Wednesday, November 9, 2011

These Birds Not Flying South!

I mentioned recently... perhaps several times,... that I'm on a bird-kick when it comes to pendants!

Here are some of my latest, purchased at a local craft fair.  I really liked how these were done.   Similar yet different designs appear on each side of the pendants.  Really nice in the event they flip over or the person wants a change!   I may use a clip-on piece to make these detachable so the wearer can change sides as desired:


These items come from Krizsilver.  At the fair, they had a really large inventory of wonderful items!  It would have been difficult to choose, but my eyes went for the birds!  They sell fused glass jewelry, soldered pendants, and more.  Everything they sell is handmade in their home studio.  They also have a shop at where they show a few things, but they also accept custom orders.  They included a small charm as a gift with what I bought, and it's darling too!  Very nice people, very nice to work with, very nice work!

Now, you may know I got on this thing with the birds through a couple of items I fell in love with at "Bits of Treasures"  this Fall.  I showed you a couple of these, but will show you some others this time.  The seller's description notes that these pendants are made from the remnants of porcelain shards discarded from pottery factories that operated during the Ming Dynasty!  


"On a Limb"

(And yes, in the end, I couldn't resist and bought this one for myself because it reminded me of my morning chats with my sister!)

"Shooting the Breeze"
This is another seller you just can't beat in terms of good quality and great customer service.  I always get a nice gift with my order!  The first time, an additional pottery shard pendant.  This time a nice black lace ribbon for my pendant.  They look great together!    If you like Chinese designs, flower designs, etc. there are plenty of those in her shop too.   I managed to pry myself away from birds and purchase a flower pendant I've been wishing for the other day and I always have a wish-list running!  

Of course, I could make another entire post on bird items on my wish list, but I'll save that for another day!   Hope you enjoy seeing these.   You'll see them again some day in my designs!   

Do YOU have a favorite motif to use in your jewelry?  I'd love to hear!   

Birds seem like happy things.  Hope you are having a happy day!  --Sharyl

Image Credits:
  • Photos of items from "Bits of Treasures" from shop site.
  • Photos of items from "Krizsilver" taken by Sharyl.


T... said...

oh these are too cute Sharyl, great find...

Krista said...

I love all those birds.

Mary C said...

All of those pendants are delightful! Nice choices.