Monday, November 7, 2011

Changing Directions

Sometimes when one thing doesn't work out, something better comes out of it.  It can feel like failure at first, until something new begins to take shape in its place.  

Last month, I was working on a necklace that was inspired by the October Monthly Challenge on Art Bead Scene.  I had my pieces gathered...

...and started to work.   I really liked all the elements, and I am pleased with the way the pieces turned out.  

The catch?  When I went to attach the flower piece to the chain, I couldn't stabilize it.   It looks fine here....

but attached and hanging, it just wants to flop around.   This is the back side of the flower piece if that gives you any thoughts...

I've been disappointed over this, but I've let it "sit" for a while and I've come to some conclusions:

1) I might try it once more.  (Ideas welcome!)
2) If the necklace doesn't work out, I have some nice components for other pieces.
3) I really like the flower, and think it would make a nice pin.   I've never made a pin before, but this seems like a nice stand-alone piece.   

What do you think?    

One way or another, I think you'll be seeing these again!

So I'm going to stop looking at that as a failure and start thinking of it as a learning experience and possible future success.

This leads me to my second topic...   

Last week I sent out a lengthy (somewhat pathetic) call for help!   I was trying to make some sense in my mind of what direction to take for my business.   Your thoughtful words of support lifted me up and set me on my feet again.   They gave me hope and some good direction!   And I'm happy to say I'm on my way again with a plan!    

You all are the best group of people around.   When you could be competitive, you are cooperative and supportive.   You offered me kind words, concrete ideas, and offers of help.  All were just what I needed at just the right time.  They sparked new ways of thinking and paths I had not considered.   

My heartfelt thanks goes out to each of you.   I'm busy at work on my new plan and hope to unveil it to you soon!

With much gratitude,



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Image Credits:

Photos by Sharyl, Oct. 2011


T... said...

very nice piece Sharyl love the flower and the wire work in the middle...
the only thing that comes to mind and a little more wire, if it would look okay and wire it to the chain from both ends.....

Sharyl said...

Thanks for the suggestion! I'm going to try it out one more time! (I really have more of this done than I originally thought, so we'll see!)