Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bead Packet Design Info--Participant Update Repost!

I have a feeling that when I updated Friday's message concerning the Bead Packet Challenge in the wee hours of  Sat. morning, a new message did not go out from the blog.  If that's the case, so sorry, my mistake.  

To make sure all the participants saw it, I'm posting a new entry to the blog this Sunday evening.  By doing so, I'm hoping to: 

  • reach all participants to let them know they are in the challenge (really important--See participant list here!);  
  • get email and facebook page addresses I can use to contact participants (Please leave a comment on this blog.  I will not publish a message with contact info.  This is just an easy way for you to get the info to me.)
  • inform participants that packets are available for purchase whenever you want to pick them up.  (Here is link to "Sharyl's Jewelry" .  If they are no longer appearing on front page,  please click on link to "Reserved Packets" and get the one with your  name on it.)     

For other details, please refer to the last message.   Many thanks!

And for those not designing this time, sorry for this additional message.   I promise a new topic soon!   Any thoughts on what you  would like to discuss in the near future?  Please write a suggestion in the Comment section!  I'm open to some fresh ideas!





aneri_masi said...

Thanks for re-posting Sharyl. I didn't see the previous post.

Sharyl said...

Ah, I was afraid of that. It seemed such a good move at the time...
Glad the 2nd message reached you! I saw your order, thank you! ;-)

Wonder what interesting designs you'll dream up this set of beads!