Sunday, January 15, 2012

I heart macro: Treasures - From my Living Room

I've never been one to have treasures because they are worth a lot of money.  Something is a  treasure to me ...just because I like it, ...because it  brings cheer or joy to me in some way, or ...because it is meaningful to me for some reason--typically because it reminds me of someone I love.

I started photographing wooden furniture 
for this week's "theme."  
I found it much more challenging than I expected! 
The wood reflected light so much!
Items kept looking washed out, white, too red, etc.
I learned a bit about photographing wood in this session.
This piece is a "treasure" 
because it belonged to my mother-in-law,
who I loved dearly.

This is another interesting wooden piece of furniture.
I like the lines.
My late mother bought it for her parents 
when she first started working.
It was returned to her when they passed away, 
and she gave it to me when I moved to my first apartment.
So it's a "treasure."

Along the way, I decided not to limit myself to wood.
This basket has no deep sentimental value.
I just really like baskets!
My husband groans every time I bring another one home.
This is one of a pair!   These are very tall baskets.

These are inexpensive metal foldout shelves--
like a bookcase that can fold completely flat.
We use it for storing movies.
A plant
(in a basket of course)
sits on this top shelf.
I just like the lines.

Back to the wood...
This piece and the few following
are from a rocking chair
my parents bought for me
 from a friend of my grandmother's.
My dad redid the seat and sturdied the wood.
My mother helped with the refinishing.  
They were a great team.
Another sentimental treasure.

The lampshade from a cheap Tiffany-wannabe-style lamp,
but I love it.
(If you love Tiffany lamps,
you might enjoy this book as much as I did:
"Clara and  Mr. Tiffany" by Susan Vreeland.
More about that here and here.)

Finally, a "treasure chest"
which looks like a "treasure chest"...

#20:   "Treasures"

....which I bought years ago, just because.

Hope you enjoyed my tour of living room treasures!

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Patti Vanderbloemen said...

There is definelty an architect or interior designer lurking inside ofyou! Your shots tell me so!! Very pretty!

Czjai said...

I love family heirloom furniture! I have some hand-me-downs here, too. And most of them are older than me. :)

Tanya said...

Wonderful pictures. I love the tiffany style lamp. (I'm a fan of those also). The first picture is also a favorite. Thank you for showing us your treasures. :)

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Great photos! You are really doing great on the photography skills.

Carole M. said...

..such a delightful array of 'treasures' Well done Sharyl!

Annette said...

Great photos! It's fun to discover just how many things around the house can become the perfect photo subject.

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love the different textures of wood in the pictures! What a fun macro Sunday!

Linda Landig said...

Great theme! I esp. enjoyed the rocking chair pics--all the swirls!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful challenge! I appreciate your perspectives (& stories). beautiful.