Saturday, December 31, 2011

Art Bead Scene Challenge - Dec 2011 - Chrysler Building

Like most things I've tried to accomplish this month, I've run late with my entry into the December Art Bead Scene Challenge--too late to get included in the "December Monthly Blog Tour" for people who submitted their jewelry for the challenge.   My, there were some wonderful entries though, and I'm going to link you to the ABS tour page so you can take a look at the wonderful creations made by those who entered!  I thought this was a very difficult challenge (which is why it took me so long to even decide I was going to try it!)   However,  people came up with wonderful ideas despite the complexity!  

I'm going to go ahead and include my piece here even though it will only be up a short while, just because I did it, and once I finally came up with a concept, I had fun implementing it.   

First, here is the image that was our inspiration. This is the image for December:

William Van Alen

History about the architect and history of the building are included on the ABS Challenge Page, so I'll link rather than explain here.  

Below are photos of my necklace and the theory behind my design.

The necklace's focal point is on this large clear, ribbed glass bead.
It is surrounded by silver beadcaps
and has silver and crystal dangles extending from it.
Just above that is a spacer bead with wires
that continue the ribbed edge theme found on the building exterior.

The spiral bead has small silver beads on either side of it.
Then the necklace branches off into 2 sides.

The next part step up the necklace represents the square and rectangular windows.

One is hidden behind the other here, but there is one on each side.
The next bead section contains round silver beads with  triangular metal overlays, which also represent the layered, sections of the outer construction.

This next section is very important for two reasons.   1) It's where the Art Beads are included, beautiful lampwork beads by Sue Beads.  They are clear with tiny specs of pink, purple, and light blue.  In this case, the blue predominates.   They have silver around the middle of the bead.   In order to keep with my theme,  I capped these lovely beads (though it was a shame to cover any part) with beadcaps that are somewhat pointed.   2)  This section of the necklace is also important thematically because it is the pivotal point where the building meets the sky and the color transition begins.

And from this point on, we reach for bluer and bluer sky.   In the photograph, the sky appears to be all one solid color, but for the necklace, I decided to would look better to have the color be graduated.

The ribbon which reaches around the upper
and back part of the necklace
 again represents the air.
It looks turquoise here,
but it's really a darker blue-- the shade of the cobalt beads,
and more closely matches the photograph.  

We'll see what next month brings!   
The January challenge should be posted soon!  
Keep your eye out on the ABS Blog.   
If you haven't participated before, 
you may want to next time!

Hope you've enjoyed!  --Sharyl
Photo Credits: 

Chrysler Building photo:

Jewelry photos by Sharyl, 12/31/11.


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Great piece! I love the Sue Beads. Also like the concept of the blue sky as you go up higher.

T... said...

beautiful Necklace Sharyl....sorry you missed the deadline....
Hope you have a wonderful New Year...

Sally Russick said...

Sharyl, your necklace is gorgeous! I couldn't keep up with alot of the dec deadlines either!
Have a wonderful New Year!!

the Studio Sublime
(formerly Wireworked)

Lysanne said...

Many thanks for your reply at my blog.
Beautiful necklaces!

Sharyl said...

Thank you all for your comments! They mean so much!

Sally, I dare say you had a very excellent excuse for missing a deadline here and there this month. Your switch from "Wireworked" to "Studio Sublime" is amazing and such a great and immediate success though! It's so impressive! (I feel a feature coming on here, if you are willing!)

Sharyl said...

A special thank you to Sue Kennedy--

I'm not seeing your icon on my followers, but I know you appeared there very recently. (Blogger is making me crazy.)

Anyway, a very special thank you for creating the very lovely lampwork beads that went into this piece! I feel very honored to be able to use your wonderful work in a piece of mine! --Sharyl

Tanya said...

Just beautiful. It's both elegant and modern.

SueBeads said...

Thank you Sharyl, it's gorgeous and I love your story about how you made it! I haven't been very good at getting back in the swing of things with kids being home for 2 weeks and all the activity that has suddenly started now that they are back! I swear I'm going to get back into it! And maybe I'll try and enter the ABS thing too!