Friday, November 18, 2011

Whirlwind Week!

Still busy trying to load jewelry into my new "Sharyl's Jewelry" Artfire Studio, I've got one jewelry challenge down (November Art Bead Scene) with one (Challenge of Color Blog Hop) to go, preparing for Thanksgiving (which we'll combine with Christmas this year),... thinking the month of November is just speeding by when...

Large Carnelian Rounds, 14mm,
from "Lucky Spot Shop."
Tibetan Silver Scrolled  Bead caps
from "Beads, Baubles, & Findings."
Surprise!  I got notification yesterday that I've been accepted for a Dec. 3 holiday craft fair in the town I grew up in!   Very exciting news for me--my first real craft fair!    

Festive Christmas Beads from "Bead Bead."
Other beads from "Beadaholique"

I ran out last night to buy more holiday colored beads, 2 earring/bracelet stands that were on sale, and rushed back to start making jewelry!    I had been ordering quite a lot lately, so I have a reasonable stock, but what about TIME!?    
Jumbo Cobalt blue glass crytals from "BeadBead."
Silver beadcaps from "Beads, Baubles & Findings."
Then today it really struck me.  I spent much of the day making earrings, and one necklace,...

Assorted beads and materials.  Beadcaps by Vintaj.

then stopped for a moment, remembering I needed to order gift boxes in the event someone buys something from my online shop!   (I checked while shopping last night and the store priced the little gift boxes at nearly $1.00 a piece.   Online, I'm finding MUCH better deals. ...if I can figure out where to keep a couple hundred gift boxes!)    

(Okay, don't be silly, they won't be nearly this fancy!)  Anyway, I'm looking online for the best deals on the boxes, when I come upon more jewelry display items.*  Oh yes, I will be needing those won't I?!   E-gads!   

I found lots of stuff I liked and at good prices, but it all adds up.   I keep telling myself, "It's a one-time expense.  I'll use it again.  It's a good investment."  

I think I'm hyperventilating now...  from the expenses, the shortness of time, the challenge, and the absolute THRILL of it all!    I don't know when I've worked so hard and had so much fun at the same time!   (As long as I don't sleep, I think I can meet all my deadlines!)    :-) 


Sharyl's Jewelry at Artfire

*I'm not a seamstress, but if I was and had more time, TracyBell sells a Dress Form Pattern that looks great for displays!   The e-pattern currently sells for $8.

Examples of Dress Form Pattern by TracyBell made up and on display.
Photo from TracyBell's Etsy shop.

Image Credits:

Gift box:

Jewelry photos by Sharyl, 11/17/11.

Dress form Display by TracyBell:


Beadbug said...

Thanks for sharing the link to my dress forms, they are extremely easy to make so if you can thread the machine and sew fairly straight it's all that is needed. There truly is very little sewing to them.

Remember that regular house hold items can make great displays. I have some old oil cans I am going to use as ring displays and an old screen can hold ear rings nicely. Funnels are great for bracelets. Think outside the box, people will tend to walk by your booth if it looks like every other jeweler there.

Good luck,

Sharyl said...

Thanks for these really great (and money-saving) tips! I'll have a good look around the house (and maybe visit a hardware store for bargains) before I place an order! You always have such great ideas! Thank you for sharing them!

T... said...

congratulations on the craft fair....wish I was come check it out....
I love the pieces you've made...the colours are indeed festive.....

Sharyl said...

Thanks! I'm putting some of these in my shop and taking some to the craft fair. I still plan to host a "Grand Opening" for the studio soon. I'll post details here in advance, of course! And I think it's about time for a "give-away" as I promised a few weeks back too!