Friday, December 2, 2011

Virtual Craft Fair Apology & Bird's Nest Followup

First, I apologize, I promised to post an entry early Thur morning featuring several artists from the 
Unfortunately, I've been experiencing some vision problems, and so it is now Friday afternoon and the entry has not made it out yet.  I will try before the day is out, but apologize if it does not make it.  

Let me just say, one more time, PLEASE visit the wonderful artists being highlighted, participate in the sales and giveaways while there is still time!   There are great things going on over there.   (If I'm unable to get the post out, I promise to highlight the people I spoke with next week--too late for this event-- but their talent is enduring and they have many great works!)

Bird's Nest Update

I'm also holding all my announcements, just posting this followup I wrote at one point along the way relating to my struggles regarding the birds' nest feature of my entry into the "Challenge of Color Blog Hop" Wed.

Ironically I found this when it popped up on Anne's Blog under a heading:  "You might also like..."  I jokingly accused her of reading my mind, but a day too late!   Take a look at this from Anne, who has the bird's nest thing all figured out.  I knew my problem had to do with physics and balance!   Sure enough, I needed to look to the top/middle of the nest, rather than the back,  as a place to attach.  It's all rather obvious now! 

Anne's nest

I'll stop for now, and hope I can still get the other post out tonight.   Thanks to all for stopping by these last 2 days!


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