Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Here's what I Didn't do Today!

It's time I should put up a new post, but I actually spent most of my day today working on jewelry--something it seems like I haven't done in quite a while--a day of jewelry-making!

With all the holiday and after-holiday and new year's and destash sales, I'm afraid I'm over budget, but finally have a nice collection of beads (including artisan-made lampwork), findings, etc., to keep me busy for quite a while!   
(I imagine I drove the artists and shop-owners nuts with my 1 or 2-of-this, 4-of-something-else orders, but they kindly obliged me.)   

I may take you on a "virtual shopping" tour soon so you can do some "window shopping" too!   There are some of my favorites and some new favorites too!

But, no time right now...instead, I thought I'd do something different.   I'll update you on what I DIDN'T do today!

1)  I didn't even look at e-mail.   Not any of the (way-too-many) email boxes I regularly check.   Nada.  (I'll pay tomorrow!)

2) FaceBook time = about 5 minutes.  Don't even ask me how I did that!

3) I didn't fix the letter "m."  I dropped a jumpring yesterday and it fell in between the keys on my laptop right before my workshift.   My "m" was stuck, so I tried to lift the key up, as I've done in the past, to get the offending matter out of the way, except this time, the letter "m" and 2 other pieces went flying in the air.  Saved the jumpring.  Not so sure if "m" can be saved.   Worked my 3 hour shift again tonight minus the letter "m."   

4) No blogging until the last hour, then catching up on reading and leaving messages, and finally, posting my own...until the computer crash just a moment ago, which has slowed me down a bit.  

5) Checked Etsy and ArtFire for messages, but didn't buy anything online today.   Whew!   Good thing.   The plumber came over this morning to look at our leaky pipes, and does he have a deal for us!   (Yikes!)

6)  I didn't do a thing with these....

 ...which I started so long ago, I don't even recall what they were meant to be for any more!   Nor did I finish any of the "sets" of earrings that currently only have one finished.   (Do you know how some people end up with a lot of unmatched socks?   I have more than my share of earrings with no match.  Love doing the first one.  The second sort of loses it's charm sometimes.)   

What I DID, I have no photos to prove yet...must wait until daylight for that!   

1) Made one pair of earrings using new beads from several different orders.  (Mix-and-match...what fun!)

2) Worked on a necklace I started months ago.   Got it from about 1/4 done to 3/4 done, but still have a bit more to go.  Not sure it's a "hit" either, so may have to give it one more go.

3) Designed and redesigned and redesigned an earring that I plan to submit to the January Art Bead Scene Challenge.  (I don't want to give too much away yet, but the earrings will feature the blue-gray pair of lampwork by SueBeads that you see in the photo at the top of the page.)  I finally have a design I'm content with and  now have one earring made.   Hmmmm...   sounds familiar....

So please share!    What didn't YOU do recently?!


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T... said...

Don't feel bad Sharyl, I haven't done much since before Christmas...I really need to clean out my space and get rid of stuff I nolonger use, its on my to-do list for tonight...

#6 looks like you were making 'stitch markers' to me....
I have some started that I never finished...oh well, the thought was there....

have a good day :)

Tanya said...

Sharyl, you are so funny. Only 5 minutes on facebook .. I'm not sure I could survive. :) I can't wait to see your new projects.

Sharyl said...

T.--So funny you should mention stitch markers! I didn't know what they were until a short while ago. Christine from "Wings N Scales" has been TRYING to educate me, but I'm a difficult pupil! I've never done any knitting.

I know this group has some very experienced knitters, but IF there is anyone like me who hasn't a clue about stitch markers or how to use them, see this video Christine put on her website. (I like to think she put it there for me, but it's probably to share!-- Imagine being so conceited about being ignorant on a topic!)

Then, whether you knit and would like to see some lovely stitch markers, or whether you don't and want to see some more unique ones than shown in the video, be sure to visit this page on Christine's blog! REALLY!

The more I think about it, I believe those were done to go with charms I was giving away during the "Grand Opening" period of the Artfire studio. I think I just "grossly overestimated!" (Not sure why the tune "You're so vain" keeps running through my head today!) :-)