Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Up to 25! ...and a prize drawing for your suggestions!

As you know, I've been working to get jewelry listed on my "Sharyl's Jewelry" ArtFire studio...AND get ready for my first craft fair.   

In fact I was so busy trying to place a couple of orders for supplies that kept disappearing on me, that I didn't manage to get the "I heart Macro" display down Monday.    

Now I'll admit, I'm a bit concerned about the biggest order coming in on time.  If it doesn't, I'll really have to be more creative than I'm already being in terms of display items and supplies!   So I can sit back in my chair now and say, "What the heck..." but watch me the end of next week and see how I'm doing as I wait for that shipment to arrive!    

Now admittedly, I can be a procrastinator and sometimes ONLY work under pressure, but not so with the jewelry business, at least so far!   My problem is 1) I just found out I was accepted for the event last week and 2) It took me 2-3 days to shop, compare prices, enter the order, reenter the order, and once again reenter the order.  It kept logging me out and when I logged back in, I was welcomed sweetly, but informed I had nothing in my cart.  The nerve!

I wanted to speed up the shipping, but when I only went so far as to change from the "get it here in 3 days for sure" rate instead of the "get it here in 3 days in you can" rate, the cost of shipping jumped from $9.00 to more than $75.  Hmmm... I can buy a lot of "stuff" for $65.   So, we'll see.   

Now, for the good news...yes, I have some!   I finally made it to 25 items listed in the studio!   So just as soon as I can get a couple things in order, I'm hoping to start the "Grand Opening--Open House" event I keep talking about.   I'll post in the next day or two with details!   With the holidays upon us, I'll probably have 2 specials running at once!

In the meantime, a little contest of our own!  

If you add a comment on any of the following topics, you will have your name entered into a drawing for a little gift package from me to you.   I'll announce the winner, once the comments are in and the name is drawn, and if the winner will send me their address, I'll send the package!   Here are the topics:  (Feel free to comment on more than one!)

  • What is an item you wished you had at a display booth but didn't.  (Perhaps something you've forgotten to take?)
  • What is something you wish you had known before you did your first booth at a craft fair?  
  • What helpful hints or creative ideas do you have for displaying and/or tagging items?   

I've already had one person qualify by sending me a very helpful email.  Her name goes in the basket.   I'm hoping to hear from more of you too!     

If you have never presented at a craft fair, you have probably still attended plenty!  We're a "crafty" bunch!  So send in what you've seen at a craft fair or shop, something you imagine would look good or be functional, a link to a cool photo you've found on the web displaying items, whatever!  Just send your idea(s) and get in the drawing!

Those of you with booths who are willing to share photos of yours, please do!   Anyone who prefers to email me rather than use the comment form is welcome to do so.

Please respond by Tue. Nov. 29!   

Thanks for your help, and let the fun begin!   


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