Sunday, January 1, 2012

i heart macro: Australian tea sets

As we in the Northern Hemisphere head deeper into our Winter (although thankfully it's been relatively mild so far), isn't it pretty to see such a rose, even if just a painting of a rose?

I thought at first a peony, but think it's another rose.

A bouquet, or two?
I would love these in my yard or on my table
this time of year!

These photographs are actually from an Australian tea set.

Each set comes with a cup and a small tray.
I love how a small image from the illustration
is often included on the inside of the cup.

The set is actually from
"Felix Rosenstiel's Widow & Son, Limited," London.

This next set is dedicated to all our bird photographers.   It's the closest I've ever been able to come to a close up of a bird!   

Showing this grouping in reverse order from the last--
going from distance to more close-up.

#29: "My Best Birds"

This one included the artist's name on the plate.

This cup is from the Australian Wildflower Collection,
made in Australia.
Botanical Illustrations by Philippa Nikulinksy
for the Species Survival Trust.
The plant is Eucalyptus bennettiae.

Lovely illustrations, inside and out.

I'm not Australian, but wish I could be an "honorary Australian!"  I have a strong affinity for the people, culture,  and nature  there.   I long for the hot summer days that are happening while we are having long cold wintertime.   

My husband's mother was from Perth, Western Australia.  I've been to Australia only twice, but we keep in touch with family and they sometime come to visit us.  The tea sets were gifts from our family there.

 I'm delighted to have met some wonderful people from Australia through "i heart macro" who delight us with their photos of landscape, flora and fauna!  Though my work cannot begin to compare with her beautiful nature photography, I dedicate this week's entry in particular to Carole Meisenhelter of Carole's Creative Corner.

Please visit Carole's site and others for this week's entries entries at Lori Plyer's "i heart macro" site!

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P.S.  It's a bit after the fact, but I posted close-ups from my Santa collection last week.  If you are interested, you can still take a peek at:  "i heart macro: Christmas Special with Santa."


T... said...

beautiful sets Sharyl....I love the birds...
Hope the New Year is treating you well....

Annette said...

The tea sets are beautiful! It would be lovely to have to remind you that summer is coming!
Happy New Year!

Carole M. said... what a lovely surprise 'dedication' Sharyl! Thank-you so much; my heart is singing. I have seen the wonderful art in those melamine trays and the wonderful ceramic mugs. I have a small collection of similar mugs myself; the artwork is beautiful indeed. The blue-wren might be my most favourite Australian birds; there are so many up there on my list, but he is right up near the top. Really nice post and, thanks again for the sweet surprise.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous set! Keep trying you will get a bird! Happy New Year!

kareninkenai said...

These are absolutely stunning; thank you so much for sharing. Wonderful work from all, including you. Happy New Year. (visiting from i heart macro) Karen