Monday, December 12, 2011

Give-Away Reminder! You could be the Winner!

Deadline Tues, Dec. 13, 2011
Drawing at 1:00am Dec. 14th Central Standard Time.

Copper Stick & Beads Necklace 
created and donated by TracyBell!

Copper Stick & Beads  ($12 USD)

Note:   I just purchased several of these myself for gifts, and Tracy has graciously donated one of her "Copper Stick & Beads" for a GIVE-AWAY for this blog! 

Rules for Give-Away:
  • Please visit her shop and others listed on the entry from Saturday, then report back on a favorite item you found not listed on this blog entry.   (It does not have to be under $20.)    Provide a link to it in your comment.  You will be eligible for the drawing to win!   
  • You may also provide a link from your own site 
  • or another site you have found you think would be a great gift idea!   It doesn't even have to be jewelry.  See?  It's really simple!   So play along!
  • All who comment to the blog with one gift suggestion and link will be eligible for the drawing.  Please comment directly to the blog this time, rather than my e-mail.   (Or do both, but still include the item in the comments please.)
  • Deadline is Dec. 13 at midnight Central Standard Time, so do not delay!   I want to get this in the mail to you in time for the holidays!*

*If for some reason there is no winner, I will save the lovely necklace until after the holidays and we'll try again.  Perhaps readership is down because of the holiday season or the problem is due to the ongoing problems with Blogger.

Again, our sincerest thanks to TracyBell!   And my thanks to all of you for participating in this blog!   

Best wishes!



P.S.  Last night I made my first attempts at 2 things I've been wanting to do:

1) Start an account on Facebook.  (I got on, but not sure what the heck I'm doing or how to find anyone!)   If YOU are on Facebook and are  interested in looking me up please do so.   I'm going to have to get a book like "Facebook for Dummies" to get going and learn all the jargon!   So far I found one friend, who I contacted, and 2 guys from high school, who I doubt would be very interested in my jewelry!   (Friends and tips welcome!)

2) I started rebuilding my website.   I took down the website,, when I started my Artfire studio due to the cost, but there is a smaller, free version available to KS businesses just starting out, so I'm going to give that a try, as one more way to promote my business.   My understanding is I can move my domain name over to the new site, so if people try the old one, they will find the new one.   It will take me a bit of time to finish since getting more items in my Artfire Studio continues to be my  priority (along with this blog, of course)!  I'll keep you posted!

For any of you who have tried pasting in PayPal icons so that people can purchase items right off your website or blog, how did that go for you?   I might try to do that.

Thanks again for your input!   (This won't win you a prize, unfortunately, but I do appreciate it!)

Image Credits:

Necklace by TracyBell, photo complements of TracyBell.

Person with question:


Krista said...

You can look for me on FB! Send me a friend request, and I'll gladly accept. Love my earrings, BTW. The first day I wore them I received a compliment from a friend of mine.

Sharyl said...

I think I've answered my own question about PayPal--or at least eliminated the need to answer it. I've realized I can import my jewelry photos and the ability to purchase directly from ArtFire, so the information is always current. Very neat trick!

My new website is ready to go and has been since last night. Just waiting for the good folks at Intuit to attach my former domain name to it and it can go live. I had the URL on all my tags and business cards so hate to have it point to a disconnected site. This site is smaller, but better, I think, and will send people in the direction of my things on Artfire.

Unfortunately, I've already been notified of a delay from Intuit. Hope it's not too long of one. Eager to get this off my desk with a big check-mark next to it on my "to-do" list!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, Krista! I'll have to get back into FB and give that a try!

Glad you are enjoying the earrings! Thanks for the purchase!

shadesongs said...

hope it's okay for me also! I love the Free Spirt print from BethNadler Art, the link is:

And I really love the copper necklace, that is so cool!

Jerry aka

Sharyl said...

Absolutely okay! Thanks for contributing. I hadn't seen this one either. Beth's work is just spectacular! Think I have another new favorite now! Thanks for joining in Jerry! --Sharyl

As far as I'm concerned, anyone is welcome to play along. Tracy may not care to join or she would win back her own necklace! But I would still like to see any contributions she would have to offer!

Continued good luck to all!