Saturday, October 13, 2012

"History Hop" Reveal: Art Deco

The long-awaited "History Hop" has finally arrived!

This event is sponsored by Leah Curtis of  the "Beady Eyed Bunny" blog!
Although the event was indeed a challenge, Leah helped make it easy for us to learn more about jewelry in our time period.  In her call for participants, she included multiple links to helpful summaries.

I mentioned in a previous blog entry that I had a difficult time selecting the time period I wanted to work with.  Since I had just created a necklace inspired by Hellenstic Greece (with strong Egyptian themes) for a "Challenge of Travel" event recently, and other Roman Empire inspired piece, I decided to slide to the opposite end of the spectrum, and one I knew very little about--Art Deco, which you can read about in the link Leah provided!

The period covers from 1925-1939 and has strong influences in the architecture of the time.  It grew out of the Industrial Age was and was preceded by the Art Nouveau period. There are straight lines, geometric shapes, and silver metals.  Clear diamonds, light color and dark color gemstones were commonly used.   (

I began by searching for appropriate metal work.   My concepts of Art Deco and Art Nouveau had long been fuzzy (and apparently are to many shop owners too).  Now I began to differentiate between the two.   I searched until I found several silver-plated pieces I liked and could use.   I was planning on using gemstones and work from my collection  of Czech cut-glass crystals.   Until I found these lovely glass pieces from Tracy Matthews at Very Pretty Things.

Ruby Red Stained Glass Necklace
Very Pretty Things
This was actually designed as a pretty drop necklace with three of these glass beads connected vertically.  It was a shame to take it apart, but it was just what I was looking for as a substitute for gemstones.

Art Deco Celtic Focal Antique Silver Ox Brass Jewelry Findings 
The extra-large bail, above, seems a cross between Deco and Nouveau.

Antiqued Sterling Silver Plated Art Deco Earring or Pendant Drop
Taylor Baskin Designs
Stamped out of brass that has been plated in sterling silver and antiqued.  Professionally finished. 

I made these earwires and included a pearl-like gemstone.  The Art Deco extenders are used here in the earrings and folded over as a bail in the necklace.

Final shots?

I confess I did not make this intricate beaded chain by hand, but it is secure and well-made and seemed the perfect addition for my necklace.

I hope you enjoyed my Art Deco-inspired jewelry.  Thank you for stopping by my place as you tour the "History Hop!"

You can find the others here:

Please return to the "Beady Eyed Bunny" to see the other entries!   Thanks again to Leah and the other participants!

Sharyl  ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

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Leah Curtis said...

Just beautiful, Sheryl. You've done a lovely job combining the different components. Thanks for joining in! Hope you had fun.

Shirley said...

I agree, those drops are perfect. What a beautiful set!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Sharyl,
Beautiful necklace and earrings and a well dipliction of the era you were using for inspiration.

Lady Grey said...

Very nice. I like the combination of red and silver. Very bold. ^.^

YeeLen Spirit Designs said...

Wonderful set. I love both of your design!

Beti Horvath said...

Looks like they could have come out of my Grandma's jewelry box! Very nice work.

Alicia said...

Gorgeous set, Sharyl - I love what you did with the red crystals. It's a perfect piece for your period.

Unknown said...

i just love how your pieces turned out. the red is fantastic

Tanya said...

That is lovely. I love the dark red and silver together .. it is a perfect blend of light and dark. Your bail is awesome and I love the chain you chose.

Sharyl said...

Thank you all so very much! I always appreciate comments!

Several of you commented on the red. It's funny because I seldom go with red. My original plan was to use green crystals, as I think emeralds were common at the time. Sapphires would have been pretty too. But these red glass beads just called out to me--even though they should probably be more angular than round. I guess that's when it became an inspiration piece rather than a replica! ha!

aneri_masi said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE the red color, and all the different findings you collected with so much patience. The end result is stunning!

Unknown said...

What what a lovely and awesome set you made.So pretty.Love and hugs Tanya

Jenny said...

I so agree with you about the confusion b/w Art Deco and Art Nouveau! ( Not to get on my soapbox, but I am an educator and have an Art History degree.) Props to you for your research! And the piece is perfection! You really nailed it!

SueBeads said...

Gorgeous pieces, Sharyl!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pieces, and I think you've really captured the geometry of Art Deco well.