Sunday, October 7, 2012

i heart macro: 20OFF30

As my blogging friends know, I've run out of space on Picasa, so I'm doing some creative things with images on my blog while I make room for more!    I have nature photos I'd like to share for "i heart macro" but they'll need to wait just one more week. 

Meanwhile, I'm having a "20OFF30" sale* at my store, "Sharyl's Jewelry."   And the truth is, that one of the reasons why I began participating in "i heart macro" last year was so that I could improve the macros I took of my jewelry. So to combine all things into one this weekend, I'm going to show a few of the photos from my shop.   Some old, some new...

This is one from about a year ago.  
It's one of  my favorites from that time period.  
Nothing is edited here, 
or in any of these photos.  
The effect is just the result of an odd bit of natural light coming though a sheer window curtain.
As is often the case, the photo is so close-up, 
it only captures part of the earrings.
(Normally $20, now with coupon code $16US)

"i heart macro" #13: "Reflection of Me?"
(I never noticed until I had finished this post
and was placing my entry on the "i heart macro" page...
but I think I see a reflection of myself in these beads!
One year after the photo was taken
... self-discovery!)

Shades of Violet Earrings

A very recent one, added for Fall collection.
Handmade brass dangles by yours truly.
This one was taken using my light tent.
(Normally $23, now with coupon code $18.40US)

Simple beaded bracelets, 
 but I like the natural light in this photo.
I never know whether the shadows 
should be considered a flaw, 
but they don't bother me much in this one.
This photo shows two bracelets together 
that are sold separately.

Translucent Yellow Red and Glass Pearl Bracelet

(Normally $14 each;
now with coupon code $11.20 each)

This is the focal bead from one of my necklaces.
It's interesting to me to look at the jewelry 
more from the viewpoint of photography than jewelry design.

The light here is so bright that the pale blue crystals 
on each end are barely visible--not so good.
But I like the swirl-like reflection that appears 
on the top of the large lapis bead.

Tibetan bead necklace with Lapis Pendant

(Normally $40; now with coupon code: $32US)

By next week, I hope to have my photo storage tamed and I will be "back to nature" for....

Time for a visit to Studio Waterstone 
to see what photos the others 
are sharing this week!

* * * * * * * * * * 

*4-DAY SALE at "Sharyl's Jewelry" starting Sat. 10/6! 

Buy a total of US $30.00 or more in merchandise and receive 20% OFF with coupon code: 20OFF30 
(Shipping and taxes for Kansans not included.) 
...That's the number twenty, word "OFF" in caps, then number thirty...
                                 * * * * * * * * * * 


Jenni said...

Your jewellery photography is looking great. I especially like the 2 bracelets together ( love the sparkle and the shadows) and the last one with the focal. I think jewellery photography is so difficult to make it look good, portray the correct colour and show both parts of the item and the piece in entirety. Lovely pieces.

Annette said...

Your jewelry is beautiful and I think you have photographed them beautifully. I noticed your reflection right away, lol!

Unknown said...

Beautiful jewelry! I love the first earring pair with your reflection.

LisaS said...

Great photography! ...for beautiful jewelry ;)

Shel said...

Lovely jewelry and really lovely photos as well. I'd be hard pressed to find a favorite actually! I too joined up w/I heart Macro last year to better my jewelry photos - not sure I've gotten any better,...but it's sure been fun!