Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Big 5-0!

Wa-hoo!  Made it to 50!   (Not talking about my age,...that's a whole other matter!)

What I mean is that I just hit the 50 mark for number of items listed at "Sharyl's Jewelry!"  And while I have no plans to stop here, it's a nice milestone to hit!  

Just in case you are interested, these are the last two pieces added to the collection:

#49--Lava Rock and Polished Stone Earrings
(Sale price $18 USD)

#50--Cairo Candy Hieroglyphic Beads and Brass Earrings
(Sale Price $16.20 USD)

I know I need to add an extra pair or two for the give-away now, but I've posted a challenge (more like a "dare") on my studio for anyone to knock me back under 50 by making a purchase! (Remember as a kid those blow-up punching toys you could hit?  They would tip over then come right back up again?    I'm hoping for something like that!)   Someone will buy a piece of jewelry, and my total will drop to 49.  I'll replace it so I'm back up to 50, someone will buy another piece.  My current life's dream!  (Ah pathetic yes!  But we all start somewhere!)

In the meantime, there's still a free pair of earrings  up for grabs to the 3rd customer!  Pairs 1 and 2 were claimed.    And there's 10% off all current purchases through 12/23/11!   (Why let anyone beat you to that?!) 

I'm also issuing a reminder, straight from yesterday's post, about how you can try to win your own free item from the studio.

4) giveaway:   

I said that when I hit 50 items in my studio, I'd have a give-away from my own collection.   I expect to do that this evening.   So, from now until Saturday night (12/17/11) at midnight, Central Standard time, anyone who leaves a comment on this blog will be entered in the give-away drawing.  (If you prefer not to be entered in the drawing  but wish to leave a comment, just leave me a note.)  Anyone who blogs about it, includes a Facebook post, or Twitter post, gets their name in the hat again for each posting.  Just leave a comment for me here that you've done so.   

The prize will be anything from Sharyl's Jewelry with a sales price of  $12 or less.  That's currently showing 8 items to choose from.    

If I see more than 10 entries for the drawing, I'll even have a 2nd drawing and give away another item!   So please comment and help me spread the word!   

Thanks much and best wishes to all on the give-aways!  Tis the season!


P.S.  I have an update on a give-away I mentioned in yesterday's post of some wonderfully cool-looking lampwork  earrings being given away by Pine Ridge Treasures.  It turns out, the winner is... ME!   

I always say that I never win anything, but I've won two give-aways in the last couple of weeks!  I also won a lovely necklace from  Spirited Earth!   I'll post more photos of both when they arrive!   Oh, lucky me!  

To these events, I again say "Wa-hoo!"

So you see, it does pay to toss your name in the hat after all!  Please make sure you do so today!   

And one more thing... If you have recently won a give-away, have or are hosting a give-away, and would like it mentioned here, please put it in the comments or email me.   I warn you that the comments route is likely to be faster, but I'm happy to accept the news either way.   I enjoy posting these, but may miss one you've been involved in, so please just let us all know!   Thanks!   --Sharyl


Graphics Credits:

Excited girl:

Classic Bozo The Clown 46 inch Bop Bag,

Jewelry and Photos by Sharyl, 12/11


Pine Ridge Treasures said...

Let's get this giveaway into high gear! I blogged it on my blog, blogged it on Creating the Hive, and posted it on my Facebook business page. That's the extent of my internet reach - hope it helps :-)

Lynda said...

Please enter me in your giveaway! Congrats on the 50!

Sharyl said...

Now we're talking! Thank you, Lynda! Your name goes in the hat--and I appreciate your support!

And "Pine Ridge" I count that as 4 entries! (1 for your comment + 3 for each post) Wowza! Thank you very kindly!

The rest of you, I can see she means business! But all chances are equal, so get your name in the hat--all you have to do is comment, but you get more entries if you help spread the word!

And remember, if we go over 10 entries, there's a 2nd drawing and your chances improve for winning again! Thanks for playing! --Sharyl

P.S. Give-away ends at Midnight Central time tonight (Sat.)!