain color?  Is that because the color is a favorite color of your own or for some other reason?

3) What is your least favorite color to design with?

Please share your comments with us all!

Thanks!  Hope you have a happy, rainbow-kind of day!


P.S. I attempted to give my own answers to the questions above using colored fonts.  (But I can't seem to get the color "aqua" for question 2, so it looks like a grayish-teal it will be!) 

P.P.S. Opening my closet, I do see a bit more aqua, violet, and other colors than I remembered there!  Maybe I'm just "boring" with the colors in the winter!  :-)


Graphic Credits: 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"My Week"....or Why you see no jewelry posted here.

It's not been an altogether fun week for me so far...

I ended last week with one of these.... (you guessed it, an angry tooth.)

Over the weekend, I got this "bug," 

which was closely followed by one of these:  
(That would be my famous sinus headache/migraine combo)...

 And finally, I got this:           

So I'm starting to come back to life a little, but still pretty "mizerabal" and will go back to the dentist in the morning to deal with the 

While I was feeling (under the weather), my camera batteries went out with no replacements in the entire house.   So it took me until this afternoon to get some.  

I put them in the                            and took a bunch of photos, but now it's getting too late to load and make an interesting blog out of them.

So I'm sorry, but it will have to wait until I get back from dealing with the 

Can't wait to get back to the fun stuff!   Hope your week has been running more smoothly!  --Sharyl

P.S.  I did make it to the Post Office today and mailed 6 packages, with one more going out tomorrow. (The one that is remaining is not on this blog.)  So if I owe you a package, it's now "in the mail!"  
Image Credits:

Angry tooth:

1st germ:


2nd germ:

Under the weather person:


Monday, January 23, 2012

A Valentine's Special

I had a very busy working weekend.  How about you?   So I thought for today I'd just show you a few pieces of Valentine's Day jewelry I made recently.

They are in the studio and already marked down for my "Valentine's Special."  Many more red and pink toned items on sale too!

Was $24--On Sale now $19

Were $15--Now $12

"Rose-pink Hearts & Pearl Earrings"
This pair sold Sunday!
Oh, happy day!

Hope you have a good week!  Happy Monday!  --Sharyl  

Sharyl's Jewelry

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I heart macro: 3 reasons why...

3 Reasons why I should be an "honorary" Australian:

I've never lived in Australia.  I've visited only twice.   My husband's mother came from Perth and all her family is still there, including her twin brother.  Thus, most of my husband's family is there, aside from his 2 sisters.  Most of my visiting time has been in Western Australia, but I've been to a few other lovely spots too!  We've also had several visits from family there to places we've lived in the U.S.   I've loved every minute of it.   

But talking about it and showing you are two different things.   I have lots of ways to explain this, but here are 3 examples I now put forth for "i heart macro" on ...

"Why I should be an Honorary Australian"

Reason #1:

I love these GinGin candies and the "Ginger Chews" too!

Reason #2:

#17: Reason #2

Both of these products are made by 
"The Ginger Company."
You can find more information online.
I've not tried ordering--I have my "secret sources,"
but these are sweet, hot, and yummy!

Reason #2.5:

Alas, I would add "Violet Crumbles
but have no photo of my own to share.
They were my mother-in-law's favorite,
and I grew to like them too!  
A very sweet, crunchy bar, covered in chocolate!

3rd and last reason ...
(for today anyway)...

If this doesn't scream "Australian," I don't know what does.
(Okay, I admit I have a difficult time eating  it, 
but there's always a jar in the house. 
Does that count?)
And in taking a look, I see 

Happy Australia Day, Jan. 26, 2012.
 to all our Australian photographers!

(This entry has been "tongue-in-cheek," but seriously, 
thank you for sharing your lovely country with all of us 
through your photographs!)

Please see more "i heart macro" entries 

Thanks for visiting!  (I'll give you better reasons another time!)  :-)     

P.S.  Happy 90th B-day to Uncle Charlie in Perth Feb. 4!


FB Winners Announced

The winners of the Facebook drawings were as follows:

Anastasia Liane Samsonov won this pair of earrings:

Lisa Lodge, this pair: 

Lisa is from Pine Ridge Treasures.  She has a blog and a store on Zibbet.  (I went to her online store and noticed she is having a 10% off sale throughout the month of January!  See store for details.)

Lana Kinney won this pendant:

Thanks again to all!  --Sharyl

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FB 25!

Woo-hoo!   We did it!    Thursday evening we hit, then passed the 25 "Like" mark on the Facebook page!  

Thanks to all who "Liked" the page and thanks to all for listening to my steady requests!    I'm having a drawing to give away 2 pieces of jewelry--one to the first 25 who joined--and one to all join by 12 midnight Central time Thurday.  

If you've missed out on that, anytime is a good time to join for future sales, coupons, and give-aways! 

I consider this a team effort and a team win, so thanks again!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jewelry Photography: Year One in Review

In my last post before Macro Sunday, I mentioned I planned to give you some comparison photographs of the same items taken at different times and settings.   I could give you multitudes of examples, some worse than others, but I'll try to stick to a few of varying degrees of worseness... worsestness... worsenisity!  (I know, I was an English major once!)

Spoiler Alert:

  • If you are the kind of person who loves really bad movies, this is for you.

  • If really bad movies make you want to close your eyes during the bad parts, better close them now.  There are no moving pictures here, but some photos will be "scary bad," "laughably bad," or just plain old "bad, bad."

Here goes...

At the beginning of the year, I was just starting up, 
with a plan to sell wholesale to local businesses.
These were pendants I had just tagged before taking out.
The photo was just for my benefit.
I look at that and think "Not too bad."
"WHAT?" you are thinking?
Well, I know that the 
 other 8 photos looked like variations of this....

(I warned you this might be scary!)

From that same "photo shoot"
comes this bracelet that 
I've photographed many, many times.  
I never had that posted anywhere, thank goodness...
well I guess until now.)

Let's try this one for a comparison.


My son so did not approve of this one!
I took several of bracelets this way...
until he insisted I stop...
thank goodness!

Can you imagine how proud I was when I got to this stage?!
Goodness, it was pretty much in focus, 
showed some sparkle and shine,
and if there was a bit of a blue hue about it,
at least it went nice with the blue bracelet!

So, better focus, brighter color and sparkle, 
but it's still going to need another go on another surface...
So many tries and still not quite right.

I'm going to make this next one short and sweet.

When I first started, I tried photographing 
against a variety of fabrics. 
(Typically just one fabric per photo--  
I can't imagine why this one had 3!
This is SO bad!)
Not to mention that the silver wire looks gold.

Even on the wrinkled fabric,
an improvement?
True colors at least!

And the last set for today...
Another "no brainer" really.

Early photo.
It really does happen to be on blue fabric this time!
It just doesn't scream, "Buy me!"

And two new ones below...

...which I hope look more appealing!

Thanks for reading another chapter of "Sharyl's Photography Horror Story!"  I could continue with more of these, but enough fun at my expense for a little while!  Ha!  :-)    Something different next time.   

See you then!   --Sharyl

P.S.  A few notes:
  • Please do feel free to comment on any of these photos.  I can "take it!"  :-)   Your suggestions were very helpful last time!

  • I loaded new jewelry into the studio last night, some for Valentine's Day, some just for fun!   Also started a new "On Sale Now!" section.

We're getting there on Facebook!  As of tonight, we have 16 out of the 25 needed "Likes."  I realize not everyone is on Facebook and not everyone may care to "like" the page, not a problem.  But I do want to offer a "Thank you" if yours is one of those "likes!"  And thanks to each of you for the shows of support you offer in so many different ways!  All the best to all of you!

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