Sunday, September 1, 2013

Labor Day Sale and New Fall Components!

Yes, true enough, I'm having another sale... this time to celebrate the Labor Day holiday weekend!  (Sat-Mon)   This may be the last sale for a little while unless there is an event I'm forgetting!    So be sure to take advantage of this one if you are interested!

Use coupon code:     LABORDAY15 
at checkout to get 15% off anything in the store.   

Saturday, I loaded quite a few new altered components for Fall.   I've always loved the rich colors of Autumn, so these were a joy to do!   Autumn colors never seem to be one flat color, but bright, splendid blends of colors, and that's what I aimed for with these jewelry components.

All of these items can be found in the section:

I'll have more new components on the way, but these are most of the Autumn-themed themed ones.  I'll also be adding some for the Winter holidays soon in case you are anxious to get an early start with those!

All of these items can be found in the section:

A reminder that I recently also added Fall color pieces to my "Handmade Components by Sharyl" section, so you might want to check there too!  

And jewelry, yes, I have jewelry to list also, but I had a hunch most of you would be interested in the components so added those first!  

Hope you all have a very safe, happy Labor Day weekend, a signal of the end of summer here in the U.S.  The rest of you, enjoy yourselves too, wherever you are, whatever you do!  



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