Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas $20 or Less... + GIVEAWAY from TracyBell !!!

Looking for gifts but don't have a fortune to spend?   Check out these hand-made jewelry items you can purchase for $20 or less!  (Please check each site to see if additional taxes and/or P/H charges apply.)

Stop 1:  Visit TracyBell where there are not one, but 2 creative pendants with chains for sale--just perfect for all ages!  

Copper Stick & Beads  ($12 USD)
  • Note:   I just purchased several of these myself for gifts, and Tracy has graciously donated one of her "Copper Stick & Beads" for a GIVE-AWAY for this blog!**   Please visit her shop and others listed, then report back on a favorite item you found not listed on this blog entry.   (It does not have to be under $20.)    Provide a link to it in your comment.  You will be eligible for the drawing to win!   
  • You may also provide a link from your own site 
  • or another site you have found you think would be a great gift idea!   It doesn't even have to be jewelry.  See?  It's really simple!   So play along!
  • All who comment to the blog with one gift suggestion and link will be eligible for the drawing.  Please comment directly to the blog this time, rather than my e-mail.   (Or do both, but still include the item in the comments please.)
  • Drawing will be held Dec. 13, so do not delay!   I want to get this in the mail to you in time for the holidays!


Now, here's another from TracyBell:

 Stop 2:  I found these earrings just looking on ArtFire and thought them to be lovely with a great price!  I know I'd love to wear these!  They are from the Shadesongs' Studio.  The owner is a weekend nurse on a Dementia unit and an award-winning jewelry designer with a focus on affordable, one of a kind pieces. I like this designer already!

Genteel Lovely Brass Aged Earrings ($12.50)

And though I might be in danger of this looking like a shopping list for ME, here's another one I'd love to have!  Do you have any Celtic-jewelry lovers on your list?

Tribal Celtic Knot Pendant  ($16.99 USD)

Be sure and see the special coupon code currently showing at the right side of the site and don't forget to enter as you check out!  

Stop 3: I've been marking favorites in Etsy from BethNadler Art for quite a while.  Her pendants ALL seem to be my favorites!  (And if you know a little girl who is a pony or cat lover, you'll find perfect pendants in this shop for her!)   I happen to like all the cheerful flowers and messages, like this one:

Glass Pendant and Chain in Love Dream Hope ($12 USD)

There's also this cute little holiday tree!

Christmas Tree Glass Pendant Stock Stuffer  ($12 USD)

Stop 4:  Is it too tacky to include a few from my own studio?    Okay, it is, but still,...

Snow-woman Earrings   ($8 USD)
(sorry, snowperson not included)

Tradebead Bracelet  ($18 USD)

Carved Bracelet  ($18 USD)

Now through 12/23/11 
at Sharyl's Jewelry!
10% off all items!
Prices shown here reflect pre-sale price.
No coupon required at checkout.

Okay, it's YOUR turn now!   Get busy window-shopping...or better yet go "real shopping" for hand-made goods, but please report back to us your wonderful findings so you have a chance to win even more!  

Happy Holidays!


P.S.  Anyone who would like to have their hand-made jewelry highlighted, please remember the offer still stands.  Sometimes I go out to people, sometimes people come to me.  It's great either way!   Just email me, and I'm happy to include you, whether you sell or not,  have your own blog or not, this blog is all about sharing!

(**Please note:  The events of Tracy winning the last giveaway and offering this giveaway are separate and happened by coincidence.)


All photos of artisan jewelry from owner's shops.


Beadbug said...

Good luck to the winner :)

Sharyl said...

Thank you, again, for your generosity! It's very much appreciated!

Sharyl said...

The holidays are here and I'm in a giving mood! --

I'm up to 45 items in my studio! When I hit 50, I think it will be time for a give-away from my own shop! Stay tuned and watch the numbers grow! I think I added 5 yesterday, but don't know I'll get that many over the weekend. I'll post details on how to win I hit 50.

But first, get busy and enter the drawing to win the wonderfully cute necklace from TraceBell currently up for grabs! :-)

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Hi, Sharyl! I hope I am doing this right to be entered to win the lovely necklace! I visited Shadesongs Artfire Studio and really like the Celtic Dangle Petite Earrings! Here is the link:

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Forgot to add my shop link:

Also wanted to say that I like your tradebeads bracelet!

Pine Ridge Treasures said...

I also went to Beth's shop and I really love the Tree of Dreams pendant!

G.Dowell said...

Very cute necklace. I almost missed this drawing. Loved looking through her shop, and this is something I found that would make a great personalized gift

Going now to promote on my facebook page as it is no fun unless you have a lot of people playing.

Sharyl said...

Oh, I'm so thrilled to see these responses coming in! I really like what you both did and the selections you made too!

Those celtic earrings are very nice. I went back and found quite a lot of celtic items in Shadesongs! Mmmmm.... (And did I mention Free Shipping in the U.S. + coupon for 25% off? How can that be?!)

I thought I had looked at every single one of Beth's pendants, but don't recall the "Tree of Dreams." That IS a cool one!

Finally, thanks for adding YOUR shop, Pine Ridge Treasures, to the list! I see you have a nice sale going too--and some very lovely items! Hope some extra visitors pass your way!

Gayle, I totally agree with your choice of the copper treasure tubes by TracyBell--so much so I actually bought one of those for myself a while back! Mine is called "Pixie Dust" because I like to "sprinkle" that when good wishes or good luck is needed.

I also thank you for sharing on Facebook! As you may have read, I'm still trying to figure that out so I appreciate you doing that, and "we'll have to talk!" I need pointers! :-)

Thanks to all! Keep 'em coming!

P.S. Gayle didn't add her own shop, but I'll do it for her! Gayle's "Kit and Caboodle Shop" has been featured on this blog before, but I'm happy to do it again! You can find it at:
In addition to the lovely jewelry, she sells some "quality destash!"

Good luck to all!