Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Check out the ABS Ornament Blog Hop!

I've just spent some really fun time looking through the amazing work of our most talented bead artists!  (Notice how I claim them!)  

Their art form this time?  


Now I've made holiday ornaments before, but not like these!  These will NOT be what you are expecting--I promise you!   Just take a look!   

...Really, just do it!  I know you're busy, but it's way too much fun to miss!

Just click here
& you'll be immediately transported
 into a winter-wonderland of the ornament blog hop!

There's a giveaway of a  Bead Ornament Kit  and a $30 gift certificate to Humblebeads!

Then you'll see the links to all the participating blogs with their ornaments at the bottom of the page.

Have fun, happy holidays, see you back here next time!  


G.Dowell said...

These were beautiful ornaments. Now I have new ideas for all my destash beads! Thanks for posting Sharyl!

Sharyl said...

You are welcome, but don't use up ALL those destash beads! I enjoy them too! :-) I'm still using some from the last batch! You have such nice destash!