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Seed Bead & Metal Blog Hop Sign-up!

Announcing the 
Seed Bead & Metal Blog Hop!

Hosted by Sharyl's Jewelry &
Featuring the beaded work of 
*Shirley Moore!*

There is a smaller version to the right of page. 
Please feel free to copy to your your blog or Facebook and share!   Thanks!

This Fall, I've partnered with Shirley Moore to host the "Seed Bead and Metal Blog Hop!" Shirley is a seed bead artist and the author of the "Beads and Bread" blog! 

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, know that I'm in awe of those who practice this particular art form.  I welcome this opportunity for us all, whether we normally create seed bead jewelry or not, to design using a small piece made by Shirley!    (And if that was not challenge enough, we're combining that with some metal components my me, to see what you come up with!  I'm looking forward to some very creative responses to this challenge!)

Blog Hop Basics:

  • This is a small blog hop, open to 10 participants. (Shirley and I will participate, but are not included in the 10 openings mentioned.   These are just for YOU!)   
  • The reveal date is Sat., 10/19/13.  (That means we need to be ready to launch our pages by Friday, 10/18/13, 11:30pm Central time.)    
  • You do NOT have to have your own blog!  Anyone wanting to participate who doesn't have a blog is welcome to send me the photos and text they want posted  2 days prior and I'll put on my blog the day of the reveal.
  • Although the packets contain pieces of seed bead work, and while we certainly welcome others who do bead embroidery, crochet, etc., it is not at all required.   Designers simply need to integrate these pieces into their jewelry designs in some way.
* * * * *

Packet Details:

  • Component packets contain handmade items from both Shirley Moore and myself.   Each packet is US$18 plus S/H. (S/H within the U.S. is $2.50. Kansans must also pay sales tax.   I will ship to other countries, but postage is significantly higher and packages can be delayed. Please consider whether is it is likely you would receive the packet in time to participate if you volunteer.  Many thanks!)
  • Each packet is unique, but contains 4 types of things:

#1: 1-2 beaded items handmade by Shirley
It's difficult to estimate size, but most of the pieces are approximately 1" x 1".  
This photo shows 4 examples.  
The top two items are individual pieces.  
The bottom examples are a bit smaller and 2 pieces each.

#2:   1-2 handmade metal components by Sharyl.
Round pieces shown average around 3/4 inch.  But some are larger, some smaller.  
Other pieces are larger and rectangular.

In each case, the items sent could be used in a variety of design functions. (Examples: you may have 2 of something and could use them as earrings, in a necklace, or a bracelet design. You may have a piece you could use as a pendant or a clasp or a bracelet focal! The items sent are not clearly defined in their function. All the more fun for you!)

#3:  There will also be an additional metal item(s)
 made by Sharyl...

...that may be 1 or more handmade metal components, altered metal components, or wire components or findings. (For example:   That might be bead caps or components I've purchased pre-shaped then added patina, a necklace or bracelet clasp I've made from wire, handmade ear wires, a bail, an item that could be used as a dangle or pendant, etc.)  All these items have a hand-made touch to them though!

#4:   Small surprise packet...

...with additional items, just in case you would like a little more inspiration to get you started!

* * * * *

Design Guidelines:

You are only required to use one of the seed bead pieces from our featured artist, Shirley Moore, for the reveal.   If you can also use some of the metal pieces in the same or other jewelry designs, that would be highly encouraged!    All the rest is totally up to you.   It is not necessary to use everything or to use items in the surprise packet.   I would just as soon see your own inspired designs!    The packet is just a "thank you" and in case you like any inspiration it sends your way!  

* * * * *


We're taking the first 10 who sign up this time, so don't delay!   

--To sign up, please leave a comment on this blog post indicating you want to be a part of the challenge. 

--Leave me your  name, your blog name, your blog address (or an indication you want to appear on my blog instead).      Having a way to contact you always comes in handy too--whatever works best for you (a Facebook name, email address, store URL, etc.) 

--This will be considered a commitment that you plan to purchase the packet and be a part of the reveal.

**Once I have 10 volunteer participants, I'll announce them on the blog.   (Keep watching!  I will make an announcement by Sept. 16th at the latest, even if we don't have 10.) At the time I make the announcement, I will also put the packets for sale in my store, reserved in your name.   A link and instructions will follow at that time.    (Participants will have one week to purchase.   Any packet left unsold after one week will be offered to the next person waiting in line.)

