Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2nd Annual Challenge of Color Blog Hop-- I'm "Nested Blues!"

Today is the reveal of the "2nd Annual Challenge of Color Blog Hop!"   I chose the color blue, which at the time, looked like a bright royal blue, but when my palette arrived, I received something beautiful and unexpected, "Nested Blues."

This comes from Jessica Colaluca's

The palette was assigned to me by Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati Jewelry and the blog "Treasures Found: Inspiration is Everywhere," who organized the event...or should we say "Challenge"...for a challenge it turned out to be!

Phase I--Weeks 1-3:  

When I received the colors and photo inspiration several weeks ago, I immediately knew what I wanted to make--a bracelet with assorted beads hanging like charms from links in the colors of my pallet.  It might not sound terribly original, but I had not made a piece like this, and wanted to give it a try.   I began by gathering up beads I had in my collection in the colors I wanted to use, then working, whenever I had a moment or two, on the small charm-like beads. 



All right, so yes, those ARE a whole lot of small beads to wrap.   And you may wonder, why so many photos of THESE?   Because in my estimation, this was the best part of my project.   After this, things started to "fly the coop" a bit, so to speak!

Phase II--Last day!

My time flies!  Okay, so I didn't really wait until the last day to decide what I was going to do.   I had it all planned out.   I had seen it done before and knew exactly what I was going to do.  

First, a look at a few more pieces of the bracelet:

The front center bead attached to brass chain.
  I'm still thinking it's going to
come together nicely at this stage.

I planned on making a couple of these 
for the sides of the bracelet, 
but this one seemed too large and bulky for that purpose, 
so I decided to make it part of the clasp.

Finally, my "masterpiece,"
the item that would tie together the photo
and color theme of my assigned "nested blues."

I didn't make the idea up of a bead and wire 
"nest and eggs," I just borrowed it.

Now about that....
Isn't it cute as a button!?  

I thought so.  I even thought I was 
1/2 a genius for using a button as a base for the piece!
Back side of "nest" charm.

So all is going just swell, and I start putting it all together.

Those little jump rings kept jumping out of my pliers.
The light went down and I only had artificial light
 to photograph by, 
and, worst of all,
that darn nest charm wouldn't stay put for anything!
All you could ever see was the button side up.
So, reluctantly,... I left it off.

The bracelet didn't have its "nest" 
but it was more "wearable" now, 
something I rather admire in a bracelet.  
I liked the dangles and the colors. 
(By the way, the artificial light 
and tray I had beneath the glass jar 
are turning those light blues to greens.)

Now, when you think about my bird's nest design, 
you might think things are as bad as they are going to get,
but no...

At this point, I decided I would make a second piece
and use the nest there.
A quick necklace.

Okay, I'll skip all the details 
and give you the photos on this one.

It looks very long, 
but my "mannequin" is only about a foot tall!

Light blue ribbon at back of necklace
attached to antiqued brass jumpring and chain.

These beads are actually light blue Czech crystals, 
but by now it's so late I'm filming under a light lamp!
It's pitch dark outside.

And well, that bird's nest?

It's there,
and it works beautifully with the necklace...
 if you hold it in place
or get it just right and don't breath on it.

So that's my challenge of the "nested blues."
I enjoyed it thoroughly,
no matter how it sounds!
I learned a lot--
just still not how to attach a bird's nest 
to a piece of jewelry!

Thanks to all and be sure to visit the other
participant sites in the 
2nd Annual
Challenge of Color Blog Hop!
Best wishes,

18 Tari Kahrs ~ Orange ~ Citrus Tones
35 CJ Bauschka ~ Teal ~ Teal Air
41 Jenni Connolly ~ Gray ~ Paw Tones


steufel said...

Love what you did. I'm a sucker for loooong necklaces, so I'm absolutly in love with your piece!

Pips said...

So beautiful!! I love what you have done, and I really love all the step by step, week by week photos!!

T... said...

great pieces the colours....and all the bits and pieces you put into your the little nest too, that is one thing I can't master for the life of day I hope....

JeannieK said...

Wow, this was quit a process. Good job on the nest egg.

TesoriTrovati said...

You know, one of the best things about being a designer is that you have control over how it turns out. I quite like hearing about how people persevered through a process and how they turned lemons into lemonade. That is what you did here! I think it is terribly clever to use a button as the base, and if you keep practicing at it I am sure you will find a way to make that nest a part of your bracelet! Thank you so much for playing with me in this challenge of color.
Enjoy the day!

Tanya said...

