Friday, September 6, 2013

Summer Vacation & Looking Ahead

So how was  your Labor Day Holiday?   How was your summer?  

I had to stay home during the family vacation right before the holiday, but I treated myself in one particular way that some of you might appreciate.    I love period dramas, and somehow managed not to get in on the first season of Downton Abbey.  I bought it on DVD later, but have been behind ever since!   I didn't want to watch Season 3 when it aired on PBS because I hadn't seen Season 2 yet!    So I managed to catch 2 separate sales on Amazon and bought both Season 2 and 3 and they arrived during "vacation week" and right before the holiday.   I watch very little television, so what a treat this was for me!   I admit, jewelry designs for the characters on that show are still appearing in my mind!  

During that week, I also had fun making lots of metal components in Fall colors.  They aren't ones you've seen listed in my store (although I keep adding new ones there too!)     These are for a special project I think you will see revealed here in my next post!   (Hint:  The project may involve YOU too!  At least I hope so!  So don't miss that post!)   

And while you ponder that, ... I'd love to hear, how did YOU spend your summer vacation?!  Please leave us a comment!


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