Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Patina Sunset Challenge

Melinda Orr, ORRTEC, got me interested in metal work and patinas nearly a year ago now and I'm loving this aspect of jewelry making!   (Melinda is also the founder of the Facebook group, Creative Bead Chat, and the online community, Artisan Whimsy.  AW is currently hosting the Patina Sunset Challenge.  ) 

AW October Challenge: 
Patina Sunset...paint the sky with patina
Sept 18th : Deadline to submit 
Sept 19th: Winners announced
Oct 1st: Bead Chat Magazine Feature

In addition to a workbench full of metal-working tools (and I'm still just getting started), I have a small arsenal of items to color metals with.  
My newest color purchases!

Everything from the basic Liver of Sulfur (used to darken copper--one of my favorites) to a wide variety of color patinas that can be used on a variety of metals (such as copper, brass, and aluminum), these help me create a multitude of looks!

* * * * * *
Just for a bit of fun....  
Can you answer these questions?

1) Excluding the Liver of Sulfur Patina Gel, 
what 3 brands of liquid color patinas 
do you see here?

2) What metal coloring product comes in the silver tins?

How to play:
  • Leave a comment and how to reach you.  
  • One correct answer gets you one chance.  
  • Two correct answers gets you two chances.  You can submit both answers in one message.  I will count as two.
  • I will hold the comments for 24 hours.
  • From these entries a winner will be drawn.
  • The prize will be some assorted metal components by me.

PRIZE = These "Lime Green Lovelies" + ????

* * * * * *
Now, on to the Artisan Whimsy Challenge!   I hope some of you submitted pieces too!

This is my entry for a handmade piece:

It is a large, rectangular, hand made copper pendant, 
embossed with a flower design, 
treated with a variety of patina colors, then sealed.  

Be sure and visit the other contestants on the Artisan Whimsy site!


REMINDER:  I will be holding the comments for 24 hours so that we get original answers!   :-)   I can see your replies, but you won't be able to until tomorrow.  Thanks!  ~Sharyl


carol higgins said...

Vintaj Patinas, Color Me This patinas
Gilder's Paste

I think....Ha!!

carol higgins said...

Vintaj Patinas & Color Me This patinas
Gilder's Paste

(I hope anyway...should've gotten myself up and gone and looked in my studio...hahaha!)

Mary said...

1) The 3 brands if liquid color patinas are Swellegent, Color me this (by Metal me this) and Ranger patinas

2) Gilders paste

My email is mary@govaars.us

judith yeagley said...

Vintaj,swellegant and color me this from metal me this.

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh man! I totally suck at this game :O I don't do any patina myself .... but I sure love to create with it! and you've got some beauties here!!

aneri_masi said...

I am so glad you got addicted to doing this, coz I love what you do :)

Now here are my answers:
1) Color Me This
2) Swellegant
3) Patina Works

And in the silver tin is
Baroque Art Gilders Paste

aneri_masi said...

Ooooh, I know what I am going to do! I will enter something I make from your components!

I wore the purple earrings you made (and I won) today, and got compliments (I always get noticed when I wear stuff you make, never when I wear stuff I make :P)

Anonymous said...

1.Color me this, Rangers and cool tools, Swellagant
2. Gilders Paste
Marlene Strait

TJewellicious by tanti said...

1. Swellegant Patina, Vintaj Patina, Color Me This Patina (from Metal Me This), Gilders Paste.
2. Gilders Paste (color: Baroque Art)
thank you Sharyl for this lovely giveaway... :)

email: tnt.jewel@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Oh wow, love that green! You come up with the best colors, my friend!

Sharyl said...
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Anonymous said...

Question 1: Vintaj, Swellegant and Color Me This liquid patinas.
Question 2: Gilders paste
I love your patinaed flower, super cute! I really need to schedule me a day or two to play with colour and patina!

Sharyl said...

Alice Craddick has also commented... "... and I would love to win. I have been wanting to try this for a while now. It looks fun to play with."

KayzKreationz said...

Swellegant, Metal Me This/Color Me This/ Cool Tools.

Gilder's Paste

KayzKreationz said...

Sorry, forgot to tell you how to reach me.

lakesuperiorwaves said...

1. Adirondack (Tim Holtz), Vintaj, Swellegant, and Lisa Liddy's Metal Me This. 2.In the silver tins is Baroque Art Gilder's Paste. kltaskeyloghome@tds.net Thanks!

Authentik by Andrée said...

This is the Gilders paste :-)

Authentik by Andrée said...

This is Gilders paste :-)

Rose said...

Great giveaway!

Color Me This

Ribbon's Edge said...

1) Ranger patina, Color Me This, and Swellegant.

2. Gilders Paste

-Angela Santos on Facebook

Ribbon's Edge said...

1) Ranger, Swellegant, Color Me This

2) Gilders Paste

Angela Santos

Unknown said...

Metal Me This, Ranger & Swelligant for the liquids and Gilders Paste for the tins!

Love your patina entry, I am just starting to play with metals too!

Melinda Orr - BANDANA GIRL said...

Great giveaway!! Love your patina component line too! :) Thanks for the shout out ~

Mary Anne said...

1) Vintaj Patinas, Color Me This, Swellegant.

2) Gilder's Paste.

Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

Tanya said...

I see alcohol ink, patina paint and gilders paste. I also see swellergent, but I thought that was similar to gilders paste (maybe more metallic?).

I do love the way your flower piece turned out. The mixed colors are great.

Anonymous said...

I see Vintaj, Tim Holtz and Color Me This by Metal Me This. Silver containers are Gilders Paste. I love your giveaways! Pretty please count me in!

Angi Mullis dj2isme@aol.com

Unknown said...

Hi Sharyl,

I just want to say hello and thank you for the nice comment on my weblog :-)I really love your work, very beautiful♥

See you @ AW :-)


Toltec Jewels for Jewel School Friends said...

Gorgeous green components!

Let's see, I see Color Me This -- my absolute favorite -- and Vintaj & Gilders! Ta da!

Good luck painting the sunset sky! Your component is lovely.


Sharyl said...

Thank you all for leaving your replies! I'm sorry, I was unable to complete the tabulations and drawing Tuesday night, but will do so at some point Wed.!

Sharyl said...

Obviously I'm too tired! Move all that ahead a day! I'll post on Thursday!