Friday, January 6, 2012

Jewelry Destash Sale--Jan. 7

There will be a special event Jan. 7 I'll be participating in. Any of you are welcome to be a part of it!   I'll be posting beads from my personal collection I'm moving from my storage to make room for new ones.   That means YOU get a really good deal and I get more space!  We call those items "destash" and it's like Spring Cleaning for beads and findings used in jewelry-making.      Prices and shipping are low-low because the idea is make my former bead treasures your new ones as quickly as possible!

If you make jewelry, or would like to give it a try, keep your eye on the new section!   It's called "Bead Extras -- Destash" on my “Sharyl’s Jewelry” Artfire Studio.   On Jan. 7 you will see the items "magically" appear and go on sale!     Hopefully you’ll also see them disappear in a hurry too!  Hope you enjoy! 


P.S.  There should be others joining in this Destash Blog/Shop Hop.   Hopefully I'll have a list of participants to post for you Jan. 7 so you can check out everyone participating!   


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Good luck, everybody on the destash! I have all the stuff I need right now, but will post the sale on my Facebook.

Sharyl said...

Thanks! You are always so generous to advertise for others! I really appreciate that! --Sharyl