Monday, January 23, 2012

A Valentine's Special

I had a very busy working weekend.  How about you?   So I thought for today I'd just show you a few pieces of Valentine's Day jewelry I made recently.

They are in the studio and already marked down for my "Valentine's Special."  Many more red and pink toned items on sale too!

Was $24--On Sale now $19

Were $15--Now $12

"Rose-pink Hearts & Pearl Earrings"
This pair sold Sunday!
Oh, happy day!

Hope you have a good week!  Happy Monday!  --Sharyl  

Sharyl's Jewelry


Carole M. said...

...your Sweetheart Necklace is fabulous and eye-catching, and appropriately named in time for Valentines. I love the trendy 'Cherry/Raspberry Trifle' name for the earrings too. That must be a lot of fun thinking up names; I think I'd be scratching my head for way so long trying to conjure up good names like you do.

Sharyl said...

Thanks, Carole! I actually read somewhere that it is better to have straightforward descriptive names because they are more easily found using search engines (although I include descriptor terms with every item--that's the librarian in me!)

Sometimes I'll go for the straightforward name, as in the 3rd item on the page.

However, all too often a fun name pops into my mind and I use it instead! There was a discussion about trifles on one of the blogs I read lately (sorry, can't recall which one--speak up anyone if it was yours),... so trifles were on my mind the day I named this pair of earrings!

Lori Anderson said...

Very pretty!