Wonderful pieces. I am a sucker for dangles. The bracelet is just stunning. You found a great use for the nest also.

Dawn Doucette said...

Never Give Up!!! That's the perfect use of the birds nest Sharyl! It deserved to be a true focal and the simplicity of the necklace you put it on was perfect.

Alice said...

Wow, all that wrapping does take a lot of work! I use narrow needlenose pliers for those tiny jumprings and that seems to do the trick. I love all the colors of your dangly bracelet, and the necklace is beautiful!

I'm bummed that your sweet little nest didn't work like you wanted, but it sure is cute!

I LOVE color! said...

Oh I am in love with your designs. and those colors are so soothing
Be blessed to be a blessing

Cynthia said...

Your nest is so cute. Glad you were able to work into the necklace. Great job.

Amy S. said...

Sharyl - these two pieces are FANTASTIC! I love what you did with the bracelet, the colors came together beautifully. And the nest! I just love it! So cute, and I admire your ability to work with wire!!

Sharyl said...

Thank you, all! I've been gone most of the day, and how nice to come home to these kind, supportive comments! I started blog-hopping early this morning, but if I haven't been to your blog yet, I hope to get there soon! Best wishes,

beautifullybrokenme said...

This could possibly be one of my very most favoritest color palettes ever, and I absolutely LOVE how you interpreted it with your designs. Fabulous job! :)

Mary K. McGraw said...

I like your week by week description of your design process and what lovely pieces you created. Isn't it fun to have something in your head and have the ability to make it happen.

KayzKreationz said...

I love all the dangles in your bracelet. And the nest is sooo cute, even if it won't stay in place. Great job.

Shai Williams said...

I so love the bracelet. And I love how you brought us along on the journey.

Regina said...

Love the colors, the beads and what you have made with them. That's a lot of work and you did great. Both your pieces are beautiful.

Kathleen Lange Klik said...

Gorgeous color palette! The necklace you created is really a wonderful design! The longer length really appeals to me and I especially love the nest you created, really nice touch.

Jenni said...

Thanks for talking through your design process even if it didn't turn out exactly how it planned. Always something to learn in jewellery making!
I loved your palette and thought the nest was really gorgeous...glad you worked out a way to use it.

SoulsFireDesigns said...

Love your pieces! Way to put it all together and hey, it may be a bit particular, but darned if that nest isn't adorable!

Heidi Post said...

Your nest worked out on the necklace! And the bracelet is perfectly cute without. I agree, wearability is key :D

silver jewelry wholesalers said...

Long necklace is really beautifully designed

Starstruckbooks said...

I love your wee nest, glad you got to use it somewhere! It looks happily at home on the necklace :)

EmandaJ said...

I love your designs -- I'm fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants kind of girl too (and procrastination is my middle name) but you stuck with it and now have TWO gorgeous pieces. By the way, if you get stuck photographing under artificial light, put a piece of white paper just outside you "final" crop zone and take a slightly larger photograph. Use the white paper as your control and edit the color with that, then crop it out. Works for me every time.

ladynoble said...

When I first saw the palette I thought "wire bird's nest". After reading through your post and scrolling down I was happy to see your masterrd bird's nest. I have never made one so I love it!

Anne said...

Ooooohh I love it! You're right, wire nests are everywhere but they each look different. Nice work, Sharyl!

Norma's Bag Boutique said...

That nest came out pretty nice. Great idea to have the button as a base. Hasn't the Virtual Craft Show been lovely? Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

I love all the beautiful dangles! Also love the longer length on the necklace. Glad you found a home for the sweet birds nest!

Maneki said...

Beautiful jewellery! It might not have worked out as you planned, but I think the result looks very pretty.

I like the idea of using a button as a base, taking advantage of the holes. Maybe it didn't work like you wanted this time, but I think it's a detail worth elaborating on. (Part of the problem might be that you didn't make the back of the nest flat enough so it want to roll over.)

Unknown said...

What a journey! I love your post! The necklace is perfect and I love it!

CraftyHope said...

I loved hearing about your process and ideas. The button on the back of the nest is genius!! Those colors in your palette were just wonderful and you did a great job matching them up to make the bracelet. However, I must say that I do love that necklace. All in all, you did a really fantastic job!!

Anonymous said...

The glamour of dangles! Love the bracelet and the nest looks wonderful on its own.

SueBeads said...

You did a fantastic job of capturing the palette! Very pretty pieces! The nest is really great!

silver jewelry wholesalers said...

Loved the blue concept in jewelry