Sunday, December 11, 2011

I heart macro: Bracelet Edition

Sorry I missed "i heart macro" last Sunday.  I just had some massive catching up to do!  A week later,  I'm still busy at it, but getting a bit closer, so I'm taking time to post and look at some lovely photos again this week.   That said, I've only had time to photograph jewelry,  part of my efforts to catch up with listings in my studio.   It'll have to be jewelry this week!

I just started a 10% off sale on everything in shop, and it just so happens, I worked on re-photographing and entering a number of bracelets online in preparation.  So bracelets it is!

Lime Green and Aqua Flowers are Fun Bracelet

Proper lighting is already getting hard to come by here.   I have a few good daylight hours in the middle of the day.   I've been taking the photos in the large front window which faces East.   We have these sheer ivory curtains that drape across a wide wooden ledge. 

Crystal Clear Bracelet

Occasionally, I'll take the photos on the bare wood or a tray, or some other object.   This clear crystal piece wasn't showing up well against the white tones, so I moved it to the ledge.  I never expected to pick up a reflection!

Ice Crystals in Moonlight Bangle Bracelet

Snow on Evergreen Cuff Bracelet

Tradebead Bracelet

Most often though, as you've seen in these photos, I just spread out the curtain and photograph the items there in the front window in the filtered natural light.   (I do get frustrated when I'm a bit too late and the sun begins to go down before I'm ready!)

#14- Amethyst Jade and Black Bead Bracelet

Autumn's Bracelet

Well, that's just a portion of the bracelets,  and there are more necklaces and earrings too. (I'm up to 45 items listed now, but recently read that the goal should be 100!  We'll see...)    But I'll stop for today so viewers can head back over to Studio Waterstone see what other photos are showing at "i heart macro" this week!

"i heart macro" at Studio Waterstone

Thanks for stopping by!  (You are also most welcome to do some window  shopping before you move on!   Just click the caption link below!)    --Sharyl

"Sharyl's Jewerly" ArtFire Studio
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Now through 12/23/11


Александр Колыгин said...

a wonderful combination of colors! in these studies is spring!

p.s. in my blog, new photos

T... said...

great shots Sharyl....want to come over and shot my pieces :) still trying to get that perfect jewellery photo....

I love that colour of that moonlight ice crystal bracelet....

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

Nice photos of the bracelets. I get frustrated too with it being winter and no good sunlight. Oh well, just a few months until spring! Have a great one!

Tanya said...

Sharyl, those are some beautiful bracelets. I love the colors you used. I had to peek at the amethyst and jade bracelet in your shop .. just lovely. :)

Shel said...

awesome colors! love these!

Annette said...

I love the lime green and aqua together...very pretty!!