Sunday, December 25, 2011

i heart macro: Christmas Special with Santa

Happy Holidays! 

Actually, I'm not sure the "i heart macro" event is going on today, but because I have my photos ready, and it's Christmas, I'll put them up!

For years I've had a Santa collection.   Every year I would either buy or be given a Santa or two.  I finally had to call an end to it, but I still get an occasional one and always love it!    Most of them are carved wood or made of resin.   Most, but not all, are tall, slender Father Christmas types.    They are each unique though, so for your viewing pleasure...(drum roll, please)... I photographed a few for you.    I started out trying to get the whole body in, but decided, "Hey, this is MACRO!   Go for the faces!"  So here you are!

A very different looking one from most of my collection.   
Can't decide what his ancestry would be.
He's a thick, rounded fellow.

Like several of my stick Father Christmas figures, 
this one is very tall and slender, 
fairly jovial, 
and has a lot of stuff on top of his head.
Not sure what that's about. 
Never heard of a backpack, I suppose!
This one is dressed in white from head to toe, 
but others are in red or dark green.

Tired, serious, old Father Christmas.

Happier, but very, very old.
Even his clothes look old.
Very stylish beard though!

Now what a happy-go-lucky guy this is!
I bet everyone gets gifts on this Santa's list!
He thinks everybody is good!

Wooden, cut-out Santa.  
Previous job as a Poker Player.
His face isn't telling a thing!

Big cheeks.   May have been a relative of mine.

My husband got me this one a year or 2 ago.
He's a Librarian Santa.
My husband and I are both librarians!
Book in one hand, computer in the other, just like in "real life!

Hope you enjoyed this little collection of Santa's photos!

Happy Holidays!  


P.S.  For my jewelry friends, I got some good news this morning, I just have to share!  I received this message:   "Congrats! One or more of your items has been featured in a new collection titled: "Amazing Earrings Collection", curated by Jewelry-Findings-Supplies; Great job!.....Thanks for being a member of the ArtFire community. Obviously your work is getting noticed!"

Okay, so this may be like getting a letter from the President of the U.S. on your birthday, most likely a form letter, but still, hey, it's my first one, so I can be in blissful ignorance for just a little while!   

Here is the link to the curated collection:

One more reason to go have myself a happy day!   You do the same!   


T... said...

love your Santa collection Sharyl...
hope you had a wonderful holiday....and get some time to relax with your family :)

G.Dowell said...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Love your Santa collection. And congratulations on your earrings being included in an artfire collection. Yay!

Sharyl said...

Thanks to both of you for stopping by! We did have a very nice time yesterday, and had some new and old friends join us too. Hope you had a nice holiday also!

Thank you, Gayle, for the note about the collection. It was a pleasant Christmas morning surprise! I'm trying to learn to curate collections too. (I'm always trying to learn something! Ha! I still don't have Facebook set up properly on my pages. Not sure why I'm still having trouble with this!) I guess when I run out of things to learn will be a mighty sad day though--don't expect to happen anytime...

You both take care! Hope to hear a lot more from you in 2012!

Carole M. said...

love all your Santa pics Sharyl; you sure do the Christmas Spirit in style. Congratulations on your jewellery items making a featured page; well done. I know that would be a big buzz; live on it for as long as you can ....