Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Feeling Squished

I should have photo examples for you, but I don't.   Just a question I'd like some input on!  

I'm wanting to make a functional work space.   

First, I'll tell you my dilemma.    I currently work in 3 locations:

1) Office/Workspace-- A very small former bedroom that I use both as an office for my library job I do remotely and for my beadwork, bead storage, photography, storage of mailing supplies, storage of jewelry ready to sell, equipment such as embosser, paper cutter, etc.   It's so crowded I have a small table on top of a larger table.  The small table has my light tent on it.   Biggest problem:   a futon....nice to rest on, but takes up too much room.   Advantage:  Have most of my things together.  Would like to have more so I wouldn't have to run from room-to-room.

2) Garage-- I use a small portion of a kitchen-cabinet turned work bench that holds my metal-working tools and equipment.  There are handtools such as my collection of 4 (garage) hammers, dapping blocks, disc cutter, stamps, files, saws, and more.  There are larger pieces of equipment such as a grinder/buffer and a tumbler, as well as sheets of copper and brass.   Everything is always laying on top of everything else as my husband and I inch our way toward the center zone for more territory.   Only there is no more territory.   Biggest problem:  Not climate controlled, too little space.   Advantage:  keeps noisy tools out of the main part of house.

3) Kitchen-- My latest take-over.   Never in my life have I spent so much time in the kitchen!   And still no food to show for it!     I moved the antiquing and patina processing of my metal components indoors when it was in the 100s this summer.  It's still over 90 degrees many days.  This winter it will be too cold for the garage.  So I cut and hammer  and file metal in the garage, then rush in to the kitchen to finish the process.  Problem?   This is anything but tidy-looking in a pretty open area of the house.   I used to move it every day, then found myself moving it several times a day, until it just came to rest there permanently.   Advantage:   Right near the sink and water.   Both the kitchen and garage have cabinets and work table that are high enough I can stand and not bend over.  My back is grateful!  

Okay, so any ideas on how I "FIX" this?

  • My first thought is to move the futon out of the workroom and move in.... cabinets?....or a work bench?... or a tall table? I can gather my tools together.   (Wish I had running water though!  It's not like I have to go "fetch a pail" though.  It's just around the corner!)

  • Expanding in the kitchen or the garage are not really options.

  • Moving to the basement is an option.  I can connect to the internet, there is running water, built in cabinets (short ones though, but lots of them), windows (it's a walk out basement).  There's much more room, it just has to be "repurposed."    Down-sides:   It's an open shared space so I don't have the ability to shut a door when I'm working my library job and need quiet.     I'd have to take the stairs several times a day which is not easy for me.   In bad weather, I'd be sharing the space with our pet dog and I'm allergic to dander...which is why he stays downstairs and I stay upstairs.   Hmmm....

  • Keep things as they are and go nuts?  :-)

Ideas?   What suggestions do you have for me?   Any links to photos?   Suggestions for work tables/benches/cabinets that work well or don't work well?   

Any and all ideas welcome!  Funny stories are welcome!  Wild, crazy brainstorming is welcome!

Thanks for your help in getting me "unsquished" and organized!


P.S.  If you have a similar question or problem, please feel free to post that in the comments too!  Maybe someone will have a suggestion for you as well!
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aneri_masi said...

Yup, get the futon out of there.
Basement definitely out of question if stairs are a problem, and there is pet dander.

Is there a spare bathroom you can repurpose? Then you can use the existing office and that bathroom for the running water.

Sharyl said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Kashmira! I can't exactly take over the bathroom, but it is just around the corner, so I can certainly use it. Perhaps cleaning out the bathroom closet (which should be done anyway) would free up some space for water-related items! See? You are giving me ideas already! :-)

Krista said...

It's too bad you can't completely take over your basement! The light is really good down there and there is so much space. I would suggest making more room in the office you currently use as well. Maybe you can bring in a table and have more workspace.

Sharyl said...

Thanks, Krista! That would be nice, wouldn't it! I don't think I could talk the guys into it though. They like having ALL the spaces! ha! I've tried to talk my son into a bedroom swap too but that's not so good from the internet connection perspective anyway. UGh!