Sunday, January 22, 2012

I heart macro: 3 reasons why...

3 Reasons why I should be an "honorary" Australian:

I've never lived in Australia.  I've visited only twice.   My husband's mother came from Perth and all her family is still there, including her twin brother.  Thus, most of my husband's family is there, aside from his 2 sisters.  Most of my visiting time has been in Western Australia, but I've been to a few other lovely spots too!  We've also had several visits from family there to places we've lived in the U.S.   I've loved every minute of it.   

But talking about it and showing you are two different things.   I have lots of ways to explain this, but here are 3 examples I now put forth for "i heart macro" on ...

"Why I should be an Honorary Australian"

Reason #1:

I love these GinGin candies and the "Ginger Chews" too!

Reason #2:

#17: Reason #2

Both of these products are made by 
"The Ginger Company."
You can find more information online.
I've not tried ordering--I have my "secret sources,"
but these are sweet, hot, and yummy!

Reason #2.5:

Alas, I would add "Violet Crumbles
but have no photo of my own to share.
They were my mother-in-law's favorite,
and I grew to like them too!  
A very sweet, crunchy bar, covered in chocolate!

3rd and last reason ...
(for today anyway)...

If this doesn't scream "Australian," I don't know what does.
(Okay, I admit I have a difficult time eating  it, 
but there's always a jar in the house. 
Does that count?)
And in taking a look, I see 

Happy Australia Day, Jan. 26, 2012.
 to all our Australian photographers!

(This entry has been "tongue-in-cheek," but seriously, 
thank you for sharing your lovely country with all of us 
through your photographs!)

Please see more "i heart macro" entries 

Thanks for visiting!  (I'll give you better reasons another time!)  :-)     

P.S.  Happy 90th B-day to Uncle Charlie in Perth Feb. 4!



Patti Vanderbloemen said...

Happy Birthday to Uncle Charlie and Austrailia!

Miadorn said...

Don't forget we have the best Online Jewelry Store in Australia!


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

I vote yes for your honorary status! Australia is somewhere I very much want to see. It is on my "bucket list".

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Love the close up of those labels! Nice!!!!

Linda said...

Love your macro shots!! Have a great week ahead!

Carole M. said...

your post made me smile Sharyl; the Violet Crumble Bars are one of my faves too - chocolate coated honeycomb with lots of aeration it just melts in your mouth like fairy-floss! Mmmmmm; such an indulgence. Did you know we can also buy dinky-di (Buderim/Qld), Ginger Cordial? You'd probably love it on a hot day. Vegemite; you have to have it finely-spread, on lovely fresh bread with butter. You know, I often have some lettuce on top; the combo' is very very nice.

Sharyl said...

Next time I get a new jar, I'll try it that way. I'm afraid that jar is expired by a few years! (You may notice the dust and water spots in the photo even!) My son actually took a liking to Vegemite when we were last there. I know the biggest mistake you can make is to spread it thick like peanut butter--I've been warned! ha!

I'll keep a look-out for the other items you recommend. Thanks for your note, Carole!

P.S. I would so love a Lamington right now too. But alas, anything that has this many steps or requires this many ingredients seldom gets made at my house. I have "cheated" on the recipe before though! I think ANYONE would love these!