Each set is one-of-a-kind.  The packages are already boxed.  Each contestant will purchase their package but the precise contents will be a surprise.  I've put them together in ways that I would love to get anyone of them...and hope you feel the same!  Boxes will be randomly assigned to participants, including myself!  :-)
* * * * *

BONUS!  An Extra Opportunity:

We believe there will be an opportunity for participants to submit your designs to the online magazine Bead Chat published monthly in connection with Artisan Whimsy, edited by Melinda Orr.   The deadline for entries is Oct. 22 to be considered for the November 2013 issue.   We'll confirm that and share more details in the near future.   Participation is not required, but it's a great opportunity!  

My thanks to my co-host for this Challenge and Blog-Hop, Shirley Moore!   And my thanks to all of you!   

Please help us spread the word by sharing on your blogs and/or Facebook!   

I hope that many of you (10 at least) will be eager to participate!     Let the fun begin!  


P.S.  I'm certain to have left out some detail.  If you have questions, please ask!

Graphic Credits:

Photo of bead work by Shirley Moore.
Photos of metal work and findings by Sharyl.



Unknown said...

I've never done this before and would like to participate (scary and exciting at the same time). I don't have a blog though. You can contact me through FB or

Candy Wham

Laren Dee Barton said...

This sounds challenging and unique with FUN written all over it, Sharyl. I am in without hesitation!


Mary said...

I would love to play! My email is

Mary said...

Sorry I forgot to leave my blog.

This looks like so much fun

Beti Horvath said...

Okay, I'm in! (I hope) (Please) Thank you, this looks great!

Tanya said...

This sounds like fun and I would love to try! Count me in.

Marybeth said...

I would love to participate I have my own blog, and will come back with a link, but in the mean time, you can find me at

Thanks! Marybeth

Marybeth said...

Not sure if my comment went through, but I would love to participate. I have my own blog and I can be reached at

dreaminofbeads / SAS Jewelry Designs said...

I want in!!!
Sonya Stille

Sharyl said...

I'm sure I saw a message from Lauren Dee Designs wanting to sign up too. Unfortunately, and without reason, it was in the Spam folder. I marked it as NOT spam, but it never reappeared, so I'm adding it back into the list myself. It had the blog info, and I know it, so I can look this one up again easily. In the future, I will record the spam messages carefully before attempting to move them to make sure every one gets treated fairly for this event. I do check spam each time I check the incoming messages and will also record the times.

I want to thank all of you for your interest and encourage more of you to sign up. Please make sure you include the information asked for so I can quickly verify each of you for the List of 10!

Even if we go over 10, please continue to sign up. I'll keep a back-up list in case there are changes. It will also help me gauge interest for future events.

Many thanks! I'm excited already!


Amy S. said...

Hi Sharyl! I haven't had the pleasure of reading your blog yet, but I am a big fan of Shirley! Please count me in, this looks like a lot of fun and a unique challenge too! Here's my info: Amy Severino;; amyallworth at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Marybeth said...

Now that I am home, I can add my blog:

Thanks again, Marybeth

Sharyl said...

Thank you! Still room for more!

Carolyn said...


I would love to be in your blog hop. My blog name is Carolyn's Creations. My blog address is:

Thanks for giving us the opportunity.


Carolyn said...

I would like to take part in your blog hop.

My blog is: Carolyn's Creations. The address is:

Thanks for giving us the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing blog hop! I would love to be a part of it! I don't have a blog so I would need to post on yours. So nervous, but excited! Never been a part of a blog hop before. I hope I get picked! Thanks!

Angi Mullis

Sharyl said...

I believe we have 10 now, but encourage others interested to let me know by leaving a note on this page. Just in case anyone needs to change their plans before purchasing their packet, I can contact alternates in order.

I will post the list of 10 participants on the next blog listing and let you know when the packets are ready for sale in the store. I'll need to list them and reserve them in your name. I hope to have that done in the next 24 hours. Watch for the announcement with link to the store here!

Thank you all so very much!


Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Looks like you are all full? But if not, please count me in! Or if room opens up, here I am :)

Toltec Jewels
toltecjewels (at) aol (dot) com
Blog: Jewel School Friends