Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for first quarter 2012

Short term/long term plans/goals...

     It's that time of year again.   

If I've learned anything about myself over time, it's that I don't enjoy long-term goals--anything approaching a 5-year plan gives me chills.  In my world at least, time has proven that life (and the world around me) changes too much over a 5-year period to predict that far ahead.  10-year plans are even worse, an exercise in futility, as far as I'm concerned.  For a large institution, 3-year goals are a necessity, but on an individual level are still troublesome.

Ever-changing computer technology began as I was starting my library career and has been another factor in my distaste for planning too much too far down the road.   Plan ahead, for heaven sake's, yes!   Please do!   But plan too far and you miss a lot of opportunities for things that are constantly changing in the meantime.   The following saying is attributed to John Lennon, 

"Life is what happens to you
 while you're busy making other plans." * 

Little did you know you would get my "philosophy of planning" along with my plan when we started!   

As always, I do have an Annual Plan.   But it floats in my head and is constantly updated. I'll mention that again later.

What works best for me is a Quarterly Plan.   So mine follows:

1. Complete my launch of Facebook.     I have Facebook up, but need to get links from blog, website, and Artfire site up and running, and promote FB site to reach at least "25 Likes."

2. Consider advantages/disadvantages of adding Twitter.  If adding Twitter as a marketing tool, do it this quarter or integrate it into Annual Plan.  

3.  Build a small collection of jewelry for kids, tweens, and teens.  (I've just begun to work on this one.)   Once I have a few items listed in collection on ArtFire, begin marketing.

4.  Figure out how to do variety of types of sales on ArtFire so I can have various promotions throughout the year.  For instance, I would like to be able to have sales on specific items and would like to make coupon codes work properly.

5. Become more active in the ArtFire community by joining an ArtFire Guild and begin building "curated collections."

6. Continue attempts to create an interactive atmosphere on blog.   

7. Dedicate more time to making jewelry.

These are not in priority order.  If it's not obvious to you already, this blog and your interaction are very important to me.   So the fact it appears near the end is only a sign that it's an ongoing project rather than a "do one-time and check-off-the list" type item.   For further evidence, note that making jewelry appears last in the list!   

Regarding my Annual Goals, I will say that they include broad categories such as enhancing my jewelry-making skills and building my business.  In order to reach those goals here are a couple of My Objectives:  

1. Learn to make at least one type of jewelry component of my own. This is a very high priority.  I would like to be able to make a greater part of my jewelry by my own hands.  It might be a type of bead or focal or it might be a component (such as earwires or a wider variety of earring and bracelet clasps) that can be used by myself and/or others who make jewelry--but something more that I bring to my jewelry and possibly offer for sale to others.

2. Another item I would like to achieve this year is to take at least one class in jewelry-making of some type.

So there it is.  Like the last time, I share my plans with you so you know what I'll be working on and can give you progress reports to keep  me accountable.  And you might find me asking for advice at times.   I always appreciate your willingness to share your ideas.

If you would like to let us know your upcoming plans and dreams, I encourage you to add your comments on this page!   

Many Thanks and My Best Wishes for the New Year!

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P.S.  I may have my links to Facebook set now.   Please try them out and let me know if you find anything not working correctly.   Still need lots more "likes" though in order to rename my page!  Thanks for helping!



Columbus explaining his plan:


Slow but sure:

*The Quotations Page, from Michael Moncur's (Cynical) Quotations



Carole M. said...

wow Sharyl, I'm impressed by your goal-setting. You have it clearly in your head, no holding you back, just work at ticking them off as the year progresses.

For me; prosper further with my getting out and playing more with my camera, with the birds top of list.

I did try to join an e-class in this direction for some inspiration and new ideas this morning, that had two vacancies, but when I went to add my name, it was full-up already. You never know, there could be a cancellation before Jan 8.

I'm also hoping on this (deleted line), tele-converter lens for 6-yr-old my camera. It's ordered and said to be available; we'll see, with fingers crossed.

Sharyl said...

You get an A+ just for reading all the way through this! Ha! Not the most thrilling post, but I like to get it all down. Keeps me honest! :-)

I hope you can get in the class, but you should probably be teaching it!

I also hope you can get the "bleepedy-bleep" lens for your camera! I know how hard you've been trying! Good goals all! Thanks for joining my blog, and Happy New Year to you!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Great list, Sharyl! I commend you for your goal setting. I also struggle with 5 year plans. Think I might try your quarterly plan idea. Can't wait to see the teen jewelry line.

G.Dowell said...

Great goals Sharyl. Best to you in achieving them this year! I feel that just this past month, I've discovered my niche for the local market. I'm going to concentrate on just designing and making jewelry. I feel that I've promoted until I'm burned out and that I need to just create. That is my one goal this year.

Anonymous said...

Sharyl, I am so impressed! You goal setting is wonderful! I am taking it that Art Fire is like Etsy! I am having no luck on Etsy! I really have been marketing it though! Wishing you much success in your goals!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me sweet comments! xo

Tanya said...

It sounds like you might have a busy year ahead of you. I can't wait to see how your journey shapes itself. I know you will do great!