Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Autumn Coming Soon!

I worked on metal components this weekend, in lovely shades of Autumn leaves!    

Now I have lots and lots of sealing to do before I can list in the store.

Fall is coming...

I'll be ready with more Fall goodies soon!

Recently listed:

Handmade Citrus and Copper Components HC13-046

Metallic green and gold embossed brass earring dangles HC13-144

P.S.  One thing that's not ready is my e-mail.  It's not cooperating at all.  While I try to work that out, please send me messages by Facebook, here (marked "private" if it is), or my store.   Hopefully it will be functioning again very soon!



Carole M. said...

Hi Sharyl, I wondered for a moment if Autumn is coming means ..we will get to see leaves/colours like this WHEN it comes, or if this is a very recent photo - and the autumnal leaves are already happening? Here we are ready to move officially, into Spring come September 1. Hope your email sorts out soon

Sharyl said...

What a good question you ask, Carole! It's true, you caught me using photos I took last year, so these leaves are colors that will be coming our way soon! That said, I've seen a few like these on the ground in recent days. Most are still green, some brown ones falling in clumps into the yard. They will change and fall soon though!

The mums are starting to appear in stores, but there will be more plentiful in coming weeks I imagine. I have some scrawny ones blooming in my garden. I buy a few for the front porch each fall, then plant them on the side of the house afterward and they bloom a couple times a year, but not like the ones in the photo! ha!

Enjoy your Spring!