Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Time is Running Out!

Special Announcement:  There seems to be a problem with some blogger accounts, including mine.  Last night, I watched as the # of followers when up and down, (but mostly down and down). The # of blogs I follow did the same.  I reported to Google.  Another person has reported having this problem last week. They never regained the # of followers they had and I don't believe mine are what they were yesterday either.   I would ask you to note this blog address and if I lose you, PLEASE come back!  I hope the others will notice and do the same.  I appreciate each and every one of you for being here and would hate to lose a single one of you!  (I'm also wondering if your comments are coming through properly.  Maybe people are just very busy, but I'm receiving surprisingly fewer than usual.  If you sent me a suggestion for the craft show via comment form, I haven't received it.  You may want to try the email address found in my profile too.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  I'll extend the date to sumbit through Thu, 12/1 in fairness.) --Sharyl
Time seems to be going in fast motion lately, and I feel certain I'm going to run out of it!   What used to sound like "Tick,...tick,...tick..." in my head, now sounds like a blur of "tick, tick, tick" going so fast and furious it's nearly a "blur-o'-TICKS!"

Anyway, a reminder that Tues, Nov. 29th, Thur, 12/1/2011, is the deadline for you to enter your ideas regarding craft shows.  If you do so, you will get your name tossed into the hat for a chance to win a prize!   I'll paste in the basic instructions here, but complete details are on this page:  "Up to 25! ...and a prize drawing for your suggestions!"  

If you add a comment on any of the following topics, you will have your name entered into a drawing for a little gift package from me to you.   I'll announce the winner, once the comments are in and the name is drawn, and if the winner will send me their address, I'll send the package!   Here are the topics:  (Feel free to comment on more than one!)

  • What is an item you wished you had at a display booth but didn't.  (Perhaps something you've forgotten to take?)
  • What is something you wish you had known before you did your first booth at a craft fair?  
  • What helpful hints or creative ideas do you have for displaying and/or tagging items?   

You can add as a comment to this page or send to my email.  You do not required to have had a booth at a craft fair yourself, just submit an idea and your name goes in the hat!   

(And I win too, because time is definitely running out for me!  The craft fair is Sat. Dec. 3rd!   I have some ideas I've implemented already, but still more planning...and a lot more work to do, so all ideas you want to share are welcome!  Just get them in Tuesday  Thursday!)

In other news...

Shipment Update:

  • I received notification that one package (containing  charms I want to use for projects both at the fair and in the studio) was shipped today.   Will it make it in time?)
  • The major package with display items for the craft fair, gift boxes  and mailing supplies for the shop, I'm less sure about.  It's Monday.   I'll keep you posted on the "sweat factor" as the week progresses!

Studio Events:
My Cyber Monday weekend sale has ended but the Grand Opening event continues through Dec. 7.  There are 35 items listed now with more being added every day, so please drop by Sharyl's Jewelry Studio on Artfire!  ...And keep your eye out for more sales!

Virtual Craft Fair:
Finally, keep watching the First Annual Virtual Craft Fair on Lori Anderson's "Pretty Things" blog!   I'll be highlighting a few favorite designers on my next a post this week, but no need to wait, get in on the fun and the savings!  (I'm participating in the "Challenge of Color Blog Hop" so that will be up Wed. morning.)

In the meantime, take care and see you again soon!


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