Thursday, January 26, 2012

"My Week"....or Why you see no jewelry posted here.

It's not been an altogether fun week for me so far...

I ended last week with one of these.... (you guessed it, an angry tooth.)

Over the weekend, I got this "bug," 

which was closely followed by one of these:  
(That would be my famous sinus headache/migraine combo)...

 And finally, I got this:           

So I'm starting to come back to life a little, but still pretty "mizerabal" and will go back to the dentist in the morning to deal with the 

While I was feeling (under the weather), my camera batteries went out with no replacements in the entire house.   So it took me until this afternoon to get some.  

I put them in the                            and took a bunch of photos, but now it's getting too late to load and make an interesting blog out of them.

So I'm sorry, but it will have to wait until I get back from dealing with the 

Can't wait to get back to the fun stuff!   Hope your week has been running more smoothly!  --Sharyl

P.S.  I did make it to the Post Office today and mailed 6 packages, with one more going out tomorrow. (The one that is remaining is not on this blog.)  So if I owe you a package, it's now "in the mail!"  
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Angry tooth:

1st germ:


2nd germ:

Under the weather person:



Carole M. said...

Sharyl congrats on an innovative post even though you had no pics. Once caught out with no battery life; I have re-chargeables AND the others as spares. I always carry several extras now. It's so dissapointing when you run out just when something is out there to shoot at.

Sharyl said...

And don't I know it! I usually have a case full of extra batteries, but the last time I ran out, I got these that are supposed to last 3 x as long, and they didn't last as long as the regular ones!

The other odd thing ws that there was no warning. It just went down and I couldn't even get the lens to go back in. I tried taking the batteries out, then putting back in. It would make a bit of noise, but the power wouldn't last long enough to turn off the camera so the lens would retract!

Do you have good luck with the rechargables? I tried them many years ago but couldn't get them to hold a charge. I'm sure they must have improved by now.

I assure you, this time when I got to the store, I bought a set and a spare! --Sharyl

Sharyl said...

Anyone else have camera battery tips? Is there anything you are aware of to extend the life of your camera batteries? I go through them like crazy! Do you have types you prefer over others?

I understand that cameras are a big drain on batteries, and I keep the camera off between takes as I set up, but still go through them way too fast. Suggestions welcome!!!

Krista said...

Sorry to hear about your week. I hope you feel better soon. I think cameras just naturally go through batteries quickly. I don't have any advice to make them last longer...if you find anything out let me know!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Oh, Sharyl! I am so sorry about your tooth and bugs. Hope you feel better soon. Regarding the batteries - I go through them very fast also. Don't have any advice other than the fact that I did not have good luck with the rechargeable ones. They held a charge the first two times I charged them, and then after that they were pretty much worthless.