Saturday, November 26, 2011

I heart macro: Thanksgiving Traditions

Like many families we have Thanksgiving traditions that go many years back.   In our family, it goes like this,... Thanksgiving is held at our house.  My husband slaves away cleaning the house; my son brings extra tables from downstairs; I typically decorate the table...

#14:  Only the Decorations

... (and perhaps make the mashed potatoes and a salad); my sister-in-law makes green-bean casserole, her famous cheese balls, and pumpkin pies; ... and my sister brings turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, rolls, often another type of meat, sometimes an extra dessert, and several side dishes.)    Now, I used to argue with my sister about this--year after year, in fact-- thinking it just wasn't fair to her, but she was insistent, until one year I finally stopped and asked "Why?"  (Not why was she insistent, but ... "Why on earth was I arguing with a sweet deal like this?!")  

So, for macro-Sunday, here are a few photos of the table decorations.   And my husband even helped decorate this year!  What a deal!

These four are from a pumpkin-shaped basket
we keep out from pre-Halloween through Thanksgiving.
We've had it for many years, as you can probably tell!

Sunflowers--Our Kansas State Flower.
These are a little on the fake side--
but no wilting and no watering required!

Each year I get some new small decoration for the tables--
too large and we just move it off the table
so we can still see each other while we eat and chat!    
Anyway, this year it was these carved pumpkins.

Inexpensive floral picks from a craft store sale,
popped into a white vase with ribbon,
made a nice floral arrangement just the right size.
I usually go for live flowers, but was in a rush this year
and had just bought these.
Pretty and easy, and pretty easy!

Hope YOU had an easy Thanksgiving and a happy holiday weekend!   You can see more macro-photography at Studio Waterstone:

i heart macro

Thanks for stopping by!   --Sharyl

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Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Beautiful bright macros Sharyl.

Nadege, said...

Such beautiful bright colors. Wonderful macros.

hannah said...

Hello there Sharyl,
What a wonderful orange glow over everything, giving it such a warm atmosphere.
Beautifully done.

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful macro shots. Love the colors!

I Heart Macro

T... said...

beautiful shots Sharyl, love the rich autumn colours....they didn't last long around here and when we celebrate Thanksgiving the colours aren't at peak yet.....

My Life Under the Bus said...

I agree don't argue!!! lol my poor husband did all the cleaning and I got the cooking ! Happy Sunday : )

Unknown said...

cool post...lovely shots of orange!

My Third Eye

kareninkenai said...

beautiful macros, and lovely decorations. thank you for sharing your holiday. kareninkenai (i heart macro)